welcome back to my channel where all I do is show you hauls hey guys it's Katie and today I'm going to be doing a huge Instagram baddie summer clothing haul if you guys don't know I love to dress like an insta body like I love to just be out there and pop off with my fashion at least I try to I know I'm not everything and I know I'm not a Instagram buddy but I do try to be and my company reached out to me called love sohna and they wanted to send me 350 dollars worth of clothing and I said yes one of my favorite youtubers Dez wears a ton of clothing from love sohna and so when they wanted to send me a ton of stuff I was like of course I'm so down thank you although this video is not sponsored all of these clothing was sent to me for free and you can shop love sohna on all the links to everything will definitely be linked down below even though this was gifted to me I will be telling you my honest opinion whether it fits the quality all of that stuff and this is a try on haul so buckle your seatbelt but hi if you're new here my name is Katie and I'm gonna be showing you all my new clothes you can keep up with me when I'm not posting videos on this account by following me on Instagram adding me on snapchat following my tech-talk and subscribing to my blog channel where I mostly daily vlog and post as many times as I can and on that channel you know behind the scenes all what goes in my life and you get a lot of extra videos so when that all being said I can't wait to show you guys all my new stuff I'm in love with this clothes the quality was honestly so amazing and I was very surprised by that I'm not going in any specific order for the first thing that I got is this this is a super adorable light wash jean skirt and I did not own any jean skirts before this and this honestly fits me so well you're gonna see a lot of the clothing that I got I did try it on with this jean skirt because it's so versatile and it allows you to do like so many different outfits you are with crop tops with baggy shirts body suits tucked in tucked out like this skirt is amazing it has this cute little cutout in the middle right here that looks like a little V and then it has this frilly like frayed edges all of the clothes that I got are in a size medium so I just want to put that out there so I don't have to say it every single time but the quality of this is amazing I really wasn't expecting too too much from plep soda because it was one of those like online companies like Zappos and she in and stuff like that this looks like a skirt that you would buy it like Hollister or American Eagle that's very very expensive I also saw this in my friend Ashlyn's video it has this little tag right here which kind of makes it look like Levi's so that's kind of fine – all of the stuff from lips ona did come packaged individually – but this is by far my favorite piece I got in the whole entire haul I love this and I can't wait to wear it expect to see it many many times on my Instagram so the next thing that I got is a pair of sweat pants so these are really 5 pink and blue and white like camo print sweat pants the thing that I usually gravitated me towards these is just the color pattern these are three of my favorite colors and then the other one is obviously yellow but I just love the color on it it's so pretty I'm five eight and so I am very very long and although the medium does fit me around my waist it doesn't go all the way down to my ankles because I'm so tall so there is like a little bit of like ankle space where it should be covering that it doesn't but I think these are gonna be really chill to just wear on the house I also like high-waisted sweatpants so I do pull them up higher the normal people would so for me if I were to get a large it probably wouldn't fit too well around my stomach but it would go all the way down so I typically go for mediums but these they're like close to touching the ankles but they don't touch my ankles so I probably wouldn't wear them out in public maybe it's like an Instagram picture and just lounging around the house if I could I would definitely size up on these just to be comfy and cozy in them and that way they do fit my long legs I love these though they're super stretchy the ankles the waist bands it all fits very very well except the length per sec you larly on me the quality is amazing these are great sweatpants and I love them and I will wear them all the time those sweatpants have to be one of my favorite color pattern like color-block sweatpants I've ever seen – like I've never seen another company make sweatpants this color pattern before so those are really really fine so next how to be basic and go on like one of those little like basic girl Instagram photo shoots and got one of these messages a a white skrutz tank top with a cute little embroider to butterfly on it this looks like a piece that you would get from brandy melville this shirt is so popular you've seen like Emma Chamberlain Hannah mallow summer McKean like all those girls have this shirt but I really wanted a I think it's so cute I tried it on and it does fit well although it is super super cropped and one thing I do love about this skirt is that it is such high rise that this like shirt isn't too too to the point where it's like oh my gosh I feel very exposed it's the perfect crop if you wear it with anything high waisted it's actually like a really thick ribbed material which I also wasn't expecting I'll definitely expecting it to be like a thinner quality those may be almost like see-through this is very thick and ribbed and I love it instead of like spaghetti straps is like a thicker tank top which I appreciate I paired this with the skirt and I try on and it's such a cute it so expect that to be on my Instagram as well I'm really really trying to pop off on these Instagram fits this summer I have so much planned I'm very very very excited about it so then next I got another tiny little tank top this was one of the first things I saw on the website so I decided to pick it up this is just a red and white ribbed a tank top and it says honey embroidered on it as well this is honestly a really good material – this feels like something you'd buy it like forever 21 and all of these were pretty affordable and nothing else a is like very very expensive I would say it's between like the forever 21 Tilly's range of prices also this comes with adjustable straps which is very appreciated because when I did try this on the first time it was so huge around right here so I adjusted it to fit me the crop isn't too short but it's not too long again with the skirt so so cute imagine this with like white shorts or black shorts or biker shorts I don't know so many outfits and this is just a really cute basic simple piece this is one of the things that I was a little disappointed in I'm definitely not disappointed in the way that this was made just the way that it fits I can typically wear a medium and everything shorts shirts everything medium is like my size I'm true to size and medium and so when I ordered this red romper in a size medium I was very disappointed when it doesn't fit this is what it looks like it is so so cute it has these two little cutouts for like your boobies and then it flows down at the bottom and it looks like a dress or like a skirt but it does have a little thing in the middle so these do have two separate holes for your legs to go through so it is a romper I think it is so pretty and it also ties in the back right here so it is a really cute design and the way it's made is very nice the material is good it's not see-through or anything but number one it's incredibly hard to get on it number two it is way too short I would say if you are my size and like my height then do not order this because this comes so far up where it should not go the length of this is tiny it makes you look at the little cupcake and also these do not adjust tight enough to like the point where I don't feel exposed everywhere I don't think you can wear this with a bra which when I was trying it on I did wear it with a bra and everything was out so I tried to cover up as much as I could if you can see like the length of this is very very short your whole booty hangs out of it and it's cut down very very far and I personally don't like that I think if you are smaller like figured you could pull this off because then it won't look so short on you but because I am taller it didn't really work for me so I will probably be selling this on my Poshmark or my D pop any clothes that I get that I don't fit or just don't end up wearing I do sell on my posh market my D pop as well as unused makeup so definitely check those out my usernames are down below but I will be selling this on there because the quality is amazing the material is fabulous and it's a good piece I will just never wear it because it doesn't personally fit me but honestly I love it like I wish I could have gotten that in a size large but then I feel like you wouldn't feel like my boobs I don't know it's just a hot mess for my body type so this is probably another one of my favorite pieces that I got in this entire haul this is a super cute like tan a baiji papery kind of dress I would describe it as like a paper dress but I don't know why that's just the first thing that comes to my head when I think of it as this cute little straps right here that you tie into a bow and then it has these frillies across the top and then it goes straight down and at the bottom poops out with more frills this is so flattering and it fits me so well I just love the way it looks it's very simple and like very old-timey but so cute personally I just love the way this looks I think the party is remained very very well the material is soft and it's just adorable like that's the word I would just use to describe this it's cute and I can imagine this with like a photo shoot by the way I just want to mention as you can see in a lot of these Clips I was severely sunburned when I was trying these clothes on I went to the lake with my best friend Madi for the weekends and I got so burnt it's gotten better now that I am still really really burnt and when I was trying these on it was like the day I got back it was so painful trying these on if I do look extra red and that is why so then I got another small little tank top cropped up and this is what this looks like this is actually the first piece that I saw on the website and I was like that is so cute so I decided to order it it's just like a red white and black striped tank top crop top and what's cool about it is it has this little circle metal design that you can like and zip it down obviously mine will not be zipped down at all let alone that far but if you want it to be a little scandi you could zip it down like a little bit I have a little action there but I definitely won't be doing that got to keep mine zipped all the way up I tried this on and it fits really nice this material is very soft and like the metal workings of it is very strong like it doesn't feel cheaply made also comes with the adjustable straps at the top so I love this and it is so cute white shorts black shorts this could be a fit you could pop off so then I got a two-piece set and this is one of the other things I was kind of disappointed in I'm disappointed in the way that this was made and the fit of it I don't even remember putting this in my cart at all honestly I remember putting a different white t-shirt with like a car on it that looked like it would be from brandy melville as well but I never got that in my order and instead I got this I think I don't remember putting this in my cart but I could be wrong this is a two-piece set and it comes with these shorts right here and they kind of look like Gucci like I'm not gonna cap it look like fake Gucci these are just like these black I would call them athletic shorts but I don't think that's what they're supposed to be it comes with this little string but the thing is this string does not go around the whole way so it's not adjustable it literally just ties right here like if this doesn't fit your waist period that's it sorry sis and on the side comes with like these metal buttons they don't unclip or anything it's just there for design and then I asked the red and green and also the length of these is extremely weird they're not to the point where you can pull them up and do it like high-waisted otherwise you'll get a camel toe so they just fit at an awkward length also the material it's soft but it's not well made like it's see-through I just don't like this pair of shorts I'll probably be wearing this like around the house to chill in and then the second piece that comes to this set is this a little bra and I don't know about y'all but I bought this in a medium and the shorts fit me around the waist but this bra is tiny this bra has no padding in it no cup in no nothing it's literally just looks like this this is extremely see-through right here this is like stretchy and the waist bands we can adjust but there's nothing to adjust right here on the sides there's no clasp like the other shirts so you were just exposed like if this doesn't fit you that's it it fits me around the waist and it fits right here like the actual cup but this is just so huge it falls down my shoulder if they had this like adjustable this could be really cute to wear under like on a bandeau top I would never ever ever walk out of my house wearing just this because that is showing way too much skin for me and wearing this tiny top with these tiny shorts as a set I would get kicked out of my house but I think if you wear this under like a shirt that's like a little see-through or maybe like you can see through the sides right here that could be really cute to wear but you will never catch me running this outside of my house cuz otherwise I would get beat I'm not impressed with that set it was just cheaply made and it feels cheap I just didn't like it that was one of the things I just didn't like out of the whole episode ahall but next I pull out this this is adorable this is a black and white striped bodysuit and I did not own any body suits before this but I really need to invest in more a lot of people don't know what a body suit is and I was trying to explain it to my boyfriend Cole and he was just so confused he was like so is that a bathing suit is it a onesie and I was like no it's a body suit a lot of people probably know this but a lot of people don't as well a body suit is made so that looks like you're wearing a tank top but it's extremely tight like when you tuck in a tank top into something sometimes it's loose and comes undone when you wear a body suit it sticks to every part of your body and it's very very tight so that way it's like restricting and it doesn't come undone from like your shorts or your skirt so this is like just a straight across necked black-and-white bodysuit it does come up with adjustable straps as well very appreciated and then it just clips at the bottom right here this is also really good because some body suits don't clasp at the bottom so every time you go pick up to take the whole thing off but this one does clasp it does have buttons which is amazing I tried this on with a bra as well and next time I think you might have to wear like a different bra probably the commando bra we're just no bra because you could see like the you could see like the this part I don't know if that makes sense but yeah this fits really nice the quality is amazing again feels like something you'd buy from forever 21 so I love this and for this being my first ever body suit it fits well and I need to hop on the body suit train I believe I have three things left this is an adorable cute little like paisley flower print navy blue dress it has the two little ties that tie on the top of your shoulders again and then it gets tighter at your top and then loser at the bottom and more flowy this just reminds me of being like so like such a little innocent girl like the Daisy feel of picking flowers I don't know it just gives me like sound of music vibes why I love this fits really well and it is adorable I think this could be really cute for church or for going out like your friends like fun little dinner also for a photo shoot could be very nice it also has like a stretchy elastic back the ties in the top make it so dainty and very adorable it's super flowy and it does come with like an under slip because otherwise it'd be see-through so I appreciate that so here comes out my instant body again so these are just pink camo pants you've probably seen like this type of camo pants the orange ones the black ones the gray ones the blue ones all over and because I wanted to pop off and be an insta body I decided to get a pair but again with the pink and blue and white sweat pants I had the same problem with these pants since I am so long they don't go all the way down to my ankles they're like the joggers because they get like tighter at the ankles but they don't go all the way down on me because I am a long girl I'm a cousin so long I'll probably just end up rolling them so that they go to like mid here or just lifting them up a little bit so they're more baggy they fit in my waist and they fit everywhere else and also the material is really nice I'm gonna make them so that they look like they're usable and wear them out in public because I think this could be such a bomb Instagram picture I'm wearing like these pants with my pink slip on vans and I don't know I have a fit plan the quality on these pants is actually a lot thicker and better material than I was expecting it to be this is like the epitome of Instagram Daddy like if you've never seen this type of pant before you're living under a rock they're extremely extremely popular and they did have the orange ones on the website too which are probably like the most insta fatty ones with all that being said I only have one piece of clothing left and this came with a matching set basically this is just like a workout set it is these checkerboard print leggings and then it comes you can see how sunburn my chest is but this sports bra and this leggings is the cutest set ever the sports bra honestly fits me so so well the leggings are a little bit big on me I normally wear a medium and every single thing like I said but the medium size leggings were a little bit too big on me but they feel so so nice I'll definitely continue to wear them and I feel like the sports bra and a leggings is really cute gym set although I don't workout I've been wearing this sports for all day and it's extremely comfortable it's supportive it has built-in pad and it's like adjustable so it's every that I look for in a sports bra and then these leggings are extremely soft right here and they're stretchy and flexible they go all the way down to my ankles which is appreciated they're also high-waisted so I love this workout set I love both pieces of it and they both fit me very very well besides these being a tad bit too big so with all of that that is all of the clothing that I got from love sohna thank you again to them for sending this all to me I'll be rocking it all throughout the summer but I did get a few accessories I wanted to get a diverse amount of everything off their page so I got pants skirt bra shirts leggings I got as much stuff as I could and with that being said I also wanted to test out a few of their like accessories so I got a pair of sunglasses and they came in a super cute white and black like holographic package so I have looked at these before but I'm going to show you guys them again I think these are so cute these are just like these rose gold pinky sunglasses like instant value I don't know I really love the way that they look I think for Instagram pictures or for being at the beach or anywhere where it's sunny these pop off these were like 10 or 15 bucks to something they work really nicely and they don't feel cheap at all like I know there are no Murray bands or anything but they don't feel cheap and they fit really well around my head typically I don't go for gold jewelry either but like it has the gold out lining I just love it the gold on the outside the rose gold on the inside they are so good I really did need a new pair of sunglasses as well so I'm so happy about these and coming with the case is a great bonus as well as getting a pair of sunglasses I did get a few rings I got a little ring set so I'm going to show you guys these I haven't tried them on my fingers yet but everyone knows I love jewelry I wear two rings every single day I have a ton of bracelets necklaces anklets I'm a jewelry girl so in this set I have this cute little flowery kind of like Sun looking ring and all of these rings are gold by the way obviously these are all like fake diamonds but it comes with this cute little like diamond studded ring and I think that'll be adorable for just putting on all the rest of your fingers like extra rings then it comes with this one has a tiny little diamond and then these like ball or on the side I feel like this is the one that attracted me the most of this kit it's just the simple little ring and that has a little crescent moon on it this is a tiny one with a little design on the side like the little twisties and then the final ring in the set comes with this three little diamond studied golden one as well I think I'm gonna put one of these on right now would just like to inform you I tried to put this one on my finger and it literally just snapped in half so maybe the Rings aren't the best quality I mean that's kind of sad but what can you expect like they're fake rings from an online website you can't expect to the whole world you know also they're not really fitting my fingers and they did come in a one size fits all so that's a little disappointing maybe don't hop on it four rings they're really not fitting in my finger it's kind of rude oh I got one on my pinky that's a good thing normally I wear size seven and ring and that's like a normal average size so the fact that it's only fitting on my pinky is disappointing and I guess what that one just completely stretched out as well okay don't get the rings don't recommend at all they're breaking I already broke two and they're not very good quality they also don't fit around my chubby fingers they didn't have too much jewelry on their website either so that's probably a distinct reason why but then the last thing that I did get is this cute little like bracelet set it comes with this bracelet that just has multiple colors to this braided one and it came with this one that kind of looks like pura-vida but it broke if you're looking to buy from love sohna definitely stick to the clothes and the sunglasses the jewelry isn't my favorite and like I said that is everything that I did get from love sohna and i really hope you guys did enjoy this haul thank you to them for sending me all these Instagram badias summery clothes I'm so excited to wear all of these for the most part I did enjoy everything that I got and most of it did fit me pretty well but obviously you're gonna have flops when you're ordering stuff online because you just never know if it's gonna fit you well but with all that being said please don't forget to subscribe down below and click little belt icon to turn on your hashtag post notifications you can also keep up with me by following me on Instagram adding me on snapchat following me and I tick-tock and subscribing to my blog channel all of my social media are always linked down below I hope you guys have an amazing day thank you so much for watching and I will hope to see you in my next video peace in the Middle East

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