– Hi guys, welcome back to my channel. So today I’m gonna show you how
I’ve reorganized the storage in our laundry room/utility room. It was getting completely out of control and there was just building
up all the random items in this room that I didn’t even use. It become a bit of a dumping ground and it was actually making
the room harder to use than it should be. When it came to doing laundry or getting the boys ready in the morning, it was just crazy trying to find things. Almost all of the storage solutions that I’ve got for this
room are from Poundland. So it’s a really, really
cheap way to reorganize. Also the first step that I did was take everything out of the cupboards and take it to our dining table so there was no going back. I had to sort through it. So first thing that I
did was get rid of things that we don’t even use,
that we don’t even like, that I don’t even know
why I’ve hung on to. So once I’ve chucked everything out that we didn’t need anymore then I started putting items into groups and naturally you would see
what groups would warrant a whole storage basket. I started putting it in the
cupboards and labeling it. So I will go through what I got. As I said most stuff is from Poundland and then I got a few other bits as well that I think are really
cool storage solutions. So I’ll just show you. Right, so I’m gonna start
with the two cupboards that I’m most proud of and the ones that I’ve changed the most. I needed these two cupboards
to be for toy storage and also for baby changing. I got these green baskets,
these ones with the lid and also these clear
ones all from Poundland and I also got these
fabric ones from Poundland which I thought were amazing. They’re like a glittery gold and cream and I can’t believe that
they were just one pound. I would easily spend about five
pounds in Dunelm’s normally, on baskets like this but they were just so, so cheap. Right, so now you can
clearly see our toy storage. We have a basket for
Play Doh, puzzles, DVDs, flash cards, batteries ’cause we have so many batteries for toys and they were everywhere and now they’re all in one place. We obviously have giant balloons, coloring books, arts
and crafts and brushes and stickers and really
that’s random crafting stuff. And also paint, and
stencils are also in there and we also have sidewalk chalk in this little container here. And then over in this cupboard we have a whole shelf of board games and then also the nappy changing and our pegs for laundry
are there as well. Also got this A4 holder from Poundland and then a few of the other
random boxes I already had. What I also love about this cupboard now is that everything is labeled. Got these labels from Amazon. They are black chalkboard labels and it came with the chalkboard pen. They’re actually reusable so if I wanted to wipe it off and write something different. If I house something different
in that box in the future than I can do that. The way that I consolidated their puzzles. They had so many small puzzles like this and most of them are pretty simple. My son kind of knows a lot of them. So I ended up chucking loads of the boxes and putting them into Ziploc bags. I know that they can’t see the picture that they are building but ’cause they’re quite simple puzzles, I just really thought
it would be a good idea to get a bit more space. We have our nappies, we have wipes, we also have more wipes behind as storage and then we have. We have their creams, nappy bags, Dettol wipes for the changing area. Some Teetha, Vaseline, everything really. When we have the new baby
it’s gonna be perfect ’cause I’ll have that station there and then I’m gonna put
a big changing mat here on the surface. Coming down to here I have
our sewing machine on show because I think it’s
quite cool in this room and then I also have our
Cath Kidston sewing box which houses everything you’re gonna need for sewing labels onto the kids clothes, thread, mending things, pins, all of that. I’ve had it for years and
I really, really love it and then over here, I
have our first aid box, our laundry detergent and a little area for our remotes and clickers. They used to sort of hang out here but there wasn’t a place
for them to actually go so I got this storage from Cath Kidston. I thought it was really, really cool. I have another one that I think
I’m gonna use by the door. But it comes completely flat like this and you just do the poppers in the corner and I think you could
just use this storage for anything really. I was thinking I might put
this one by the front door for my keys or something. Now there’s a place for all of
our remotes to actually sit. That looks really cute. And I got these two tins
from the Cox & Cox website. I really like them and
I’ve had them for years. They’re really durable. This one has all of of
our laundry soap in it. I buy it in bulk from Costco and sometimes I like using powder because if you’re just washing one item or you know half a load
you can just exactly choose how much soap you want to use and it’s really cost effective. So here we have our first aid box. Again it is that kind of tin. And it just has everything
from paracetamol, plasters, Germolene, bandages, things like that. Below it has all of our other medicines like Imodium, Calpol,
you know an extra EpiPen, all those kinds of things are in here. I’m really pleased with this box ’cause again I feel like if anyone was looking after the children here, they would know that everything
is in this first aid box and I had a good clearout
of what was in it because I had a look and some of our medication
was out of date, where it was so old. So it was just really time
to have a good look at it and a clearout. And then in this cupboard was
absolutely horrendous before and now it’s all clean and
it makes such a difference. I’ve put spare toilet rolls back there and then I’ve used an old
box that I’ve had for ages. For all of my hair products. So all of my curlers, my blowdryer, spray and then a few combs and things. I have labeled it, I
probably didn’t need to but I just thought it was so cute. And then up here I have
put all of our lady bits, in an old makeup case
that we had back there. Obviously I’m not gonna be needing them for months and months. Really wanted to show you this storage that I got from Cath Kidston. So I saw this on the Cath Kidston website and I was like, “That is amazing storage.” Basically this is
everything we’re gonna need in the morning when we’re
getting the boys ready. We naturally get them ready downstairs because we’re already down here and to brush your teeth and do their hair and all that kind of stuff. It’s easier down here. So now I can just pull
this out of the cupboard, it has stuff that I use every day like dry shampoo, hair brushes, this is a spray I put on the
boys’ hair for any flyaways and then this is the
wax we use on their hair which is a brilliant clay, doesn’t make it look greasy or anything so we can do their hair. We’ve got their toothbrushes,
their facecloths. Yeah and then just little
things like nail cutters and tweezers, the things
that you’re always like, “Where are the nail cutters?” And I’ve got some lip products for myself, hand cream, a Travalo perfume for me if I’m rushing out in the morning and it’s oil cloth and it’s just so quick to just pull it out, get the boys ready and just stick it back like that. Yeah and then down here was an
absolute mess before as well but now I’ve consolidated everything. All of our cleaning products
are now in this box, which I did get from Dunelm’s. It says Wax and Shine on it and it’s just really, really handy. It has all of our bleaches,
sprays, Cif cream for this sink, air freshener, basically
anything that I’m gonna need to clean this bathroom with. And I’ve also got another
Poundland box down here that just houses some spare
soaps that I’ve bought for when we run out. Some more Persil non-bio, our Vanish cream and also these unstoppable things that make the washing machine smell better if it starts to smell
funny, so I use them. And now it’s just all housed in one place and it just looks so, so clean. This area here I normally
have a spare hand towel but that is in the wash at the moment. I only really ever have two towels. I got them from Cath Kidtson
and one’s normally out and one’s always in the wash. Alright so it’s much improved, I just have to tackle the
whole rest of the house now but I really hope you liked this video. Don’t forget to like,
comment and subscribe and I hope it gave you some ideas and I’ll see you very soon, bye.


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