Christmas Stuff & Clothing Wish Haul | Success or Disaster?!

so hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel so today I do have a really really exciting video for you guys
christmas is just around the corner and so I have been on wish and I’ve got some
bits and pieces for Christmas off which so includes a lot of different things
some of it stuff that I can use while I’m wrapping presents of some of its
gifts for me because why would you shop and not buy yourself a little Christmas
gift so I’ve got a few different bits in my talks and I’m really really excited
to show you guys the things that I’ve got so because it is a Christmas video I
do actually have one of my Christmas jumpers on and you can probably tell and
it does actually say Merry Christmas you filthy animals so if you have seen home
alone that’s where the phrase is from if you haven’t it is an iconic Christmas
movie or they are iconic Christmas movies so get online or get down to the
shop and watch home alone one home alone – and home alone 3 they’re just iconic
you’ve got to so if you’re brand new to my channel and you’ve never seen my face
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so let’s go into the great big box of stuff that I’ve got ready for Christmas
and get into the vo right so let’s s still bin and get my first one out so
this actually came in a wish bunny but I’ve not got the wish bug because latest
up a minute and I just wanted to get it all out because I’ve ordered quite a lot
of other things as well at the same time so there was a few bits for different
videos that I’m going for doing really really soon but it’s Christmas so let’s
go in I totally forgot that I’ve got it right do you know what I’m gonna have to
actually show you my wrapping paper in a second but I got this because I really
needed this easier I saw it um which I don’t really really
need it so let me just tell you how much this t-shirt was and then I can show you
it so this t-shirt it was five pounds and it cost four pounds shipping I’ve
got it in black and an extra large as I usually do
so I want to show you this so that is this t-shirt and you know what I
absolutely love it I think it is absolutely brilliant
now I have just put it on my knee so it’s got like some cat hair on it
just there so try and try to get the cat hair off there but I think that that’s
absolutely brilliant and I just need to show you my wrap and paper actually
because I found the wrapping paper in Morrison’s and one of the reasons I
actually got this is because and let me show you in and you know so this is my
wrapping paper that I got from Morrison’s so let me open it and I’ll
show you and I will show you why this t-shirt is just amazing I think this may
have to be like my Christmas t-shirt and I actually went on Christie today and
it’s don’t worry I’ve got roughly to do later to actually say this is my
wrapping paper okay that was my wrapping paper and that is my t-shirt oh who is
that in my kids ah so I am so so happy with that mean if if
you don’t know me I absolutely love my American vehicles I have a classic Buick
that I’m currently doing up with my husband I have a Dodge Ram that sits on
the drive and before I had my general everyday car
I do actually drive a Camaro as my everyday car so I love my American stuff
but now it’s only fitting that I actually go and try this on
so this is the hallmark truck t-shirt on and to be honest I do actually kind of
like it so it’s not just the fact that I’m into my American cars and stuff
all the fact that it matches my wrapping paper that’s currently on the floor but
I do actually really like it it is nice and soft it’s not very tight on to be
honest I probably could have downsized a little bit because it is a bit bigger
there’s a lot of room here and love here but honestly to me that’s quite nice you
can wear it as a gem top you could wear it just around the house you could just
literally get home from work stick your t-shirt on in front of the
telly or the computer or whatever you watch the fun and just go ahead watch
some Christmas movies like it says it’s a Christmas movie watching t-shirt so
overall yeah I do quite like it it’s soft it’s warm it’s one of those
t-shirts where it’s not gender specific either so guide girl doesn’t matter it
just all of this and it’s lovely I do actually really really like it and I
think I’m definitely gonna be wearing it over the holidays so on to the next one
oh don’t need what I got what I got okay so some of these bags I have opened like
this one I’ve not actually been in it and I’ve not seen what’s inside it
properly because like I said I have ordered quite a few things so it is the
first time that I’m actually seeing everything it’s just that I needed to
know the colors and sort of what it was but these I ordered a few because I know
we’re going to use them so oh my god these are oh my god oh my god right okay
so I need to actually tell you the price and what they actually are so you guys
don’t get really really confused so these are wine bottle bags it was a
pound for each one in the shipping was two pound and I actually got four of
them because I have friends that drink wine so they’re getting balls and once
this let me just grab you a bottle of
something and then we can like slip it on and make sure the action fits right
so I don’t have any wine because I don’t drink it
why do have is gin so let’s see if they’ll all fit gin bottles because
that’s literally all I have so I’ll put these ones to one side cuz you know we
only need one all these are so oh my god job they actually feel quite nice they
don’t we don’t have a bottom on the bottom and they do have like a little
tie there’s some lip bubbles there and these nut buns don’t actually want
buttons those so where normally they’re plastic Mia has got some glue on it that
you can just pick off and throw away but let’s see no you cannot say that that is
not the cutest thing that you have ever seen oh my god
well that’s a cutest but there’s the cutest bottle of gin I’ve ever seen
that’s amazing I really like that how cool is that for a Christmas present
oh my god that is awesome I have to say even laughing that’s brilliant
so yeah I’m really really glad I got those don’t be using them for Christmas
presents the fluff around the top is really sort of nice and soft and I just
think that’s a really really cute way of jazzing up a Christmas present I just
think it’s really really cool oh my god that’s so cute just put it
down and I’m like so on to the next one what we got uh-huh there’s a little
bitty one okay so this is probably not really gonna be very exciting because
this is like packaging stuff but I got these so these are just like little tags
for Christmas gifts and Nonie I put tags on stuff I tend to just write on it with
a marker Merry Christmas probably and done and
yeah it just ruins wrapping paper so I thought this year I’m gonna try and you
know make things look a little bit prettier try and so I would just take
one of these out you do actually get this string with it as well so that’s
what it looks like and you get the string with it so it’s not huge so
that’s the size of my calm so it’s not massive but that is just so so sweet I
really really like and how many gained a packet actually
I’ll just tell you how much they were chopped so sweet let’s see how much
these actually works there’s white doing that I think there might be 20 is more
than 20 okay no so there’s 50 in here 50 pieces and then with two pounds with a
two pound shipping so it’s really really good
that looks like there’s a lots and lots of different ones you can actually get
on there I picked my favorite but there’s loads on their few cheese from
if you wanted to get these so you know what how cute or we were little tag on
like that how cute rusty key Christmassy is that how amazing is that
I’m so happy with that I’m just oh yes but yeah really happy with these as well
I think they look so good on my present let’s Dovan have a look to see what the
next one gives me what have I got if this one is another one that came to
wish buggies it’s not my dress on it which is brilliant and I told you forgot
I thought they use okay I’ve got one of each size because I didn’t really know
he loved it gives them two because this is gonna be part of a Christmas present
as well so let me tell you what they are and then I can actually show you them
properly so these are actually little goodie bags that are always like Santa’s
pants and they are so cute oh my gosh they’re so cute
then we ate this small one I got one small island one large and they are
actually in centimeters in size is not small medium large and but you kind of
guess that the smaller centimeters is are smaller than the large centimeters
large so these just looks so cute I couldn’t resist these could not resist
these at all and they were in this round one pound each with one pouch I think so
pretty good and oh this is so cute look at that oh my gosh say that’s a little
one but I’m gonna put my phone in it so that is the size to a phone you put all
sorts of pens but yet that I think they’re so cute I mean I’ve got um I do
have a couple of nephews one of them’s really tiny and there’s
one and Frankie he is a little bit older and I was just thinking these would be
so cute to like put in some little gifts they’re like toys or with Frank Envy
sweets or whatever else says the little one that’s a little tiny one then oh wow
I’m going to put in this so obviously with this big one you’re gonna have to
wrap stuff the little one could probably get away if not wrapping things but let
me um poof these legs out a bit that is the big one so that’s the big one and
that is a small one and honestly I think that they are super super cute and I
think that we really really good so you know it’s almost like an alternative
stockings I think they’ll be really cool so I do actually really really like them
I think they don’t you right so onto the next wall I can’t wait for this and how
many would have got two left okay so use that things are done and
then now that Elmo’s not first find a one there but this is another t-shirt so
I did say that I’ve got some things myself because you just have to so let
me tell you how much this t-shirt was and then I will reveal it to you because
I think this is gonna be my favorite t-shirt that I’ve got for the Christmas
season so it is a Christmas happy and bright print t-shirt it cost three
pounds I’ve got it dark berry extra large as usual and the shipping was for
pass so get into it I can’t wait to try this on
I really hope you try this on so this is the t-shirt how cool is that
I absolutely love this t-shirt I like it it
oh I can’t wait to try it on gonna try that on yes
that is amazing I really really like that a little bit hmm
look at it it’s so so soft I mean it is pretty screen so it’s printed on there
and really really soft I think it may be just about the right size if not a
little bit big but I do really really like that I think that’s brilliant and I
can’t wait to try it on so let’s get trying it on so this is my merry and
bright t-shirt and I love it so I could only have another t-shirt on underneath
because I was too lazy to take it off but overall this is just it’s really
really nice it’s really soft it’s a great color for me because I like grey
and I like black so that’s brilliant they did do it in loads of different
colors day so if you wanted a different color they have loads but overall this
is what it looks like on the front merry and bright it’s very very simple I do
actually like sort of tart and plaid say this goes really well and overall it’s
just a great t-shirt it fits really good so I went for the extra large so if you
are sorta like a 1214 in the UK go for your extra large it’s not too baggy both
fits nice all around their arms and across the neck as well so overall
really really love this t-shirt probably gonna be my favorite t-shirts throughout
the Christmas season so I will probably be wearing it a lot especially if I do
some more Christmas holes but yeah I do I really like this it’s so soft and yeah
I just don’t want to take off now I just wanna leave it on
but no it’s a really really nice t-shirt definitely worth there okay so now for
the next one and I need to tell you I know exactly
what it is because I bought this thinking of you really really funny to
buy and show you guys because I’m sure a lot of you it
shop on which have probably seen this a few times and are wondering is that
actually gonna be good or is it going to be terrible should I buy it as a novelty
thing and so I thought I’d get it so I can show you guys so you don’t have to
buy it yourself and be disappointed if it’s terrible so I’m going to grab our
box obviously laugh or cry I really don’t it looks done what have I
done okay right let me tell you how much it is and
then we’ll have a look at it driving this I’m time to dredging this but then
I think it’s gonna be really fun at the same time so this is a Santa Claus
outfit slash cloak it was 665 so you can see where more is
coming from with five pound shipping I got the longest one and yeah obviously
it comes in one color red it doesn’t feel very good oh my god Dunn’s gonna see this like
what have you been buying you wait okay so it’s it’s a cloak it’s red cloak
okay it’s the fluff is terrible I will say that that is just it’s horrendous I
feel like I need a brush to brush it out but now I’m getting fluff all over the
room and I’m like fluff but see that’s my son to cloak it’s very long actually
it’s quite good with it and then the hood it’s quite all the way down to the
floor as an advertiser on the wish but my space will there get you tried on da
I am Santa Claus what do we think about me ruining my new nice background by the
way do not my background I’ve changed it and so it’s not too boring anymore
but yes it’s say yeah so the Cape what do we think I think it’s quite cool I
like it best more hood hood up like some superhero yes super Santa that’s quite
cool I like that so let me grab my gift bag things that everybody needs at
Christmas time Santa gifts impulse and alcohol they’re not ready then we put
the I’ll compound yeah so where there’s me Sam sweetie oh I think I’m ready for
Christmas what do you guys think do you think I’m ready for Christmas no but
seriously overall I thought that this would actually be really really terrible
and really really hideous and I’m kind of liking it
I will admit I am kind of like in having a cape
it’s not everyday that you have capes especially as an adult now if you want a
Christmas cape have a Christmas cake this is cool now I’m gonna be walking
hand-me-down rope then we’re like come on Whoopi and I’ll be wearing my cape
never wanna be like what are you doing you weirdo and I’m
like I don’t care cuz I’m Santa Claus Blin actually I do kind of like this
cape I like it I might leave it on I might
actually just run downstairs and don’t check down because this is really cool
I can’t like it and it’s just it’s cool to have something almost novelty kind of
say that almost no idea Christmastime bit almost novelty at Christmastime I
think is the novelty and I find oddly before I really really like this
don’t judge me please say it that’s everything from me today guys I really
really hope you enjoyed there’s a Christmassy wish haul fingers crossed if
you did want anything all the links are down below and you should be able to get
things before Christmas depending on what kind of shipping you go for I know
a lot of the time now you can actually go on to wish and you can have more
express shipping so if you did like anything
maybe my viewers get it just in time for Christmas yes I think it was an
absolutely fantastic haul I’m so surprised some of the stuff that I got
and the quality and you know what they say partially isn’t so bad when you’ve
got it on let’s just say that I want to put that out there and you know how I’ve
been flushing around my gym bottle I will just say that if you are going to
drink home for the holidays please please please drink responsibly but nice
everything from me thank you it’s so so so much for watching if you do like this
video do you feel free to give it group thumbs up show it some love I’d really
appreciate it and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button down below I’m a
notification belt so you know every time I upload a new video burns it from me
guys thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one bye


  1. Great haul Leia!
    If you are ever game for a video suggestion it would be really neat if you did a vid where you showed what your makeup, piercings and other stuff looks like with an endoscope (in purpose theyโ€™re like a flexible microscope) from wish or amazon ๐Ÿ™‚

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