hey I was never my girl welcome back to my channel so today I'm collaborating with a company named VL geo-located on Amazon I do a lot of clothes shopping on Amazon so when they reached out to me and let me know that they had an Amazon store I was all game um the problem was initially when they contacted me and I checked out their site all they had they really didn't have that many things and the things that I did like did not come in my size so I did let them know you know I would like to collaborate with you guys but my father's is not really up there on your site I would have to according to your size and chart I would have to order at 80 2x or 3x I tell everyone look at a company's sizing chart don't just go by the size that you always wear because a lot of times the size and tribe were telling you me or you spend your money you can't figures who the person I was in communication with to get this video together she let me know that they would be adding more sizes to the site soon and that you know let her know which items that I really like out of the store and she will you know get the sizes that I need and all that jazz so I went on ahead I picked four items like I said there was really not a lot to pick from the store at the time there is much more in the store down but um they either at that time they had a bunch of crop tops just casual or a little dressy on crop tops and then they had leggings you know like gym leggings so it was like you know one extreme to another I couldn't really put an outfit together Pharrell so the four items that I have I requested them all to be a 2x large because I felt like the X large was going to be too tight and unfortunately they still sent me x larges um so I'm feeling some type of way about that but I literally just check their store did you have more items and the link to their every monster will be down in the description box but unfortunately I can't fit half of my items I'm going to go ahead and show you guys the items because at the end of the day even if you know they sent me the wrong sizes they didn't do what they were supposed to do I'm a woman of my word and if I say I'm gonna do something I'm gonna do it so my order was put in on May 4th they shipped it out one mega 13th and I received it on May the 30th I'm gonna go ahead and hop into the trying portion of this video but before I start as always I'm gonna go ahead and give you guys some stats on me right now my bus is a 44 inches my waist is now 33 and a half inches you know it's less than the 34 now and I'm excited about it so I had to put some emphasis on it and my hips are still a 49 inch um and my weight is now 218 still and I am fighting so the first item that I have is this yellow crop top it is so dressy he's so cute so Lacey like it is just really really cute you actually have two layers um yeah actually has two layers of the lace all the way around so that way you really don't have to wear you know like an undershirt underneath it I don't feel like you would be able to see any kind of you know nipple or anything that's like too provocative you wouldn't be able to see anything like that because of how they have it layered on top of each other so there are certain points where you would be able to see a little bit of skin but nothing too major um it does button at the back of the neck it is so cute like I wanna definitely pair this with a pair of shorts with like the the frayed ends on the bottom something like that would have been a really really cute or like a really cute high-waisted skirt whether if you gene or whatever like would have been super duper cute it would have been so cute for Jamaica I wish that I could fit it I definitely have someone whose favorite color is yellow and I really feel like she would be able to fit this to give this to so she's gonna love it I wish I could but like I said it does not fit me this is a extra-large the next item that I have is the snakeskin crop top it is really cute but y'all can see already this is too tight on me I can get them on but it's just way too tight and I don't feel comfortable in it I am gonna go ahead and show you guys the shirt one probably will see this I should be inserting it somewhere over here but yeah it's really really cute the material is so so soft like oh my gosh it just oh it feels so nice and I wish that it fit me I'm probably gonna give this to the same person that I'm giving that yellow top too because this this is just really really good really really cute I wish that it fits I'm gonna be living through her so the next item that I have is this white crop top it has like a wrap detail on the front it's pretty much like a white t-shirt really really really soft material and light weight it does show on cleavage but not too much or not too much for me and they did luckily send this one in a 2x large so it fits great so people my size you would definitely go with a 2x large out of it it's just a simple piece that could go with anything from jeans to shorts or skirt to some overalls just you know anything literally anything it's a really good piece to have in anyone's wardrobe if you're okay with crop top but um yeah I love this it is going in my bag for Jamaica make sure that you guys are following me on snapchat follow me on Instagram also make sure you subscribe to my channel because I am vlogging while I'm out there so you will be seeing some outfits from previous trainer halls including this one on the vlog the last item my boyfriend loves it is my boyfriend's favorite I actually got this shirt because I thought about him they said yes daddy it is a cute light pink color I feel like the lights are kind of washing it out but it's like a baby pink this is also a 2x large so it fits me perfectly I love this shirt it is like a nice t-shirt quality and my stick t-shirt quality but it also really stretches it's really really nice and really comfortable I love the shade of pink that it is just when I try to orange me my boyfriend was like yes that's hot right there that's high so I can't wait to wear this as well I'm gonna bring this also to Jamaica on probably as one of my backup outfits so hopefully we'd be able to collaborate again in the future and I'll be able to show you guys more variety better sizing all that jazz but until then this is what I have for you so I make sure that you like comment and subscribe before you leave I always want to thank you guys for watching and follow me on my social media cuz the vacation is coming okay and I will see you guys next time in my next video bye

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