Closet Full of Clothes & Nothing to Wear | Destress your Mornings

Closet Full of Clothes & Nothing to Wear | Destress your Mornings

hi guys my name is Janelle and if you were anything like me before I started my minimalism journey I always had this syndrome which I've heard called like a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear if you don't identify what that statement at all maybe this video isn't for you but it's basically that feeling when you wake up in the morning you're trying to figure out what you're gonna wear that day your closet is full like from all the wall it's stuffed you might have to like dig through the hangers just to make space to see what you're looking at you might try on like 50 different outfits in the morning like oh this doesn't work so you throw something in that floor you try something else on you're like oh this doesn't work or maybe if I compare this shirt and these pants together and then still that feeling it doesn't really work so this video is basically for that feeling or that syndrome whatever you want to call it where you have lots of clothes but nothing really to wear I used to have so many clothes that I got overwhelmed and I had a lot of decision fatigue when it came to like just getting dressed in the morning which is something everyone has to do every single day so just making that part of your lifestyle as easy and simple as minimal as possible is really great even if you still end up having a lot of clothes I think a lot of people can downsize a lot from what they have so these are just some general tips to make this feeling the syndrome whatever you want to call it go away well my first tips would be to separate your everyday clothes from maybe your seasonal or your special occasion or whatever clothes that you don't wear you know on a daily basis away maybe you might have two sections depending on what to wear for work for me I wear scrubs every day and having the benefit of a uniform makes my life so much easier and it makes me appreciate people like Steve Jobs and Mark Sokolich our the Facebook guy is those are two people who are known for wearing the same outfit day after day after day because I know their time is better invested in getting you know things done with their business and things like that versus wasting time picking out what you want to we're going shopping trying to buy your wardrobe and all that having a uniform makes me really appreciate not having to put any thought to what I have before I get dressed a lot of people actually ask me like how does minimalism affect your job or vice versa and like you doesn't those two things are very separate I can't apply a really minimalism to work and vice versa but I wear the same blue colored scrubs to work every single day and I have three Paras and I only really have to have clothes for four days out of the week and most of that's loungewear and then stuff to do yoga the next thing you want to remove from your wardrobe are things that obviously don't fit won't fit have tears they're damaged beyond repair or they need some fitting and you're real with yourself you're not gonna go get that item fitted another thing that I did a lot before minimalism is that I would a huge portion of my wardrobe at the time with statement pieces or something flashy that never matched with anything else so after minimalism I started buying a lot more basic pieces that I can match and make several outfits with versus spending a lot or buying more statement items which I buy a lot more sparingly now I also spend a lot more on my everyday clothes something else to consider when you're building a wardrobe is if the item is comfy are you really going to wear it and does it make you feel confident I don't think your wardrobe all the time has to reflect who you are on a deep personal level like you know it's just a shirt you just need to wear clothes to go about your day and do your business I also want my foot wardrobe to be versatile to where I could dress things up or dress things down fairly easily another thing to think about is what do you do every day what do you do most days does your wardrobe actually reflect your lifestyle if you have like a lot of cocktail dresses and you go to ana cocktail occasion once every three months does the percentage of your wardrobe reflect that appropriately so just make sure that the clothes you have reflect the activities that you do the most I also have another video on the panties itself if you haven't watched it I think it's really good I really like it like this idea that you buy clothes for this ideal version of you who does these things that you don't actually do right now so check that out because that sounds interesting to you and just to reiterate it's really important to have that good foundation of just staple basic pieces so you can build from that when you're going through a closet ask yourself if there's anything that you've used less than five times in a row and if there is ask yourself why you haven't if you can get rid of it or at least maybe put it away and see if you look forward to reach for in the next six months or so if not it's probably a good reason to get rid of it I don't know how to phrase this but I've noticed like with my style I really like shirts like this like this kind of cut because I like my shoulders and so it was really important that I had like the right kind of bra that fit with these shirts and for the longest time I had just the frost like where the strap would show undershirt like this and so look in your wardrobe and see if there's like a style that you like but there's something in your wardrobe that gives you a gap so think about if there's any gaps in your wardrobe that are easy to fill that make a lot of the rest of your wardrobe easier to put on I think another Pro of having a more minimal wardrobe is that you kind of always look put this together I used to look really sloppy and I was a person who like basically war almost pajamas to class and college which was like pretty comments on a big deal but once I started getting rid of a lot of my clothes I was still like just as comfortable but people would tell me like oh you always look nice you always I put together and that was like thanks I'm wearing the same stuff every day it was like and I think that's a normal and awesome side effect of having less clothes when you're going through your wardrobe ask yourselves we bought the item that you're looking at only because it was on sale that's one thing that I've noticed I've stopped buying a lot of I won't look only at sale items and that's like the first place I go and I tell myself if I really love it shirt enough I'm gonna buy it whether it's on sale or not ever since minimalism I stopped thinking of my clothes to closet but as like a wardrobe that really fits together things that work together it's kind of like this puzzle if it works in the puzzle then I'll get it despite the cost unless you know it's ridiculously expensive and it's not worth it for me at least but yeah just be wary for buying something or you own something just because it's on sale if that's the only reason you're getting it it's probably not worth getting it also you have a lot of multiples maybe get rid of all of them except your favorite too and you think of a ton of the same color v-necks or the same colored jeans keep just your top two or something like that if you're keeping something only because it was a present honestly just get rid of it and when it comes to clothes if someone gave something to me and I'm just not wearing it at this point for clothes at least I can say this person gave me this to make me feel good or just so they cared about me and I accept that feeling I know they care about me that's great but I'm going to pass this item along also try to be really mindful if you feel the need to go shopping and it's just a symptom like retail therapy well I understand retail therapy like kind of works because I've been there whenever I do go shopping and I realize I'm having some retail therapy I don't necessarily always stop myself from going but when I do go I mindful of my shopping list that's always kind of in the back of my head I'm mindful of the gaps that I have in my wardrobe and so that when I do go shopping I'm still looking for very specific things that are gonna fill a gap or a place something that's starting to wear out and I'm not just buying as much as I can and regretting everything that I buy later on try to see if there's something in common about the clothes that you try on and skip over for example if you're looking for a work outfit but you never wore this one shirt or you never wear this one skirt ask yourself is there a reason why you're not wearing it is it too short is it not really that professional does it show too much cleavage whatever the reason is if there's a way for you to easily fix that maybe wearing like a shirt underneath it or maybe wearing tights underneath it then maybe that's a gap in your wardrobe to fill if not it might just be best to get rid of that item also see that why you do keep wearing the same things over and over again I recently got rid of all my white clothing which is only like two shirts and I got rid of my white bedding and my white towels because I've had him for several years and no matter how much I believe so he still have things that were like whatever it is so I switched out my comforter for one that's yellow and I switched out my towels for dark green ones and it also means I can wash those things more often and I don't have to worry so much about stains and I just get why things dirty way too fast another reason I wore leggings and basically jeggings I look like pants all the time it's because I sit funny all the time I hardly ever eats my couch or my bed I sit on the floor at my place at friends places I like to have freedom of movement and if there's anything where I feel constricted in or I feel like I can't really like stretch in I notice I never wear those things I realize it's okay to repeat outfits those that don't matter don't mind and those at mine don't matter kind of thing and even though my wardrobe is pretty small I still kind of wear the same things on repeat anyways I'm just kind of mindful if I know I'm going to be spending like two days out of the week with the same group of people I'll make sure it's not the same outfit those two days but I'll just switch it up if that makes sense you know I'm trying to say and realize that maybe you wear clothes or some of the clothes you just wear on the house don't really have to completely reflect their style they just have to serve a purpose and serve it well your work clothes don't have to represent who you are on a deep personal so connection level they're just clothes they get the job done and that's okay and then at the end of the day imagine if you only had 30 things in your closet and just all the clutter that would be gone from it right now if that's all you had and it's such a good feeling whenever I clean out my closet I take most things out and I slowly put things back and I look at it and as I'm putting things in I'm like okay this is like the perfect amount of stuff what can I get rid of so I actually only have this amount of things having those clothes makes your day-to-day life easier stress-free and I used to have a lot more clothes it was so annoying so I wake up and I would just be like starting my day feeling overwhelmed and annoyed with all the clothes and the options that I had to have and now I just get dressed and I do whatever else is going on with my day I didn't make a Facebook group called real with lust I will put a link down in the bottom if you want to join it I don't really post on it very much this is a place for you guys to share decluttering journeys and that's just a space I made for you guys if you want to use it thank you guys so much for watching you'll hear from me soon bye

43 thoughts on “Closet Full of Clothes & Nothing to Wear | Destress your Mornings

  1. My personal solution to this is not to fill my closet with the same exact shirts and pants, but to stop buying clothes that are meant for specific outfits. When everything goes with everything, you stop feeling like you have to pair things that are coordinated because they all are. Wanna wear one specific shirt? That's fine because you can wear whatever pants you want too. Minimalism doesn't have to lack diversity.

  2. I am new to your YouTube channel and totally LOVE it. I’m away for the hoildays at the moment, but will definitely start working on many of your ideas once I am back home. The whole “theraphy shopping” and clearing out the closet, taking things out and slowly putting them back in, is just the Best!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to create this space and sharing your life’s journey.

  3. Your wardrobe doesn’t have to reflect who you are on a deep personal level… THANK YOU! I’m a heavy woman and I cannot find clothes that are truly my personal style. So, I get the least offensive and most comfortable clothes I can afford. I’ve had to learn to be ok with clothes that don’t necessarily reflect my age or personal style. Life goes on!

  4. I need to downsize. I honestly probably have over 50 shirts and never wear more than maybe 10 on a regular basis. Just looking at them all is daunting but this is very helpful for a place to start!.

  5. I have a full ass closet and nothing to wear mainly because I gained so much weight after having a baby and I keep holding on to things I want to wear when I lose weight. It’s been a year now 😭

  6. I turned my fantasy self into my real self. I hated all my clothes and felt boring and basic. I finally decided to dress how I’ve always fantasized and went on a shopping spree (buying only clothes that spoke to me or I loved) while getting rid of most of my old clothes. Now I have trouble deciding what to wear because I love everything too much.

  7. I’ve always had a massive wardrobe- by massive I mean I used to completely pack three different closets and a dresser. And unlike most people, I actually did wear all of it. But when I had to move 3 times in one year, I realized how much of a pain it was to haul it everywhere. Why did I need THAT much clothing?
    Your points were exactly mine. I had too many statements that only matched one specific combination. Multiple ‘gaps’ in my wardrobe. And lots of colors and styles I didn’t like nearly as much as the rest.
    I still have a fairly big wardrobe, I’m sure, but it’s small enough now that I converted half of my closet into my makeup vanity, and the other half is all my clothes AND my fiancé’s clothes, combined. I should add, it’s not a walk in closet, either.
    Your videos have helped me so much. It’s about quality, not quantity

  8. i love the idea of a personal uniform. i have pants and shirts/blouses that are similar in cut but differ in texture or colour. and all the colours go together so it doesn't matter which pants and blouse i pick, they'll look fine. also the continuity gives me a sense of control, reassurance and feels like me.

  9. I loved this video, but just an advice, I had white clothing I didn’t wear because of stains, instead of throwing them away you could just dye them, I changed from white to black and now I wear those clothes

  10. I love to shop at thrift stores and ended up with toooooo many clothes. I had 14 jeans jackets! I had 18 pairs of boots! I pared it down to 3/2 – very hard.

  11. When you're a billionaire & the boss…it's easy to just bum it to work. (No social pressure for a billionaire guy). I'd dress down all the time.
    The good thing that many of the tech bosses have actually done is they have officially transferred that minimalist culture to their employees. Many Google staffers are allowed (even encouraged) to dress down & be comfortable (better for productivity).

    Interchangeable items are important. I recently learned how to build a proper wardrobe. I have a few brands…but I fill the rest of my wardrobe list with items sold at clearance…and items from thrift shops (amazing what you can find at a Goodwill).

  12. To me, minimalism is about having the courage to look honestly at your stuff and admit that you (or someone else) didn't choose wisely. But it's always possible to make a better choice.

  13. Who cares if "friends" see us in the SAME clothes two days in a row? You even said because for those who care, it does NOT matter. Our friends choose us because of who we are, not because of what we wear. Of course, so long as it is clean. I work a professional job and I wear two different outfits (I have several copies of the same outfit) every day to the #office and even out with my friends. My employer hired me years ago for my brain, not my clothes. My friends choose me because of love not because of my clothes! I am a master at a minimalist wardrobe because it is only about what "I" think. All high quality and few pieces. Quality over quantity with friends and clothes!

  14. If you are going to get rid of a dress that have memories on it, just… take a photo! It's nice to see and remember, but it can be a photo on your diary (physical or digital) 🙂

  15. The gift thing is a big thing for me. Ppl get me things they think I should ware because “I have a nice figure”. I keep it as a courtesy but it’s not my style and I don’t feel comfortable in it but if they ever ask I’m like OH YEAH I STILL HAVE IT I LOVE . So I don’t seem ungrateful

  16. Project 333 has been really helpful for me. I don't usually end up sticking to it to the letter, but it has been really helpful in changing my mindset regarding clothes. Now I make sure to acquire and keep pieces that fit with my life and with each other. It also helps me ensure I have a good balance (tops, bottoms, overpieces, etc) One place I disagree with most minimalist is duplicates. I wear basic tank tops a lot (either as a standalone top or under something else) so I like having at least three or four, but they only count as one item in my 33.

  17. I have owned nothing white in many years. I love that advice. Also know that feeling of being seen as more put-together when you have fewer items. I lost my clothing in a natural disaster, and then had a big weight change, so I cycled through my entire wardrobe twice in a few years and I really learned to minimize!

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