City Inspired Summer Lookbook 2017

Hi guys! My name is Emma Today, I am in San Francisco to show you guys some city-themed summer outfits that I think would be perfect for any setting, city or not. They’re just inspired by San Francisco, the most beautiful city in the world. Yeah! Hope you enjoy, and… ♪ The Deli – Flowers ♪ ♪ Joakim Karud – Dreams ♪ ♪ Jpn feat. Kanye West – you gotta be kidding me with this honestly ♪ ♪ X I X X – Flashback ♪ ♪ outro ♪


  1. Dude I was watching her first day of school vlog and then I came to this and imagine being friends with Emma before she became a huge ass fucking icon like she literally is so fucking famous now😂😭😭

  2. Watching this for the first time ever in 2019:
    Me: omg it’s a baby Emma
    Honestly her voice and everything is so different wow

  3. Her editing hasn't changed one bit, I'm happy she grew out of her depressed situation. It's not easy. Who ever else is also going through something like this, don't force yourself to believe that you're just exaggerating. If you really need help because you feel like shit, share, if you're scared, share it online, there's people willing to listen.

  4. It’s crazy to think that all of the bystanders in this video watch her jump around and shit have NO CLUE who this girl was at the time. But two years later she’s one of the biggest names in regards to influencers today. People walking around in this video are looking at her content now and saying “oh shit, I’ve seen this girl before jumping around on a flight of stairs!” Just a thought. 🙂

  5. Hi I’m BOB from the future, and you now have 8 million subscribers,and you have also met James Charles and you both are friends! And I ship you and Ethan-


  6. came here expecting to see positive comments encouraging her and saying how far she’s come, but instead it’s all about how she’s changed. come on, guys. she’s growing up. she’s not gonna be 16 for her whole life. just because she lives her life differently now doesn’t mean she’s not the same emma chamberlain. let her breathe.

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