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Hey guys! Today I’m going to open up
these packages. So let’s get started! Ok, I’m going to open this one. I’m going to use my scissors. Oooohhhhh Yeeeahhh Oh yeah! I fff…I Guys, um, the I…I picked out these, um, clothes with my mom. So, I’m just doing a video of this. Because we’re going on a trip. It’s called the Great Wolf Lodge. if you don’t know that place, you should go check it out. And go there, it’s really fun! So, I gottt…. Um The flamingo one! I think it’s so cute. So it’s’s a Dada or a baby… or a mama and a baby. I think that’s cute. And if you’re wondering what’s that walking and tapping, that’s the dog. Okay, so the next one I got, what
does it say? Do… (laughter) That’s so cute! Okay! This one says… “Do what you love” And, I do! I love music! So, I will wear this if I will play music. Yeah. And what’s this? Oh, I don’t need this. Huh, yeah! These shoes I love… Get it?! I “love”
because these sandals say “love.” Says Love… Okay! Let me take out the… the little… Socky papers, whatever they’re called. Pew! Wait, okay, um… Okay, these says”Love” and I’ve seen these ALL over the place! I love them, so, I got them. Oh, I know this one! The purple one! Okay! Next, long-sleeve shirt
is… it’s called, “Fearless.” Like you’re not fear, I love
this one! And it has a heart, it’s so cool and it’s so pretty. Ah! I didn’t meant to do that. I meant to put it in that pile. And last but not least! The best shirt ever! It’s so pretty! It is… called… Love www… “Love Wins” Okay! That’s the first one! Okay, I know which one this is! Let me get my scissors… 🎶Here we come🎶 I can just open it like this… Let me try that again… Wait a second…Ohhhh Oh wait! There it is… Oh! I didn’t know it was going to be this. I thought it was going to be the other… two things. Okay, so… I… Last, but not least, these
watermelon pants! I love them! They’re so perfect for vacation! I’m gonna wear these! So! I gotta try these on! Okay! So the first one I’m gonna try on is… the purple one! Oh wait! Yeah! I’m gonna try on the purple one. I’ll be right back! Okay! So, this is my shirt…um..hold on. So, this is my shirt… These are my pants… and… Let me put on my shoes, my new shoes. And… How am I gonna do this? These are my shoes. If you can guys see it. So, I’m gonna try on the next shirt! See you guys in a minute! This is my next shirt! It says “Do what you LOVE” and I love that! Because I LOVE music, I love going on my computer… I, also, love recording, like right now! Oh yeah, and my mom cut my hair like, aahhh I guess a couple days ago… I love it! Now, it’s so much easier to wash, brush, and put up by myself! Okay! Time for the third shirt! and I’m gonna try on the white shirt! Okay! This is my
third shirt! It says “LOVE WINS” and I love winning. Okay! So I’m gonna try the last one, that’s the fourth! See you in a minute! Okay guys, this is my last shirt, and I’m gonna end this video, but I LOVE this
shirt! It’s so comfy… I love all my clothes! Its and oh! Um, I’m
gonna… I picked out two bathing suits.. that I’m probably gonna do in the video. MAYBE! So I’ll see you on my next video! BYE GUYS!

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