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like yeah let's just go into the video just so I'm not too hyper right now but I like who cares anyway right so the only thing I'm gonna use for all these is just scissors is gonna be a challenge I've never used just scissors but we can try and see so I've gotten stuff like this and really all the colors you're gonna have to see but yeah it's just no so whatever you want to call these things they are weird though so I can't really turn into crop thing really into things but there's watching I like the idea so we're gonna save this one for later I'm not sure what I'm I don't know anyway but I'll show you guys later I guess soon X is this one and this one I already know what I'm gonna do it so it's just a really nice strawberry pink blue dress and I really like the color but I'm just not into gerace's nowadays I just don't like wearing them I don't know why I don't like dresses and when I'm like going out so I like wearing like coffee shirt t-shirt shorts overlapping to look like eggs so they can watch and listen to the t-shirt so we're going to take the scissors and what we're gonna do is we're gonna leave a little bit of this really bad double jump device it'd be a little bit you sure you know oppa I think I'm gonna put a little bit of to throw a bit at the bottom so I can still like it I think it would just look nicer if I can make that it because I'm full of me like a ball of the ball t-shirts I couldn't make such a skirt with things I don't rush hurts or addresses it alas it's like a bad thing but when I do it's a little weird but anyway alright so I'm done and I actually changed it to do something new but you're gonna have to wait to the end see what this actually is so the next one we're gonna do is this purple personal but I just wanted to say you guys won't flip thing thank you so much for almost 50 subscribers I've got to say thank you for for to our channels dry so fast ever since your last video I like so many subscribers and I'm just so grateful for this I can't believe actually go so fast I mean I'm just I give you my agent you think five supposed to be a friends-and-family we've got new people from across the world I'm we're just so excited Marian it doesn't actually know yet she hasn't checked that out but I have just checked out with 48 subscribers and we actually someone has commented on our videos quite a lot but I asked them if they wanted to share and they didn't but if you guys want to shut up make sure to comment like what they did and I'll obviously plan for all your comments and ask if you want a shout-out that would be the first comment but err when I applied to your comment and you can say yes or if you don't want it that's fine but let's just get back to the video make sure to comment though if you do want the shout out but if you can't comment then I don't really know how you would gotta shout it out um I mean you can try and see if you can just sign up um to be able to do that kinda stuff but some people can't so that's fine anyway so this next one is definitely too short but I don't really want to make it into like another top so I'm not sure what to do I bought a think of ideas for this one um I was gonna do what I did with the other one we're just like one second guys okay so sorry and the video we just ended this part too unless the videos are connected I'm assuming they're not though but now the next thing I'm gonna do is quickly pop this hoodie a little bit because I feel like that would look really nice because I wanted too much if I did actually get this for three which I'm super lucky um the origin order off Amazon and I murdered one of these and we pay for one of them and we got two so my brothers and then my mom gave to me but for some reason I don't really I love it I just feel like it would look more my style if I clocked it a little so that's what I'm gonna do but it is pretty thick so a might be quite hard to crop but we're gonna try out and see if we can cut through the material it's really thick with Hiro though so we're gonna have to keep on trying for a while okay so I'm done bad but they still have one more thing they haven't exactly done okay guys so I'm not sure if I could try them on right now but if you are about to see a montage of me trying clothes on then you're lucky but I have a feeling the video will be awesome footage so if you are about to see I'm writing this right now if you are about to see it then if not I hope you guys enjoyed this video and make sure to give a big thumbs up and I'll see you next time goodbye peace alright so this is the first um I fit this is the like jumper I don't know me see me three shorts these are from Primark obviously if you want to get them but I feel like this is really pretty the jumper looks really really nice and it fits super well so this one is a thumbs up so nice is this one this one doesn't really look different but I mean it's so except a nice like before so this one is the next one and I put a little cape on the back I would probably rather small just like the beach or something but I think it does look super super pretty alright so this is the next one and it's actually really really nice I like this one more but I feel like the cross ah this one is probably my favorite one and it looks really nice and thinking sure it's absolutely it's really summery so I gave a thumbs up and then one off camera I made this card II but you only do on camera because it's not amazing um it wasn't really a dress exchange or an incredible difference but it's our really nice credit union it was just have long sleeves but no short sleeves and this is good if it's like not freezing outside but it's also not boiling I can wear a cardigan but still it looks nice when de being on holiday I mean and I do have one more quick thing I want to show you so I thought I'd show you guys this one is something that I didn't do in today's video but I did do it today but just wasn't on camera I lost the footage it was originally a nice pretty dress by cutting into a top which is what I was gonna do with the pretty – purple stripe your one and the pink like one with strawberries but this one is so gorgeous yeah it's looks really nice and I come down below if you look at this is my favorite though because I'm just sty alright now you can see but I feel like it looks really shorts as well summary today it's don't anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe and thank you so much for nearly 50 subs and the gorgeous impacts Authority cuz I'm so overwhelmed Mariana doesn't even know yet so in your next video if you wanna see her reaction I want to tell you her on camera she'll be so excited to meet your check that upcoming videos I just want to say thank you guys so much if you haven't already subscribe please right button down below make it turn from right to gray and push that notification about he's gonna be notified every time I Melissa be do I'm just thank you so much from people that comment it just makes my day when I see a comment that is just the most lovely thing in the world so if you comment it just makes me feel amazing and make sure to tell me if you shop and I will give you a shout out if you want but just I ask you and you can either say yes or no obviously I know like whatever anyways ooh I already said that anyway please

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