Clothing Hacks to Look Slimmer! How to Put Together an Outfit!

Welcome to my bedroom! I don't know
why I have never filmed in here it's been over probably a year and a half
let's see if you guys can find when was the last time I filmed in here
finding the perfect top or a pair of jeans has always been a big struggle for
me whenever I go shopping standing at just five two I find clothing just never
really quite fits me right things are usually oversized baggy or just opening
take and bring it back to the basics and sharing with you step by step I like to
put together outfits different tips tricks and clothing hacks I thought be
really fun to dig into my closet and find clothing that's oversized that's it
season on trend but show you how I like to style it and be sure to subscribe if
you new I know a lot of you guys who have stumbled across this video might
not know me so be sure to subscribe I love uploading clothing hack videos
like this so without further ado let's get started a great base layer for
oversized clothing is a fitted top pair of jeans or pants and some over the knee
boots I love matching my pants with my boots
just because it elongates my body makes me look a lot slimmer and taller very popular fall fashion trend it is
oversized sleeves I love the look however if you're insecure about your
arms looking larger than usual and just a bit bigger than you want them to be a
great way to style oversized sleeves is by pairing it with overall these
overalls are of a thicker corner or material so it really anchors down the
look because the sleeves are super flowy and billowy and I really love the way
these two different fabrics will pair together I don't know about you guys but I've
been obsessed with shearling coats they're so cute so fuzzy I just love it
because it reminds me of a really cozy blanket chances are if you've got fall
clothing shopping you've probably seen a shearling oversized coat these coats are
so freaking hot that jace sell out so quickly and the sizing is always gone
and only able to get a size medium it definitely overwhelms my body type it
doesn't look as good as it could be so I highly recommend unzipping your coat if
you live in a warmer climate so the trick to styling an oversized
shearling coat is by wearing more for the uniform underneath like a pair of
jeans and fit it's hot Bella is this outfit Bella proof blink
once if it is for my thirst I'll hack the best way to style puffy jackets like
this is by going with a monochromatic face so on top I'm wearing this black
box hex water tucked into these black skinny jeans and these black
over-the-knee boots I feel like the base is super slimming and it makes for a
great canvas for this really bright and lovely puffer jacket I found this coat
for $15 from H&M it's so soft and cuddly it makes me feel like a giant baby blue
marshmallow queen of discount moment I am obsessed I wore it all throughout my
main cover trip last year and it kept me super warm and cozy yeah I love this cowl-neck sweater like
it's perfect for Thanksgiving and hiding your food baby and all of your young
snap if you're feeling a little bit hungry both perfect luck give this video
a big thumbs up if you love sweater weather so the first tip is to tuck in
the sweater into the skirt I love this leather skirt I've had it for about
three years now and I wear every single fall and winter
cozy cowl-neck part is nice and it's great for hiding from your family
members during the holidays you know when you don't want to look at some of
them I highly recommend and bring your hair up into an updo just so you can
highlight your neck area that's lost from the sweater so if you haven't seen
my most recent video on how to spice up your hair for the fall winter season be
sure to click right here to go watch it I share about 7 different hairstyles
with you guys and different ways to do updos for a second and third day hair I
love the look of a messy bun I think it complements this turtleneck sweater so
well another fall trend is the oversized thermal top I think this is great
because you could wear to sleep and also wear it to class or school best clothing
hack for oversized tops is a day not you can either add a knot in the front like
this hide the tie and I definitely highlight your waist area and such as
you in instantly you have a lot more shape it shows off your curves a lot
more you can also tuck it in just to give a more fitted look to your
oversized ha another perk of be short is that all
oversize sweaters end up looking like a sweater dress any of you guys can relate
to that here's some accessories that you can add to jazz up your plane sweaters
so I put on top this wool hat and then I have this very festive belt with these
nice shiny buckles gives you more shape and makes you look a lot more curvy as a petite girl standing at just 5 – I
find that while I pants are the most challenging type of clothing for Mena
style I usually have a hard time finding the
right fit and length because it usually drives on the floor and it's not cute
safe the best outfit for the last I don't know what to call it yet but I
love all the different shades of beige and tan I think it looks very grown-up
when it comes to styling why like pants I love wearing a base layer that's more
fitted like this bodysuit I love this one from airy I feature it all the time
in my nothing to wear videos on top I'm wearing this camel coat that is also
quite oversized if I find that since I kept the palette quite monochromatic and
in a similar like color family it tends to match very well for an extra layer of
warmth I wore this scarf that I've had for a few years now it has beautiful
tones of flesh gray and beige so those are all of my different
clothing hacks and output ideas visually click on the iPhone over here and vote
on what videos you want me to make next follow me on instagram if you want more
style inspiration and daily outfit ideas i love you guys all so so much and i
hope you're having a great november so far bye


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  2. I love your videos and creativity so much Ally~ It always inspires me to step up my editing and content 💕I'm so happy that I got to meet you at SF GenBeauty this year!
    You guys are such an inspiration and I would DIE if I could get some tips/advice on my latest upload!

    Thank you both for bringing so many smiles and laughs into my life <3

  3. So busy in school finally I got to watch your videos💖 also thankyou for liking some of my Instagram photos and thankyou for inspiring me always you never fail me luv😘 I love the bell sleeves paired with overalls I hope I could have and I could find those kind of outfits here in the Philippines. Loveyouu💖💖💖 Take care always💓
    Ig: _riang_riang

  4. Hi! I loved this video! What brand is your Henley shirt that you're wearing? I really like it but it looks different from the one you linked. Thank you!!

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