Cheap Ways To Look Expensive | Luxe-Looking Clothes On A Budget

hi everybody welcome back to my channel today's video is all about how you can look expensive without breaking the bank so most of the items in my wardrobe are very inexpensive I pride myself on spending very little on my clothes but still opting for high quality luxe looking pieces so what I'm gonna do in this video is share a little bit about how I go about doing that and find very um kind of elevated looking pieces at a very affordable price point so if you're ready grab a notebook and pen and let's get started my first tip is to become familiar with high-end designers and their styling so find a couple designers that you really like a couple that you really aspire to and you really like their setting and then familiarize yourself with the cuts that they use each season and then try to replicate that at a lower price point so Zara is famous for doing this they've gotten in a little bit of hot water over the years for doing it a little too well at times but basically that's what you're going to want to do you're gonna want to like let's say for example you love Celine's fall 2017 collection so familiarize yourself with kind of cuts and the look that they go for in that that particular show and then go out and look for that at a lower price point so hmmm a sauce target of Zara those are great places to find replicated pieces at a lower price point so another thing is to kind of look for the styling that they use because just because an item is inexpensive doesn't mean you can't style it and jazz it up so that it feels unique and more elevated so what I mean by that is like for example a blazer I love to wear Blazers like I'm doing today just standard with my arms through the sleeves but a great way to kind of change that up is to drape it over your shoulders and you instantly look a little bit more she another thing to do is to kind of roll the sleeves you can do that on shirts and blouses and things that and it really just kind of takes things up a notch so it creates visual interest which kind of distracts you from the fact that it might be a less expensive piece my next tip is to opt for neutrals now oftentimes when people recommend tips for looking Lux on a budget the first thing they say is to opt for a neutral color like black white gray cream even pale pink and there the reasoning is usually because those inherently look more luxe but I think that's missing the mark just a little bit the reason why you want to look for those neutral colors isn't because they inherently look elevated instead it's because those are the diets that are easier to maintain the integrity of when operating at the lower price point so when you are shopping at Azara and hmm or a target the reason their items cost so little is because they have very low operating costs so the first things to go when that is the case is typically craftsmanship and then the integrity of the dyes that they use so when you are looking for a piece that looks a little bit more elevated at a lower price point you want to opt for the colors that are easier to maintain at low operating costs those being white black gray cream pale pink very neutral basic light colors like that now the only exception to this would be if you are shopping at a Target for example and you find two black t-shirts one of them is very richly dyed and it looks very luxe because it is such a deep color and then the other one the other one looks a little bit more faded now if you are in pursuit of pieces that look a little bit more elevated you're going to want to steer clear of the faded one and go for the richly died one yeah my next tip is to look for simple patterns so just like the integrity of a rich color is hard to maintain at a low operating cost the integrity of a very intricate pattern is also difficult to maintain so what you're going to want to do is look for very simple patterns like thin stripes very delicate checks polka dots sometimes even some delicate floral prints the reason being that those are easier to align up and they tend to look a little bit more elevated even at a lower price point so along those same lines are also going to want to look for the integrity of the craftsmanship of a piece so when you are looking for a printed item at H&M for example let's say you're looking at a striped shirt you're gonna want to make sure that the stripes are lined up along the seams and along the the shoulders here because those are the first things you're gonna notice when looking at a piece and then also while you're doing that you're going to make sure that none of the threads are coming undone yet the buttons are loose and little details like that because it really helps a piece to look more finished and polished which inherently makes it look a little bit more elevated so along those same lines you're gonna want to pay special attention to the buttons on a piece so I'll insert some pictures here and there to kind of give you an idea of what a inexpensive and then more elevated button looks like because it's something you don't really think about until you start paying attention to it and then it makes a world of difference in a piece so for example when I was in college I got this great jacket from with Charlotte Russe I think it cost me $20 on sale maybe $25 and it checked off all the boxes for a luxe looking piece at a low price point so it was a neutral color it had varied finished seams it fit me very well on the shoulders and on the sleeves it was a good length overall and I thought that on the on the whole it looked far more expensive than the very inexpensive price tag plus I thought that it kind of mimicked shell so I loved it a little bit more for that reason and then what I did was I changed out the buttons because it had very inexpensive looking basic buttons on it so I swapped those for some that I got at the craft store and I'm not exaggerating every time that I wore that jacket from college all the way through I think my third or fourth year working and finally quit people would stop and ask me if it was Chanel just by changing up a button so don't ever underestimate the power of a good button my next tip is to look for classic clean tailoring so when you're shopping at a place with lower operating costs overall you want to kind of look for pieces that defy the odds that usually go against them in the craftsmanship department so a good way to do that is to look for pieces that have classic clean lines and a little bit of a more tailored approach to their design so for example Blazers is a great place to start because you can oftentimes find a blazer at a very low price point that looks more elevated just by making sure that it has clean shoulders that it has a very crisp line here that it fits you well along here and that it has darting along the back all of those things kind of make the piece look a little bit more elevated when it comes to pants skirts shorts things like that you can do the same by looking for similar details so you're going to want to look for a finished hem either along the the ankle or the thigh if it's shorts and on the knee if it's a skirt you're also going to look for finished pockets make sure that the seams along the pocket openings are very clean and that they have a lining preferably and then also another great way to kind of defy the odds when it comes to a lower price point is to look for belt loops so by finding a piece that has belt loops you automatically take it up an extra notch plus you know that I love belts so you can add a belt or take away a belt and it just kind of helps stretch the longevity even further of a lower end item so along those same lines you're gonna want to take things to a tailor if they're close but not quite there so this is something that I have done many times over the years and will continue to do I will find items at a very low price point and then take them to a tailor to make them look like they were made for me because that the spoke custom look really helps elevate a piece overall next up is to look for luxe looking textures and materials so whether you're shopping high end or low end there are certain materials and textures that automatically feel more luxe so those include leather or faux leather suede or faux suede faux fur and chunky knit materials so when you are looking for those at a lower price point you want to make sure just like the other things that I've mentioned that all of the seams line up that the material is believable that it's a very natural looking color and then it upholds the integrity of that piece as you would find it in its nature State so for example I have a faux fur stoled I love during the fall and winter because it instantly elevates otherwise basic pieces so I think I paid $25 for it at Zara about two or three years ago at this point and I loved it because it was very finished on the back so when you flipped it over it has very neat scenes but then also it's a very believable shade of brown and light tan so I love that piece for elevating very basic sweaters I had a sweater that I got at forever 21 that I don't have in my wardrobe any longer but I had it for years and I would wear the faux fur stole over it and it instantly made it feel more elevated so along those same lines if you're looking for a suede or faux suede piece you're gonna want to make sure that it isn't scuffed or has giant scratches and then again the seams all line up because even if you did spend a lot of money on a piece if it does have those flaws it won't look expensive and then also when it comes to knitwear chunky knits instantly elevate a piece because those are very difficult to replicate at a low price point so when you are looking for them at cheaper stores you want to make sure that the seams are all there that the shoulders fit you well that the sleeves aren't too long unless that's what you're going for and then also that the knit pattern is very even and neat and it doesn't have giant holes or gaps in it because that's gonna instantly make it feel more expensive my last tip is to steer clear of shear so when it comes to shopping at a lower price point you're going to be up against lower operating costs like I mentioned the beginning of the video and that often translates into how share an item is because the material tends to be thinner which often times makes it feel less expensive so for example if you're looking for a white shirt and you're going to be shopping at forever 21 it's very possible to do but there are a couple things you want to keep in mind and one of them being you don't want it to be too see-through so a great thing to do is take an item and hold it up to a light source and put your hand in between it so if you can see your hand very clearly then it's going to be too transparent in real life so it's a great thing to keep in mind when you are shopping at a lower price point because again if an item is too shear it does have a tendency to feel a little bit less expensive so that's everything those are my tips for finding expensive looking items at a low price point I really hope you found this helpful and I'd love to know in the comments down below what types of videos you'd like to see along these lines moving forward because I think that there's a common misconception when it comes to getting dressed you have to spend a ton in order to look like you spent a ton and I totally disagree I think it's very possible to find high-quality expensive looking pieces at a very low price point and I'd love to make it a regular series on this channel so if you have any ideas for how I can kind of incorporate that please let me know in the comments down below and I'll definitely shoot those for you and then other than that thank you so much for watching and we'll see you my next one have a great day


  1. I guess I will never be dressing well… $300 for one item *cringe*. I feel guilty when I go on a shopping trip and spend a total of $200 🙁

  2. Hi Audrey! I really enjoy watching your channel and listening to your fashion tips! I grew up in Charleston, S.C., but have been living in very expensive Southern California over 25 years now. I am no longer a southern bell. I would love to see you do a video on choosing the right earring style for certain outfits and contrasting color earrings etc. Thanks for all the ideas you share!

  3. I am not an active "youtube commenter," however for some reason while looking for NYC non-touristy activities, youtube recommended your channel. I am halfway through your video and heard your piece about Charlotte Russe. In high school at 17, I purchased a white pea coat that was surprisingly elegant [in lieu of the hideous buttons.] The buttons were the cheap brown tie-dye looking set that frequent low end pieces. Shortly thereafter, I purchased a new set of buttons at Michael's and had my mother replace them. I wore this coat periodically through college and into my first job at a major bank. I got compliments on it for years, even in my late 20's. Had I kept those cheap buttons, the reception would NOT have been the same. I am so shocked and thrilled someone else realizes this importance!!!!

  4. You have the BEST videos on Classy Style. I am a 70 yr old antique dealer in Northeast TN. It has been my habit for many years to search through consignment & thrift stores to find good quality clothes, accessories AND household items.
    I love wearing my special finds that are classic. Thank you for all your videos. I watch them repeatedly ha.
    You present yourself well. Keep up the great work. God bless you, Audrey.

  5. Loaded with useful information!!!! Finding a reliable tailor has been really helpful for me, also taking the time to visit high-end second-hand stores. Definitely a keeper video, TX!!

  6. Zara, H &M eCC are so cheap, because they produce in countries, where people can not live on their salaries. Don't spread brainless information's, better talk about fast fashion industries…, please

  7. I loooove your videos…. I am always looking for a bargain and I get great compliments…. you are such an inspiration!!!

  8. Can you do a video on classy ways to look sexy? I’m 23 and I wanna be sexy and show some skin without being too much or ratchet.

  9. If you could add subtitles at your videos. You talk very quickly and because I am not English or American, I cannot understand you 🙂 thank you

  10. You presentation is very good in that you are not loud – you are very pleasant and away to listen to unlike many others – but you need to show more of the clothing your talking about – thanks

  11. I love your style, it’s very “old money” with a fresh young perspective. I absolutely adore it and am putting all your tips to use. Thank you for these videos!

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