Christmas Shopping + Clothing Haul!!

(Christmas jazz music) – [Girls] Hey guys! – I’m Marissa – I’m Brookie – And today we are doing a
Vlogmas Vlog, like an actual vlog not like a video. We are going shopping, we are here at Carl and Jinger’s house,
they are our cousins if you didn’t know that. And we are going to be, it’s Saturday, and we are gonna go with
Jinger, from Jingerrific. She’s doing another shopping vlog on her channel, so go check that out, it’s linked in the description box below. I said that really weird. So, yeah, we are gonna go
shopping with our cousins. Hope you have a great day. Also, my hair is still looking good. I crimped it, and, It’s so short. I’m not regretting it yet, so that’s good. Here is our Aunt Jinger (girls yelling) We are gonna go shopping
today, for Vlogmas. – Are you guys ready? – Oh yeah. – Christmas shopping is so One, how many days do
you guys go shopping? – Like every day – I go at least ten times,
because I just love it so much. – Let’s go (playing ukulele and vocalizing) – [Marissa] You play it, girl Yes. Alright guys, we have
just pulled in to the- – Mall – Mall place, so I am looking for, I don’t know, some sweaters. – [Jinger] You’re looking for
the perfect gift to give me. – Yeah.
– [Brookie] Yes. – [Jinger] Oh my gosh, I knew it. Yeah. (girls laughing) – [Jinger] That’s awkward! – Yeah I might get some
Christmas presents for friends, or siblings. – [Jinger] Or Aunts. – Or Aunts. Jinger’s
really wanting something. (jazzy Christmas music) (girls yelling) – [Marissa] Bye, boys. Vlog session. I always wanted to do this. – [Jinger] Versus Jingerrific,
go in the comments right now, – [Marissa] Oh my gosh. – Who’s cooler? – [Marissa] Look at these crazy deals. What do you think? I’m gonna try it on. Church dress. I think that’s so cute. I’ll try it on. Think these are cute? – They’re $46! – Alright guys, I have tried
on both of these dresses. I don’t know what I’m going to get. We just asked Instagram,
so we’ll see what they say. Alright, I want you guys to vote, too. What dress should I get,
down in the comments below. (festive rock music) Alright, we are shopping. Jinger got us some Starbucks. I got Nutella hazelnut frappuccino. – I was gonna get a pink drink but I forgot what this is called, so. – Its a dragon fruit. – Made out of dragon fruit. – And Brooklyn is getting
Christmas llama pajamas. – Actually that’s, uh, adorable. – Adorable. – But mine is humongous, ’cause
they forgot about my drink and then they had to go back. – [Jinger] Look, unicorn slippers! Brook! – [Jinger] Brook doesn’t
like unicorn stuff anymore ’cause her mom bought only unicorn clothes for 10 years of her life. I think that’s a dumb
reason, what do you think? (laughing) – Well I got this shirt. Smile! – [Brookie] And then, uff I got these really cute jeans. – O M G, two-toned jeans – [Marissa] They’re like, color-blocked. – Okay, two toned, adorbs. – But this is really good. Nutella frappuccino. Frappuccino. – [Brookie] Marissa. Marissa. – Looks so soft. [Marissa] We’re gonna find
Brookie some more stuff ’cause we got a lot. Bee yourself. – [Brookie] Wait, wait, wait. Please be a 12. – [Marissa] Ultimate black Friday. Do you guys hear my
slurping in the background? (slurping noises) – I like the bottom, they’re a four. – Hey guys, look down. What ones? Adidas? – [Brookie] Or the Van tennis shoes? I don’t know. Guys look at the shoes I’m getting. Aren’t they just amazing? – Alright guys, we just
got out of Journeys, and we got our pairs of shoes. I was in desperate need of shoes because my tennis shoes
are seriously like, trash, you know? They’re trashed. They had like holes in them. They were gray but now they’re brown. Lemme show you our shoes
that Brookie and I got. – [Marissa] Okay, Brook
let’s see your shoes. What ones did you get? – [Brookie] I got these, the freakishly cool blue ones. – [Marissa] Oh my goodness, and then I got the Adidas. – [Brookie] We’re getting twinsies. – [Marissa] Oh yeah. – [Brookie] Adidas for life. – I decided not to go
with the Vans because– – She didn’t like the straps that much – The strap, you know. I’d rather have ti’ shoes. Okay, woo! Alright guys, we are back
from Black Friday shopping. – Shopping. – Black Saturday shopping. ‘Cause it’s actually Saturday. But the deals were still going on. – Oh yeah – Little hack, like next year you don’t actually have
to go on Black Friday because normally the
deals are still going on. – They don’t just take the
deals off, like, right there. – We went to the mall,
here in southern Utah, and we got some fun, fun stuff. Let’s do it. – Yeah, we’re gonna show all you all the clothes that we got. – K, you can go first. – Okay. One of the stored we
went to is Aeropostale. I got, they had like such
good deals, every single day. – Every single day.
– Every single day. – And it was
buy-one-get-two-free, there we go. – And I got three shirts
but I only have two – And the shirt was $25 dollars as we said in the little vlog part of this. – That’s really nice. So I got this like retro like,
whatever those things are. – Cassette tapes. – And then I just got the plain not plain, like the
original Aeropostale shirt. And then I got another one, I bet it’s still in the bag downstairs, but its has like, it’s just white and it’s like a fortune cookie. You know from Panda. And it says you’re lucky or shomething. So’m like that. – I dunno. And the first store that
we went to was Böhme and we got two things there because it was buy-one-get-one-half-off
or something. I got a church dress and it is so. I’m gonna like stand up for this. It is so cute. It’s long sleeve and then it
goes like, below the knee. It is adorable and it’s
embroidered on the back and front, and this was $54 but then I got another
thing like half off. I mean it wasn’t a really good deal but I’m really kind of desperate
for church dresses, ’cause I wear the same
one like every week. Anyways. Then the other I got was $30. – So that was like $15. – This is so cute. It’s red, white and blue and it has like, a turtleneck
so it kind of lays flat. It is so cute and I can
just see myself wearing this every single – [Girls] Day. – Your turn. – Okay, so we went to H&M and I got this really,
really, really fluffy sweater. It is like so fluffy. – Just like, look at
this texture right here. – It has like, a higher
neck instead of a– It’s like a really short turtleneck. Twortlenick. – I think its called like a mock neck. – Sure! – Sure. – That’s all I got from H&M. – Next up, we went to Pac Sun. Pac Sun is so, so cute. – They have really good deals on jeans. – Very, very basic, though,
like Pac Sun, Brandy Melville. I am so basic for getting this. But, I– Can you just tell what it already is with this, you teenagers? – [Girls] Honey! – So it has the classic Brandy
Melville honey right there. And I just thought its be
fun for like laze-days. – Laze-days. – You know it’s kind of oversized, it’s one-size-fits-all, and I dunno. Kinda dumb, but, it’s so cute. And were driving home tomorrow, ’cause we have to go
back to school on Monday. Cause it’s our thanksgiving break, so I am just gonna wear this. – Every single day. – And I’m so excited, and
I don’t regret buying it. I’m very basic but. – It’s okay.
– Who cares. – Okay so, the next store
I guess was JC Penny’s. – We saw Brooklyn and
Bailey, they were cute. Well, cardboard Brooklyn and Bailey. – So, the first thing I got
was these really cute jeans. I love them. – They’re so cute. They’re color-blocked, two-tone jeans. – I love them, and like, one’s like, I don’t know what it’s called. But they have little frill things. (squeals) – So cute. – I got this smile, it’s really soft. Like, if you could just
feel through the screen now. – Feel-o-vision. – Yeah, feel-o-vision. And then I got these really cool sweats. They were like, originally, like $40, But they were like, $20? I don’t really know. – Yeah. Black Friday, you can get deals like– – No other. – The other thing I got at Pac Sun, was a pair of jeans and my mom’s cousin, and Jinger’s cousin, our aunt. – I don’t really know. – She bought another pair, so
it was buy-one-get-one-free, So these were normally $59
but they were pretty much $30, ’cause it was buy-one-get-one-free an I split it with Aubrey. So these are looser jeans and they are called the blueberry wash, and they’re not like, black and they’re not denim blue. Like, they’re kind of
toned blue and black. It’s very hard to see one camera, but It’s so cute and I’m excited to wear them. I can see myself wearing
them like everyday. The last thing I got from Pac Sun was just a plain black belt because– – Everybody needs a plain black belt. – I don’t really have a good belt that I can wear with anything. Guys, the last thing that
we got, we went to Journeys, and got a, oh yeah, just kidding, I got some
vanilla bean Noel perfume, and it smells amazing. How about we just spray it on our wrists. – Yeah, agh! – Here, guys, smell. (laughing) It smells so good. – So good! Okay this is my favorite thing I got. – We both got pair of shoes! Okay, these are Adidas shoes. This is my first pair
of Adidas tennis shoes. – So, actually last
year, it was my birthday when we came to southern Utah. I got a pair of Adidas. So, now it’s like a tradition. – Like whenever we come Carl and Jinger’s we get a pair or Adidas. – Yeah. – So I got myself a pair too. I debating between those Vans and these, so I was just like, oh I don’t know. – So here are mine up close. They’re like a navy blue. – [Marissa] Look at the top, guys. – I love the white. – Yeah. – Boom. – And then mine, I dunno, I didn’t really have any tennis shoes that went with everything. My other ones are destroyed. So they have some gold and
they have some gold and– – [Brookie] Yeah they’re the same style, just different colors, it’s cool. – Yeah and then they have a
maroon bottom, purple bottom. And, I love them! They’re so cute, I definitely needed– – Matching, matching. – I definitely need a
new pair of tennis shoes. – That was our shopping haul. – Black Friday Haul,
hope you guys enjoyed it. Make sure to subscribe
because we are doing Vlogmas. – We love it for you. – We cannot stop saying that. We are so, so basic. But please guys, make sure to subscribe, because we are doing Vlogmas, and we want you guys to be a part of it, because we’re gonna put a
lot of work into this channel in December, not like we already don’t. Hope you guys like it. – [Girls] Thanks for watching! – Hope you’ve enjoyed the video. – Please subscribe, and
give this video a thumbs up, if you love shopping vlogs and hauls. And we’ll see you next time! – [Girls] Bye! (jazzy Christmas music)

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