Hello, my friends! My name is Tatiana and today I’m going to tell you about November in Belarus. Few people like the weather in late autumn. Alexander Pushkin wrote: “The days of late autumn are usually scolded …” That is, usually people don’t like the weather in late autumn. They rightly criticize the end of autumn because of bad weather, endless rain and dirt. People fell very lonely at this hour. But you can find something pleasant even in this weather. For example, it’s nice to read a book or to look out the window at the rain and to dream. It’s pleasant to think and dream during the rain day! There are also warm days in late autumn. Suddenly, the rain stops and it warms a little, it’s foggy. It’s easy to breathe. It’s a few more days till the first frost and snowfall, so, you can walk without a cap and enjoy the last warm days. And then the world freezes over. Puddles will be covered with thin ice, transparent like glass. Winter is so close, but autumn is still considered the landlady. And people have already prepared warm caps, a parka, a knitted warm scarf, warm boots, gloves; they will have to wear these clothes, when it gets cold. Clothes. Look back at the thoughtful forest and understand: a white snowy winter will come soon. It’s not any desire to go out at all on such days, much less to go for a walk in the woods or in the park. The earth is damp, slush is everywhere, you will not manage without rubber boots, but it’s too cold in rubber boots. So rough out there, even wind can break the umbrella, it turns the umbrella inside-out. November, February and March are the nastiest months of the year, because it’s cold, humid and windy all the time. In late autumn we are waiting for snow, winter, and someone has already thought how to celebrate the New Year. Waiting is another one kind of mood of late autumn. And it’s not melancholy at all. Because you looking forward to only something very good. If you like this video, give me a like! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! Bye!


  1. Спасибо большое! Через год девять месяцев, изученного русского языка сам – могу следовать твоя речь почти безраздельно.

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