Clothes Swap Challenge! (Halloween Edition) Hilarious Halloween Costumes

you just want to be a Disney Princess hey Jim its Rebecca and I'm with my hubby my plans for another marriage Monday so Halloween is coming up and obviously you can tell I'm in the Halloween spirit because I'm wearing this from the 99-cent store so I'll just have to put a hat on we've done the clothes swap challenge before but we thought it would be really fun to do it with Halloween costume so for today's video we're going to be doing the Halloween clothes one challenge so the way this challenge works is I picked out four of my costumes for Matt to wear and I picked out for my costume for Rebecca to wear and we don't know what the other one picked out but we're gonna have to wear them away they're not too embarrassing for me but they'll be really embarrassing for him I think regardless I'm gonna be super embarrassed like put on women's clothes if you haven't already I can't believe we are so close to 2 million also in case you didn't know I'm gonna be a special guest on Oakland and Bailey's tour so if you're in Oakland Los Angeles Las Vegas or San Diego comforta so I'll put links to the ticket in the description below video a thumbs up if you love Halloween like we do the trip to my hubby met Slade it's right up there Tyler the costume swap okay so for this first outfit this is the costume I've worn a long time ago but I thought it'd be hilarious for Maxim wear and we're probably gonna have to put an emoji sensor over the bottom of it you will see why when he comes out mad [Laughter] right now this is terrible why would a girl worth I wore this and I was like you know what Matt would look really good as a leopard but you guys I think he looks like a pretty good memory can I get one one pose I'm Supergirl please great job that I'm pretty sure this is about as bad as it's gonna get let's go get you into a less revealing outfit okay don't worry like I am kind of looking and I feel like a little bit what do you guys think this is way better than yours this is like how it was in the morning when I don't have any no make up here not brush have to admit this is a pretty hot costume super okay you're just way cooler honestly for summertime here in Los Angeles this is way more appealing to wear right now I have another outfit for you go get changed okay I hope you are ready for this I used to be a professional cheerleader at one point and I couldn't find my pom pom but I do have the original outfit back war full Sun can you show us some cheers I don't know Nick Sturgess – who do we push you know you gotta go like that step class today Oh I think it's going pretty well I mean I was a scary monster but there's literally hardly anything that hasn't been exposed on my body Rebecca's gonna jump into all my outfits can't wait you see me as a cheerleader now it's only appropriate that Rebecca becomes I'm not sure if you guys can hear me but I can barely see I do not know how you could legitimately wear this costume in the dark could I feel like you could do a lot of both things but no one would know it was you if I were a Power Ranger I'd be the pink one not the red one obviously it was a cheerleader you like a male to come flat one zip and you're good to go get your candy for this next costume I know that Matt likes to help people and so I was like you know what and that would be the perfect nurse can I help you with your actually emerged emerges yeah not really convinced that I'm wearing it right either I'm not sure you they're also the one that have accessories maybe do you want some band-aids I could get you babe I'm good so now that we are in the healing mood I think it's time for Rebecca to get into her next outfit what could it be so what pairs up nicely with the nurse's outfit the female like I'm wearing cutoff capris very like a little girl the theme here like more or less these costumes are definitely a lot heavier than the ones that I'm used to wearing I probably had this shirt eighty we're gonna feel like if I were in Peter Pan I wear this I wore this on this Peter Pan rise last year just during Halloween did you really oh yeah there's only one more outfit now for each of us I think it's the best one for last I don't know about you all right Matt go get change and now you guys saw my dollar versus $50 Halloween costume video you've seen the Cinderella costume and it was too big for me and it actually fits you really well that's a little too scary but do you like the type I've never really worn tights like this before please screenshot this and let me know he looks amazing as a Disney Princess like why is this a thing what do you and we're my shoulder straps wear a strapless bra with something like that aren't even ever wrong what are you gonna put me in I think it's only appropriate to fully cover you up I present max wants to cover me up I can't even really see hey I didn't serve up the back I feel like Kermit the Frog what is the point of this costume like Who am I oh yeah I know you guys are green with this I don't know how someone could wear that okay what was your Freeman outfit on apologies I have to say the first one cuz you can scare people and that would be really fun it wasn't that I'm covering so I'm gonna pick this one I don't really have a favor you just want to be a Disney Princess doing the Halloween clothes walk challenge I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I did looking back it seems like a Cossack everyone knows I did like it also we want to do a video with your guys's suggestion so if you have some couples costume ideas DM me on twitter barn instagram send me links to different costume and we might to put in a video damn fam make sure to subscribe for doing this and fam if you have not already we are so close to 2 mil in the bears bear and check out the video we did on flex channel subscrib this video if you like Halloween videos like this and you want it if you mom and I've got the child for this weekend boom so congratulations if you want to be adopted for next week just share this video on social media don't forget to attack us so I could be embarrassed [Applause]


  1. matt slay and Rebecca zamolo can you please go out to town with matt wearing
    that disney princess costume and rebecca can stay the same

  2. HahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhaahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahHahhahahhhahahhahahahhahHhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahahahahhahHHhHhHhHh

  3. Hi Rebecca I love your videos. I hope you come to Canada one day because I live there. P.s. you are awesome

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