Class 1 – Diaper Cover Cutting and Stitching

Hello and welcome to Tulip stitching classes Today I’m going to show how to make baby diaper cover in class1 To make the diaper cover we need inch tape, cloth, thread, marker, scissor and elastic There are two measurements. Lets start with length as 8 inches ready and plus 1.5 inches for belt Width will be half of hip measurement Hip=21 so 10.5 width + 1 inch for folding turn the cloth four fold and fold 1 inch on the belt mark one half of the length 8/2=4 inch and one half of the width 6/2=3 and join markings forming a curve cut along that curve remove any extra cloth Cutting is now ready no we will show you how to stitch To begin stitching we have to apply lace made from same cloth Use same cloth and cut the cloth diagonally 1 inch wide cut a few strips of cloth and stitch them together at ends start attaching the cloth strips to the main cover cut the extra cloth strips apply same on the second side now lets fold it on the inside and stitch for clean finish the lace is complete on both side Now fold the diaper and join the sides The the extra 1 inch measurement we took We’ll fold 1/2 inch on both sides And stitch the sides close the other side as well both sides are complete, lets finish the waist Now we will fold at the waist to create waist belt 1 inch thick Here we left a gap while creating the waist belt So we can inset the elastic now we will measure elastic for the waist elastic length should be 1/2 of the waist size So that it fits properly Insert the elastic from one end And stitch the elastic from both end done lets stitch the opening used to insert elastic Baby diaper is now ready For leg opening u can also apply elastic or lace or do any other decoration/stitching/design you like baby diaper is now ready In the next class I’ll teach you other clothes and styles If you find this video helpful, please hit like Please post questions and comments I will teach baby nicker in the next class To Subscribe to this channel hit channel logo >>>>


  1. dear sis, i appreciate your courage to teach people basically for the people who cannot afford to spend big amount to learn cutting and tailoring. An excellent beginning. Do u have class 2 also.

  2. ap boht acha sikhati hain main booht preshan thi …but ab ap ki video daikh sb preshani door ho gae…thanks alooooot

  3. I like to know what sewing machine you are using. I like to learn the collar you have in your kameez . Please HELP!!!

  4. Your explanation way is very well mam… I am learning stitching from your tutorial , I need a favor to you can you pls tell me which sewing machine I should have to purchase.

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