Cloth Diapering: A QUICK and EASY guide to the essentials

Let’s get to it!
The first things you’ll need are diapers, of course.
Our favorite diaper is the prefold diaper. They’re super absorbent and you can fold them
so many different ways to fit your baby comfortably and to catch all that poop.
All cloth diapers are budget friendly, but especially the prefold diaper.
For the price of one pocket or all-in-one you can get about six prefolds. No more old school safety pins. Now we have snappis. If you use prefold diapers, you have to have a diaper cover to help prevent leaks. They’re
super easy to clean and one-sized covers grow with your baby. Pocket diapers keep our baby dry all night long. They’re super easy to change, which
is great for babysitters and they come with these inserts that can be doubled for extra
absorbency. And just like diaper covers, the one-sized will grow with your baby. The diaper pail holds all your dirty diapers.Diaper pails that are air-tight and large
enough to hold plenty of diapers are best. Our pail liner is water resistant and leak-proof
and also helps contain odor. Those diapers piling up can pack a punch of a smell. Can’t forget about those wipes! We use cloth wipes because they can be washed
along with our diapers. You can cut up old receiving blankets to use as wipes, or you
can buy them from a store. Our bum genius wipes came from BabiesRus.
You can even use old baby wash cloths. When we’re at home and we have a poopy diaper
we use a small drop of Burt’s Bees Baby Wash and warm water on a cloth wipe and wipe clean.
We make our own wipe solution for when we’re on-the-go.
I use one drop of rosemary, one drop of teatree oil, and mix with water into a spray
bottle that I purchased from Walmart for only a dollar.
Oh, and I decorated it myself. We don’t really use a diaper cream. We just
use coconut oil. It’s safe on your cloth diapers and prevents diaper rash. And we haven’t had
one rash yet! Most parents prefer to use detergents like
Tide Free & Gentle because they’re fragrance free and contain no dyes. Even though it cleans
well, it just doesn’t leave our diapers smelling fresh. So we like to use Tide, Original. It’s still really safe on our diapers and they come out
smelling great! The best stain remover and sanitizer is the
sun. We love line-drying our diapers and it’s so retro. Our travel wet bag works great for storing our dirty diapers while we’re out and about.
It prevents odors and holds in leaks. Diaper liners keep moisture away from your
baby’s bottom which also helps with preventing diaper rash.
These are a great option when utilizing prefolds. I made my own by cutting fleece fabric into
rectangles and I have also purchased a few bamboo liners, which work the same as my homemade
fleece liners. There are also disposable liners which can
be purchased in stores. I hope this video made cloth diapering look
as easy as it actually is. Thanks for watching! And be on the lookout
for more videos.


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