Chinese New Year Outfits | $20 vs $200 | EP 2

Hello! I feel like I wanna go shopping. For food? Oh! Chinese New Year clothes? I think so. Okay I don’t really celebrate Chinese New Year so, my Chinese New Year traditions are: mahjong, ‘ban luck’ (Blackjack), and- eating steamboat. Since I was young, my family would make sure we spring clean everything. Oh okay. Yeah, because I think Chinese New Year is basically about- getting rid of the old and the bad luck and bringing in- ushering in the good fortune, everything new. So in the spirit of Chinese New Year, today you guys will be embarking on a $20 vs $200, Chinese New Year outfit challenge! I know the last video, you couldn’t choose your envelope first. Yeah… So this time I let you go first okay? Okay, okay, okay, okay. No, I’m just very stressed because I’m like, oh my God Chinese New Year outfit is right- Like everybody places a lot of emphasis on what they wear for Chinese New Year, I feel. I feel that everybody just wants to post their CNY OOTDs, so they feel pressurized to put on the best front they have. First ‘hong bao’ (red packet) of the year. So I get to choose first is it? Yeah please be my guest Leah. Okay she can choose first. Alright. I will give you this one. Er… Cheers. 健健康康 (Healthy health?). Oh. 健健康康, is that actually a thing you say? I thought is 身体健康 (I wish you good health)? Oh! I see a lot of money inside! Eh got real money this time. You know last time only got paper. I got $20… Somehow right, I don’t even get this amount of money for Chinese New Year. I can’t help but feel a little bit sad, because the challenge got more difficult. Nah, I give you the- Eh, eh. Don’t see. Producers don’t see. Okay but I think mine has a challenge. I cannot get anything that is red, and I can’t get anything that is one-piece, so I can’t get a dress. Okay. We’re going up against the fashionista. But sis, honestly, if you can do well with $20, you can do anything. Are you ready? Oh my God, wise words I’m ready. Are you ready? Okay let’s go! So now, we’re at Pagoda Street. I think the $20 budget was a punishment to be under the heat actually. Alright guys so I’m at Vivo City, I headed down from Chinatown Point- because I wanna check out a few stores that they have here. Because my game plan is, I wanna get a blazer-trouser set. Because I think with $200, I can afford to go a little more fancy, and I’ve always wanted to wear something like that for Chinese New Year. So, let’s go check it out! What do you think? It’s so soft but impractical. I feel like I’m petting an animal. Welcome to Chinatown Complex, and it’s actually just right around the corner from Smith Street, Pagoda then Smith. So our producer, Seb, told me- that there’s a lot of things that you can find in Chinatown Complex, including cheap clothing. Alright, so it’s a really big complex, and there’s so many stores, I don’t really know where to start lah. They sell everything. I found $100. I found $50 also. Eh, wah I found $1000, I think our budget just increase lah. Wow. There’s so much more clothes here. It’s like, just a corridor full of shops and clothing. So… Oh! There’s a $10 rack right there let’s go and see what they have. Okay, it’s a t-shirt for $10. Probably not what we’re looking for. I feel like my only strategy that would work within the budget is to find a dress. Because all the bottoms are already within say, $10, and the tops are $15. Eh?! It’s still the Year of the Dog meh? I think we’re in the wrong year. Oh they still have the New Year decor from last year. Why ah? Yeah, they all look the same. It’s like a- It’s like a huge maze that you’re trying to to navigate around. I’m quite lost. I just realised the price tag here says $38 so… So difficult leh! [Mandarin] $19.90. [Mandarin] $19. Ah. Okay mah. [Mandarin] Isn’t this beautiful. [Mandarin] Pretty girls wear this. [Mandarin] It would look good. [Mandarin] $20.80. There’s a golden option as well. Auntie say cannot cheaper. [Mandarin] Thank you auntie! We did it! Ugh… I bet Leah right, in the shopping mall, got air-con everything, she’s just picking clothing off the rack like- uh what a breeze. Okay. Should I try? Okay so I kinda like this right, but it’s black and white, and it’s very boring. Which I think for Chinese New Year, people tend to stay away from black, so I don’t wanna go for that. But it is an option, and it’s- $70 for the top and- $50 for the bottoms, so more than enough to work with. Oh my God! I want this! Oh shit… Can’t buy red. Like, everything I wanna buy is red. I show you this piece, come follow me. Like I love this shirt eh. I love it eh, but it’s red. Why is it red? *cries internally* Oh my God. I’m obsessed with snake skin so I just like, went a little bit crazy. Literally, the entire store is red. Like… Please… How? I can’t even use like a single bit of it. So if it’s checkered red, I can’t even use that. Like not even one stripe of red. Even my accessories can’t be red. *In denial* Everything I’m taking is yellow. I won’t be revealing too much this Chinese New Year. It’s so short already. Yeah it’s really too short already. I’m struggling. Don’t know what to do. Why do I keep- No, I keep finding accessories that are red. Except this. Red? Okay lah I mean this one- You know what? Then you can’t choose dark colours, because it’s Chinese New Year. So I’m like… Wah this is the kind of shit that people will wear during Chinese New Year I feel. Hmm maybe I’ll get one. Like I’m carrying an animal on my arm. Okay yeah it’s a bit much. No! Alright we are back. How? How are you feeling? Are you alright? You know I saw her just now she was like, “Leah I’m dying.” And I was like- I gotta say, it was just very difficult to do this challenge, because we were trying to find something that would look, kind of a Chinese New Year theme going on. Are you ready? I’m excited to see your outfit. I’m excited to see yours. Like look at the comparison. She has 3, 3 nicely folded Zara bags, And then mine is like… Okay are you ready? I am. Okay let’s go change into our outfits. I’m a bit nervous. I bet you have like accessories lah so… Yes I do. 3, 2, 1, go! [Sweet as Sugar] Your voice is so beautiful. Your skin is like- butter, so slippery and smooth. I want to sleep on your body. You look like- a flower. You are as sweet as a candy. You give me diabetes. I’m the luckiest girl on this planet. I will forever love you. Oo! Oh sis! Wow! Going for the traditional look I see. I like how classy you look. Thank you! It almost like, My mum would wear this. Not sure if it’s a compliment. I love that you found a cheongsam for $20. Like this is actually $20? Yeah. Because to me cheongsams are always really expensive, especially during Chinese New Year period. And also okay-
We had a time limit to shop, It was like 1 hour, 2 hours? But Leah… to shop. What, what? I have something to- Is it not $20? So how much did you exceed the budget by? 80 cents. Hehe. Aiyah, never mind I treat you the 80 cents okay. Ya, ya, ya you buy me one teh ping. Let’s find out what other people think, actually. Oh my God, yeah. I think people won’t believe that mine is $200. I don’t know if people even know what cheongsam prices are. No, because I always associate them with being expensive, so I think they will think that yours is $200. Let’s find out! [Mandarin] $200? [Mandarin] This is $10. *points to Jia Hui* [Mandarin] It’s $20, you’re right. [Mandarin] How did you know? [Mandarin] One look and I knew instantly. [Mandarin] Really? [Mandarin] One look and you could tell? [Mandarin] Is it very- [Mandarin] Your type of cheongsam is very common. [Mandarin] Oh common… [Mandarin] You’re nothing special. [Mandarin] Thank you auntie! [Mandarin] Are you sad? [Mandarin] Yeah. [Mandarin] Don’t be sad, don’t be. [Mandarin] She has a really beautiful figure. [Mandarin] Yours is $200. (Points to Jia Hui) [Mandarin] Mine is $200? [Mandarin] Then mine is $20? [Mandarin] Yeah *Auntie nods* [Mandarin] You think that this outfit can cost $20? [Mandarin] One of them is $200, [Mandarin] and the other is $20. You guess which one is $200. This one $200? Or this one $200? I think this is $20 lah. *points to Jia Hui* This is $20? Ya. Look like $20? Or you think it’s $20? Because if you buy from here, I think it’s around this price. Okay. Then do you think this is $200? [Mandarin] Try to feel the material of this. Maybe lor this one lor. That’s correct. Correct! *claps hand* Well done auntie. What do you think? I think it was more of a challenge for you right? It was definitely a really big challenge for me. Yeah. I had so much difficulty trying to find clothing that looks good, and fit within the budget. I think my challenges were- way more ‘first-world problems’ than yours. Yeah. Like walking around the heat and- I was like casually strolling through VivoCity- in the air-con. When we went around and asked people they said, [Mandarin] “Aiyah both of you are pretty lah.” I mean yeah. I cannot. But the aunties, they truly know best lah. They can tell eh. You did great. Yeah. I think you did great as well. But I had so much fun. So if you guys like these kinds of videos, leave it in the comments down below- what else you wanna see next. And if you want more of Chow (Jia Hui) in the videos, please leave a comment too. And don’t forget to like, share and subscribe. Bye! Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快樂! (Happy Chinese New Year!)


  1. Leah looks so good! Her style is bomb😍 but I don’t really feel it fitted the CNY theme. It’s such a pity

  2. I know we're in modern times so it doesn't have to be red, but for a CNY $200 head-to-toe outfit it was pretty drab.

  3. The cheongsam looks cuter tbh. The other outfit doesn't feel cny ish, and then i just imagine how hot it looks HAHA!

  4. Actually I prefer the 20 dollars one tho. Because the Chinese Cheongsam is more eyeballs catching compares to the nude look (but the nude look is also chio laa) 😂

  5. Another great entertaining presentation. The new presenter, Ms Chow, speaks very good English and once again, a very watchable and listenable performance, as well as looking a million dollars in the blue cheongsam!

  6. The cheongsam looks really nice… she's got great taste 🙂 ………..the other outfit….hmmm.. it looks like she's wearing an apron. Sorry!

  7. Bruh I thought the Chinese song was legit at the first line and then lyrics like "skin smooth as butter" and "you give me diabetes" came in and I was confused afterwards HAHAHA

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