CLYMB AbuDhabi – كلايم أبوظبي

Yas Island – AbuDhabi Nasser: Hello Everybody today I’m in Yas Mall in Abudhabi with Captain. Saeed. where are we going man? Saeed: don’t tell them. make it a surprise Nasser: a surprise!! ok, let’s make it a surprise keep watching guys hello again. today we are going to….CLYMB CLYMB in Yas Mall in Abu Dhabi It was opened on 29th November 2019 this is the biggest place for indoor rock climbing. They have the tallest climbing wall in the world. & they have the tallest & widest indoor skydiving flight champer the tallest wall is called THE SUMMYT & today we will try this adventure Nasser: what do you think? Saeed: I can not say my opinion right now, but let’s wait & see…ok let’s see This is Mr.Hussain Al Hashimi From CLYMB company & he is going to tell us more about the different walls they have here Hussain: I welcome you in CLYMB Nasser: Thank you. It is my pleasure CLYMB is one of the first & tallest climbing walls in the world & we have 5 climbing walls so you have different levels where you may spend your power in The wall behind you is called The Advance Wall Nasser: so in the back is the Advance Wall If you are looking for a challenge you may climb here if you are a beginner there will be instructor to explain more for you how to climb from 4 years old & greater you will be able to climb with us so the instructor will help to know some basics in climbing & here behind us is the Bouldering wall Nasser: So I understand from you the there is different levels for the Beginners, Intermediate & for the experts Nasser: I can see an other wall in front of us Hussain: this is the Auto Belay lets see it…This is for the beginners so here you just come & connect the cable to your harness & it has a system for lowering the auto belay from up there Nasser: How you may inter the advance wall? Hussain: Ok, see. For the begginers they have to join a training course first right now there is no courses. In the future there will be courses these courses will teach you the basics, & how you tie your rope by your self & do lead climbing but for the experts they have to take a level test before the are allowed to go to the SUMMYT Which is the tallest indoor climbing wall in the world around 141 fts This is the SUMMYT Wall behind us Nasser: & What is this wall for? Hussain: This is where you do you climbing check before you go for the the SUMMYT So the instructor will be able to know your level in climbing & you are able to climb safly Nasser: So Thank you so much Hussain: Your Welcome & you are all welcomed in CLYMB Nasser: Is a big pleasure & I hope we will have fun today with your activities Follow us on Instagram


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