Clothes Shopping in Russia

[Music] hey guys welcome to the Russian round channel this episode we are going to show you what it’s like to shop in a Russian long last episode if you saw we were showing you how Russians are shopping for groceries the price of food things like that now we want to show you what it’s like to shop for clothes here in Russia so now we’re in a mall named a day apart and it’s one of the biggest malls in Europe and it has some like special thing and this like the highest in the world cylindrical aquarium who is two thousand and five hundred see fish swimming there here is the fish tank we were talking about and it’s massive it goes all the way up to the ceiling and there’s tons and tons of really cool sea fish as Ivan called them swimming around in there or is what we would call them saltwater fish in case you thought we were lying here’s proof the Guinness world record says that this is the largest cylindrical fishing [Music] we have a mission for today’s trip and that is we are going to find me a spring cook but first look at her go like what do you think the first place an American girl would go in a shopping mall before she go anywhere Starbucks of course there’s a Starbucks guys I got my coffee and the name I used today was Giuliana if you could read Cyrillic it’s right here and I used that because if I say Julian I get all kinds of different spellings like Jolene Jolie whatever so I go with this for now one thing I thought was really funny when I went back to the US was so many people actually still think Russia is communist which is hilarious because we’re walking in this mall now and they come all the same stores basically that we have in the US they have all the different range of prices they have some really expensive stores they have like they have an hmm they have forever 21 but then also some other more luxurious brands too like Chanel and others like that here in Russia we mostly buying all the international brands because unfortunately we’re not producing much of our own clothes so really rely on you guys don’t kick out our trade representatives from anywhere please one thing that’s very different culturally between Americans and Russians is that Russians pay a lot of attention to their physical appearance the women they always take great care to make sure they look very beautiful and the men are always polishing their shoes ironing their shirts there’s a lot of attention given to physical presence here in question we’re here at H&M in the mall and the prices here are basically the same as the prices for the H&M in the US so these shirts are here for instance they’re about 20 US dollars which is 1099 rebels this shirt is only ten dollars steel female equals future [Music] [Music] it’s a Japanese and the thing that you see on me it’s about 100 US dollars but I’m not going to get it because I feel like it looks like I just came out of a spaceship what we don’t have here yet and what some Chinese most have it’s an amazing thing called husband spots so the woman’s are dropping their men they’re in there playing video games well who went stopping now I think it’s time to really eat something we’re going to take the foot board and show you some Russian fast food restaurants they have Shake Shack here which you may remember was Obama’s favorite burger restaurant he could have visited here the food court here has all of the restaurants that you might see in a u.s. food court but for some additions there are two main Russian kind of fast-food places and that is our toshka which means maybe potato and it’s like a chipotle of all different kinds of potatoes you can get any topping you want and that’s where I’ll go so the food we got today all traditional Russian food except for this this is traditional Belarusian food and this is called draniki and it is made from potatoes and different fillings this filling is heaven cheese and here we have another potato and this is just like a baked potato we have ham and onion inside of that no bacon and onion this however is a special Russian drink called remorse and it’s made from berries we told you before that many of the stores in this mall are from foreign brands but this is actually one of the few stores that actually belongs to a Russian company and it is called collide another interesting thing about Russian culture is it’s kind of a status symbol for a woman to have a very nice luxurious fur coat and it’s kind of a symbol of wealth and you can see why because the starting price here is about two thousand US dollars and I would try on one of these fur coats for you to show you how it looks but actually they’re so valuable that they’ve locked the coat with a special tie so you can’t even try it on the prices here are a little higher than what we were looking at like in H&M and the other international store the price here is six thousand nine hundred roubles which would make it close to about 150 US dollars not to banana I decided on this one I like it the most this is the coat that I got and it was about six thousand Edmund rebels which 50 dollars but I got it from a real Russian store and it is a quality code and if you’re ready to go out in the spring that they have here thanks for watching give us a like if you enjoyed what you saw and see you around [Music]


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  2. I went to that mall when my aunt took me there it’s beautiful they have a lot of nice things. It was a very big difference from American malls though especially where I live since everyone dresses so nicely (I was raised too but in America it’s not the same. @walmart shoppers)

  3. If you would like to try one of those fur coats on- how would you go about it? I would not nor would anyone else want to spend $2000 on a fur coat if it does not fit properly. Would there be any problem gett ing the coat back through customs?

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