I'm so excited to be making this video because it is my cloth diaper routine what's up you guys welcome back to my channel we've been cloth diapering for probably about almost almost four weeks probably almost a month maybe a little bit less than that so I feel like it's still kind of early to be making this video but I feel like we are on a really good routine and I feel like I have cloths I bring down at this point I feel like I'm ready to do it and I know that you guys are obviously ready for it it's probably the most requested video I get ever since I told you guys that was gonna be cloth type great you guys are like on it wolf is sleeping right now I don't know how long it's gonna be but you know how that goes we'll see this isn't like a formal video so don't be expecting high quality content I just want to give you all the information that I've learned all the research that I did because I wanted to make sure that I was gonna be doing if I was going to be cloth diapering I wanted to make sure that I was gonna do it the right way and the easiest way and the simplest way because if you have looked into it at all you know that I can be very intimidating it can seem very overwhelming but I promise you it is so much easier than I thought it was gonna be it's not even funny so that's why I'm really excited to make this video because it does feel like really good to be doing it and I feel kind of accomplished doing it and knowing that I'm doing something good for the environment and for wolf and the fact that I'm saving immense amounts of money on using cloth diapers and cloth wipes it's crazy so I'm gonna like actually like literally set you guys up on my car seat right here on my car seat that guys I said was cursed to start off I want to like lay this out in the most logical most easy way to understand because there really is a lot to learn about it and I'll be honest I only know about my type of cloth diapers we use the pocket diapers but I'll give into that but I don't know like how any of the other cloth diapers work because there's five different kinds so I have a whole list of questions that you guys have asked if I don't answer one of your questions make sure that you leave something in the comments section because I really do want everyone everyone to do this I know it may not seem like one baby and one person using disposable diapers I know it seems like it doesn't contribute a lot to all of the waste that goes into our environment but you would be surprised how just one child how many pounds of raw human waste goes in to our landfills it's disgusting it's actually horrifying I cannot believe that more people aren't aware of things like this firstly I really want to talk about the benefits of cloth diapering there's three main reasons it's good for your baby it's good for your wallet and it's good for the environment to break it down a little bit diaper companies are not I repeat diaper companies are not obligated to disclose anything that's in their ingredients and I know it's like ingredients in a diaper how does that make any sense a lot of tests that have been done on disposable diapers show that there are over 50 chemicals in disposable diapers the big ones the ones that kind of stand out to me and I feel like stand out to everybody else is it's a chemical called sodium polyacrylate that is what makes the diapers super super absorbent and like that crystally stuff you know how sometimes like if your baby is in a really soggy diaper or if it gets wet or whatever it like has that gel crystal stuff that is very toxic after doing a lot of research I found out that even like the eco-friendly like the seventh-generation honest company like all those brands no matter what type of diaper you claim to have they all have that chemical in them every single one it's actually the same chemical that's found in tampons it was banned in the 80s for causing toxic shock syndrome which if you know anything about that like it just is absurd that these chemicals are allowed and they were banned and they ate this chemicals being in the 80s from tampons but they're still being used in diapers think about how often and how likely it is for babies that use disposable diapers to get rashes like that is one of the main reasons I've heard and seen moms like switched to using cloth diapers because as soon as you switched to cloth diapers which it's true that your baby's diaper rash like almost immediately goes away Wolf's bottom was always like kind of red when she was still in disposables because the cloth diapers were still too big for her also I just found this out that Alba baby the brand that I am ranting and raving about in this video they actually do make newborn disposable diapers I mean cloth diapers and I wish I would have known that but I didn't until it's too late so anyway we were using the disposable cloud island brand and they were okay but she always had like a little bit of a red bottom almost immediately when we switched to cloth diapers it pretty much stopped sorry I'm like really itchy I just shaved my armpits so it's obviously good for your baby to be using cloth diapers who wants to put almost chemicals on your fresh and newborn skin or on any one skin at that like it's scary and it's scary that they don't have to disclose or tell anybody what is actually being put in these diapers chlorine bleach like all that kind of stuff it's scary it's so scary so obviously good for baby but to move on it is also very good for your wallet something that I found out is that babies go through around anywhere from like six to eight diapers a day and if you do the math that is about anywhere from 6500 to 10,000 diapers until your baby is potty-trained if you are using disposable diapers and disposable wipes for one baby you're looking at anywhere from like three to five thousand dollars per child that's insanity stop giving in to the convenience stop it these companies are thriving off of your money if you didn't know already that it takes a very very very long time like hundreds of years for a diaper to completely decompose there are seven point six billion seven point six billion pounds of waste diaper waste that goes to our landfills each year every year something else that I had no idea about is how much actual human waste like literal it's just sitting in our landfills it actually does contaminate our groundwater it spreads diseases it's so gross it's a crisis and it's something that even just one person makes a huge difference could be doing the math wrong and my head right now but I'm pretty sure that's like 2,000 pounds of waste just from one child like if you guys ever been to the doctors and you change a diaper and there's like signs everywhere that say like please do not discard your diapers in the trash it's because like the pediatric Board or the Board of Health or some some weird something you know one of those boards they advise to actually never ever not just in a doctor's office but to never throw a diaper in a regular trash can because for one it spreads disease for two it contaminates everything and everything around it like it's it's disgusting we are throwing billions of pounds human fecal matter literal human just in our environment we're just like all right I don't want it in my house I'll just throw it to our planet we need to open up our eyes and see that we are killing our planet we're literally killing ourselves so just by watching this and educating yourself on cloth diapering and why it's not just because it's cheaper that is the first step to helping and I hope that I spread awareness by talking about this kind of stuff because like a lot of moms and young moms and first-time moms like people just aren't aware of this kind of stuff and it's scary so that's why I took it upon myself to do all this research research for you guys to let you know what's really going on what's really good in the world now that we know that it's good for baby good for a while good for environment those are three good reasons why you should be caught diapering I will get into what you need to start pick your diaper we have pocket diapers love them highly recommend pocket diapers you need a diaper pail maybe even two depending on your living situation I just have one I am actually saying in my aunt yeah and uncles right now and I have wealth and I have the whole basement so I only have a one diaper pail down there and that works fine for us because we're down there the majority of the time I also have two of the wet bags that come with well they didn't cut I to buy them separately with my diaper pail and I'll show you guys what my diaper pail looks like it's the decor plus I actually love it you never smell anything it's very easy to use it's simple it's affordable it's like even chic looking it's not ugly and bulky I like it I actually really love it before this video started I actually did a whole load of my diapers in the washer so that I can show you what I do once they're all clean I'm also going to demonstrate what I do with the dirty diaper but I'm not going to be using a dirty diaper obviously I feel like that'd just be rude my wet bag and my diaper pail wet bags are all in the washer right now so I'll make sure that I show you guys when I'm done but what else do you need so you need to pick your diaper you need a diaper pail you need your two different types of wet bags you need a washer and dryer obviously you need laundry detergent and I use two different kinds and I'll show you guys which kinds you need a dryer rack or something my grandma actually gave me this like thing that goes it has a hook and then it has like a whole bunch of clips that hang down from it so I just like hang all my diapers to dry on there and it's really nice but a dryer rack would work or you don't even really need that you could like lay them outside but I think it's convenient and easy to have like something to dry them on you need a cloth diaper safe pointment or diaper cream so this is the one we use it's the earth mama organic diaper bomb and this one's completely safe to use for cloth diapers oh my god why does it keep doing that because the ingredient that you want to look out for is zinc oxide that is what is going to make your diapers not as absorbent it basically ruins the whole purpose you also need diaper liners if that's what you want to use I brought them up here I haven't really used them yet so far this is what they look like they look almost like dryer sheet material what you do is you just lay that on top of your diaper and it's supposed to kind of like serve as a poop catcher so that you can just dispose of that and it's easier you can either reuse a diaper or it's easier to clean or whatever but I feel like that's more for like solid poops and right now wolf's poop is still very runny newborn poop is just like it's like that hey hungover Michaela here um as I'm editing this I realized I also found out that the reason that these diaper liners exist is because cloth diapers don't have the same like cotton overlay which absorbs the moisture so that's why you'll see in the end of the video when somebody asks me do you think that your baby gets uncomfortable and do you think that you changed them more often honestly my answer is no I don't think that I change her more often but it does make sense as to why you would use the the liners now so I think that's why people use them not just to serve as a poop catcher but I have not used them and I have never noticed a problem so who knows but that's really what they're there for it so don't clock me I'm telling you this now and those are obviously not totally necessary but very like helpful and convenient but it also kind of I realized that it kind of defeats the purpose of completely minimizing your waste because you're still gonna have to dispose of this it says that they're biodegradable I can easily tell how it would kind of decompose over time but still I mean I don't want you know I don't know that's why I'm just kind of like if he on using these but I have heard that they're very convenient to use so I just have them just in case and then the other thing on my list is the customizable inserts if you have pocket diapers when you order the cloth diapers the pack of six it comes with six and then it comes with twelve inserts these are the inserts that they come with and these are microfiber so these ones I always put two inside of a diaper these are what I use for my daytime diapers I almost feel like I can start using one but for right now I'm still using two you the microfiber cannot go on your baby's skin because it is very absorbent so it'll literally soak all the moisture out of their skin it always goes on the inside of the pocket so I'll show you guys all about this diaper in a second and these I believe are three layers so when I use two of them I'm obviously getting six layers absorbency and then I also ordered these charcoal bamboo insert these are also a low baby and they actually have like the gussets on the sides which are really nice because they Bend with the diaper because when I'm putting all these in my pocket diapers I have to make sure that I'm like flattening them out so that they're not like bunched up and because if they are bunched up you'll probably get leakage these are actually five layers so what you can do what I really like about pocket diapers too is that it's customizable so you have the shell here and let me just show you guys what you do is you can put any type of insert on the inside there's a million different kinds of inserts that you can use but actually the the microfiber ones that came with the diapers are probably my favorite so you get six layers of absorbency with this but what I do for night times sometimes is I'll take one of these because this is five layers and then I will take like either one or two of these or whatever to kind of they're all interchangeable it's all about like what works best for you and your baby because all babies are different like wolf she poops in almost every diaper still she is not to the point where like I hardly ever changed a diaper where there's not poop so I like to make sure that I have like the extra absorbency because her diapers get really soggy I guess I'll show you kind of what the diaper looks like so this is the shell this is just like the outside this is micro fleece and this actually can go on your baby's skin and see like this is what you would lay the liner on to kind of catch the poop and then you would take this off and throw it away or flush it or whatever you do but the diapers are amazing I have had zero issues with them at all whatsoever like not a single issue and these are the most inexpensive affordable diapers that you can get I was so overwhelmed by the cost because although I would be saving money in the long run I didn't have no money to just like hey that expense upfront but these are $29.99 for 6 diapers and 12 inserts I have only spent a hundred and twenty dollars on all of my diapers I don't need by anymore diapers then I also bought a pack of 12 of these and these were I think $29.99 and then these were $8.99 for a hundred and then my cloth wipes it comes with 15 and these were also $8.99 so I've got under $300 I have completed my diaper stash and people usually say like five to six hundred anyway these diapers are really cool for one because of the price the quality but you never have to buy another diaper because it grows with your baby basically so right now what I do for wolf is I shorten it by just one button because there's two buttons that you can shorten it to make it like the shortest I just make it a little short so you see how I did that and then right now she's fitting in her diapers where I am only leaving one button open so I put this and it's so much easier than it looks like especially when you're doing it it's like oh that's easy so this is what it looks like when it's on her butt like these are so easy to use so self-explanatory you might be confused and kind of intimidated by like the way that it looks cuz just like what the hell why is there so many buttons where am I supposed to put this button like it kind of is confusing but you will figure it out I promise and eight pounds is when we started using them on her and I did notice like the first few diapers that I had with her and we used on her she did leak out the gussets a little bit and I think it was just because her legs were still a little too little but we've never ever had any issues and she's been bigger and she's almost 12 pounds I guess I should have said this first but there is five types of cloth diapers you have the all in ones which is just one piece you have the pocket diapers which is where you get like a shell and then you can put the pockets or the inserts on the inside another thing that I forgot to mention real quick is that you can also put the inserts never the microfiber ones but these charcoal bamboo ones you can actually put on your baby's skin so that way you just wash the liner and you don't have to wash the shell I've never actually tried that yet but I'll have to let you guys know how I'd like doing that method there's pre folds where it comes with an outer shell but then it also comes with like an or absorbent inside but it's not exactly like these with the pocket tech because this you actually put like in the pocket in the inside but the pre folds it's like a tighter absorbent diaper and then you put like a shell on top of that if that makes any sense then there's the flats that you fold that's like the old-fashioned cloth diaper where you like fold it and then it comes with like the things that attach it and then there's also the all in twos it comes with this diaper and then it comes with an insert that you can attach to it I'm pretty sure that's probably the same concept as just laying this on top everything else confuse me so much other than like the all-in-ones and the pocket diapers but I liked being able I liked the thought of being able to customize the absorbency with pocket diapers and also if I really wanted to I could reuse the diaper if I put a liner on top you see what I'm saying so that's why I went with pocket diapers and it's worked so well for us I highly recommend okay so I'm gonna run through these questions real quick and see if there's anything that I haven't gotten to yet I don't wanna go downstairs yet because wolf is still sleeping and I know I'm gonna wake her up if I go down there cuz the washer and dryer is down there first question is when they become wet do they make baby feel cold and uncomfortable so I mean obviously your baby is not gonna want to sit in a wet and soggy diaper but it's the exact same as a disposable diaper I change her just as often if not less often actually because I was amazed I didn't know how these were gonna go but I was amazed at how well the inserts absorbed the pee I remember I changed her diaper one of the first times that we ever were using them I changed her diaper there was no poop it was just pee and I felt this microfleece and this was almost completely dry and then I pulled the inserts out of the diaper and these were soaked like soaked so I don't think that she really felt the wetness on her little butt and I think that's like probably why babies don't get rashes as much using cloth diapers along with the zero chemicals I have never noticed she's never cried about it being I mean obviously she can't tell me but you know like you you almost as a mom you always know what your babies crying about almost always and I've never noticed any type of weird thing with her with these diapers so I don't think so what do I use to wash them any specific detergent so I'm gonna show you guys my whole wash routine without actually washing them and I'm gonna take you through it step by step but I do use regular tide for the diapers and the reason that I do that because I'm a very freakish human being about chemicals and like my laundry soaps and stuff like that and I don't use that on my clothes and stuff but to thoroughly wash cloth diapers you have to have something that's a little bit stronger so what I do is I use half a lid of the tide and half a lid of my actual laundry soap which I'll show you guys right here it's my favorite laundry soap unscented undyed I can get it from Target it's like 1199 for a big thing I might be $13.99 for a big thing actually I don't remember after doing a lot of research I didn't know what laundry soap to use either because like I said I am against using harsh chemicals and stuff like that but in order to clean your diapers thoroughly like that's just so you have to do and I've never noticed a rash on Wolf's bottom I've never heard like seeing her skin irritated from it so and I think it's also probably because I do half a lid and half my soap so I don't know how often do I wash them so I've noticed that my pail gets filled up after three days I can't go any longer than three days sometimes two but usually three but just like anything like if something sits in a cold moist dark wet environment it's very like susceptible to growing mold so you don't want to let your diaper sit that's just gross I just I wouldn't go any longer than three days and the reason that I actually bought because I had only had three sets of diapers so I had 18 diapers but then I found myself washing them too often and even like my pill wouldn't even get filled up so total I've bought four sets of six diapers I have 24 diapers total I would not recommend getting any more than that I wouldn't recommend getting any less than 18 it depends on if you want to be washing them every day but I really did not wasn't down with that so 24 was my max because I didn't want to be tempted to go any longer because they really shouldn't be sitting in the pale for longer than 2 to 3 days overnight diapers versus day I've actually only used the microfiber inserts for night time sometimes I will if I'm out of these I will use like one of these and one of these and it makes her diaper really bulky so I don't usually use these together during the day I usually just use two of these during the day and makes it a little less bulky that's the only thing with cloth diapers is that they are kind of bulky and I think I can already tell a difference now that she's gotten a little bit older and bigger but at first when we started putting her in them like it doesn't even look right like it just looked weird especially compared to a disposable diaper but she's grown into them a little bit more but like are you willing to trade the look and the cosmetic aspect of a diaper for teen and I mean like so it doesn't really matter if I'm on a roll you guys she's not even awake yet how often do I change her diaper the same as a disposable and like I said I literally change it probably the same if not less she only goes through about 6 diapers a day depending on what time she wakes up and what time she goes to sleep but I would say 6 diapers a day and with disposable as it was anywhere from like 6 to 10 how does it work when I go out and when I'm out of the house so like I said I literally do the exact same thing just instead of throwing my diaper away and putting my wife and my diaper and throwing it away I put my wife and my diaper and put it in my wet back and I come home put the diapers that are in my wet bag into my what's it called diaper pail yeah and that's that it's so easy so simple a lot of people said like I'm so overwhelmed where do I begin what do you need so I hope that this video leading up to this point you kind of have a better understanding but if you still have any questions let me know do I change the entire cloth diaper or is it just the insert again depending on the type of diaper that you have but I do have cloth I mean obviously I have cloth diapers here I have pocket diapers so I'm going to actually like kind of test out these liners for the next couple days and let you guys know what I think of them to see if it does catch the poop if I still need to change out her diaper what I need to do because like I said when she peed that first like time that we started using these diapers this micro fleece was almost completely dry like what sits against her skin and the inserts are what was like super wet it also just depends on the type of diaper like if you have an all-in-one diaper obviously like you just take the thing off and put it in the wet bag and that's that I think it also just really depends on your baby and how much pees in the diaper and so on and so forth so you kind of just have to play around with it I mean for the majority of the time I always just change out the whole diaper is it easier than I thought what's the most difficult and the most easy it is so so much easier than I thought it was gonna be like truthfully I was very nervous about how this was gonna go and it's a piece of cake I actually enjoy doing it it's like it makes me feel really good to know that we are contributing to the better well-being of our planet I'm saving money while doing it and I know that she's not getting all these harsh discussing chemicals on her skin the only thing that's gross is when you wash them is like pulling the inserts out of the diaper that's the only gross part that's what you have soap and water for if you can handle a little bit of poop which I wouldn't assume that you would become a mother if you couldn't handle puke and pee and poop and all that stuff so if you can handle that which I'm sure that you probably can this will be a piece of cake for you I swear promise cross my heart hope to die it is so much easier than I thought of course you're gonna be like intimidated and overwhelmed and like what are all the options and what's best for me another tip I have is that you can buy like secondhand cloth diapers which brings the cost down usually 50% if not like 75% so if you want to just by a couple and try it out and see how you like it see if you think that you can deal with it I don't even mean to use that word because it's not even dealing with it it's just like it's if you think you can do it because it's so I promise you it's so simple I just went all-in I just literally ordered all of my diapers and had them in order or delivered to my house and I am kind of that person to you like I'll talk about doing something and I'll want to do something but I won't actually do it like sometimes I just have bite the bullet and that's what I did and I'm so so so so happy I've done it also my Grammy is the one that watches her when I go to work and she loves these she was nervous too she was like oh my god but she is like no they seriously are so easy to use I wish she was here with me so she could attest to this but no she really likes them she's actually came to me I mean like Eli really like stackers me to grab me I just like solid colors like I don't like prints in general so all the ones that I've ordered are solid colors they have beautiful colors to pick from and it's so cute when I get them all clean and washed and I put them like in my little crate that I have for them look at how cute my diapers look when I put them in my little crate so what I do is they just the inserts are already inside they're ready to go and then I just fold over Stefon hmm and then just pull them out when I'm ready to use them how cute it's way more fun than using disposable diapers I feel like you would think that these would like stink up your room or sync up your house or whatever but I'm not even joking with this diaper pail that I use I never ever ever have smelled anything wolf was still sleeping I am not sure how but I'm gonna go down there as soon as she hears my voice she's gonna wake up but wait real quick I'll show you guys what I do for my cloth wipes so I have actually purchased two different kinds I have these flannel wipes they're just like a perfect square and I got these on Amazon majority of all this stuff you guys you can get on Amazon this is what it looks like they become softer after every wash I just fold them into perfect squares after I wash them and I wash them with my cloth diapers and then I have this little thing that might even bought me it actually came with like disposable wipes in side of here that I just like donated cuz obviously I'm not gonna use those so you know what I'm just gonna show you guys will make this a true how-to cloth diaper vid we okay oh look at her booty you know believe she's still sleeping I'm gonna turn on the hot water I also interchange between like this dr. Bronner's castile soap and my Burt's Bees baby shampoo and wash original that's what's called this one smells so good okay so what I'll do is I'll put a couple drops just like okay like that and then what I do is I just fill this up a little bit like so and then I run these underwater nice and a [Applause] little and then I just put them and curve these are stained by the way a newborn poop stains these are 100% clean they used to freak me out and I'd wash them like a million times I even hand wash them and like scrub them you know but it's literally just stained so these are the Charlie banana ones these ones are more expensive and you get these ones from like Target I think you can get them on Amazon too but I actually really like the cheaper Amazon I think these are called like button I think the brand is buttons but I like the flannel ones better they're softer I feel like they clean her butter they're easier to wash so this is what I do and then I just fill this thing up and then I just like I always like kind of squeeze out the excess like this and then flip them over so that both sides kind of get the soapy water oh my god everyone keeps I don't know why but lately everyone keeps asking me what happened to my hand I'm like do not remember when I almost died on a motorcycle question mark gross my whole hand is this whole hand is up from that accident anyway that's what I do with my cloth wipes super easy they're always like already wrapped up in my diaper because when I dirty one obviously I just wrap it in the diaper throw it in the diaper pail and then I wash them all together so let's go downstairs I'm really thinking she's probably gonna wake up and I come down here but she might not so I just did an entire load let me show you this one's hanging here to dry so when I do wash them what I do is I take it out of the wet bag I pull the inserts okay here let me just demonstrate it let me give you a full demonstration okay so say the diapers all rolled up and it's in the diaper pail I grab it on my diaper pail and grab the wet bag out of the deck grill bring the ring the wet back in here god sorry pull the diaper out and then what I do is I just go like this pull the inserts out make sure that the inserts aren't stuck together and then just throw all three pieces including the wife that was that's usually with it on the inside and just toss it all in there just like that don't rinse it nothing that's all you do I already just sit a load I'm gonna pull all of my shelves I always blind dry the shows I'd never put these in the dryer but I always put my inserts in the dryer so this is my travel wet bag I have it has a little zipper for the front and then it also has the main zipper I got this for like eight dollars on Amazon it's perfect okay so I'm just pulling the shelves and the inserts and the wipes out and I dry everything besides the shells down the street on a beautiful day when I saw a girl coming walking my way in a saloon to show you I just used regular tide but then I'm gonna show you the other this is called ever spring you can do this at Target I think it's like 1199 or $13.99 I cannot remember but it'll be linked don't worry but if you can see it says that it's actually two times concentrated so you can get sixty four loads out of this big thing the lid is actually a lot smaller because it is like more concentrated so you don't need to use as much it's hypoallergenic non-toxic not tested on animals biodegradable formula and saw so the packaging is also made with fifty percent post-consumer recycled plastic which is cool and it has like the cleanest ingredients you're going to get in laundry soap so this is actually considered laundry soap and that laundry detergent tide is a laundry detergent and that's why you have to use like a detergent with cloth diapers to thoroughly clean them so obviously this is just like a regular washer and dryer sorry for all the clothes what I do for my diapers I want to have it on the hottest temperature to get rid of all the bacteria and gross nests so I always use hot and I always make the load size large and then I always do this heavy duty cycle so and I always have it on the super heavy duty depending on your washing machine like this one is just like a pretty basic one but there's like some washer dryers I have like at this anti cycle you can wash them twice but I only wash them once I've never noticed that I needed to wash them any more than that sorry it's kind of dark in here but Wolfe was taking up so this is my decor plus the diaper pail it has like the automatic lid so what you do is to take out your diapers sack this door opens and then you can just put your this top also opens and you just put your wet bag right in there and then it has like a drawstring that you put on the outside of this to hold it tight it's seriously the best thing ever like it's the best it holds a lot of diapers like I would say it probably holds like 15 diapers so I love it and it's cute it's not ugly it's not like huge it's really small it doesn't take up a lot of space but it holds the smell really well and we love it good for me I'm trying to think if there's anything else I need to mention before I close out this video I would say really the only other thing is like with the pocket diapers you just have to pre insert the inserts before you use them but I mean I just set up my computer or sit in front of the TV and put the inserts in the diapers while I'm like just sitting there doing nothing like it's not a hard work it's very easy if you guys have any other questions let me know I'm sure there's like probably something huge and obvious that I'm missing but that's my mom brain so don't hate me for it I'm so excited that I finally did this it's been on my mind for a while I've really been wanting to get it done I hope that this encouraged you to also be a cloth diaper mom it's so good you guys it's so good for your baby it's so good for the environment and it's so good for your wallet can't stress that enough thank you so much for watching as always I love you guys so much don't forget to subscribe make sure you like this video if you liked it and if you want to see more and I'll talk to you guys soon


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