Championship of New Jersey: Supersport Race 2

boy race to Supersport coming at you from New Jersey Motorsports Park here in moto America don't forget to click on subscribe and get that bell as well to get instant notifications every time we post something enjoy the race hi any back to work all right here we go so the red lights go on upper left part of your screen revs are up butterflies everywhere as we start this race here we go good start by JD Beach good connection with the rear tire on his championship winning Yamaha r6 so it's JD Beach ninety five leads from our pole-sitter Hayden gillim you just got to try to not put yourself on the outside of anybody right now especially if the people hey you go right right off the bat he jumps on him into turn two both guys out of the seat as they come up over the top of turn two now you know if you're gonna have a guy behind you these two guys know each other so well these three guys Nick McGrath isn't really Nick's right there in third then you can see Escalante and you see mozzie Otto Brice Prince you can see a number of these guys really great just becomes a time where you've got to trust the guys that you're racing against anybody that you feel like it's a little bit sketchy you try to stay away from them yeah and but right now the three guys at the front all know each other Myles Thornton goes underneath Bryce Prince as they head down into turn two six miles yesterday got shuffled back off the start as I said in the pre-race and he was a guy on a mission coming through asthma's jian Auto so I'm gonna be paying attention to see where those two guys are after this first lap Nick McFadden number 18 there in the m4 mid-age Suzuki in third spot now when we talked the three riders all from Kentucky they all train together and hang out Hayden gillim JD Beach and you know from Philpott Kentucky right down the street from Owensboro where McFadden's from on the 18 bike so right now it's a Kentucky affair out front Hayden just looks like it's not raining to me sometimes you know it's just kind of thinking that I was like does Hayden understand how I let a little attraction there is a point this is there where we saw a little bit of standing water you see that big puddle going through there so yeah you just kind of tense up too don't you just tense up and I'm sitting up here yeah so yeah I agree with you and that it's is Hayden just seems like he's got this pace that he can push we saw him I felt just a couple times just as they come onto this front straightaway and JD and Nick are both going with them so props to those guys right now for being able to keep up but but he's able to do this lap after lap so well you know we'll see how this goes for the other guys trying to run this pace the other thing too is that's not a normal race line you know the way far on the inside that line can be dictated by a couple things speed but it also could be dictated by the fact that there's so much standing water on the outside of this racetrack so different lines you don't have as many line choices in the rain as you would in the dry because you've got to navigate around that standing water you could see the front tire Hayden gillim go through that initial puddle it's kind of a situation to when you're following someone the spray coming onto your visor you got to give them a little bit of room so you can continue to see but how do you fight for that lead such tricky conditions right now and Hayden gillim on that ridiculous racing r6 doing the business to see JD now he wants to go he finished he got a second place trophy from this weekend already yesterday but you know it's it's a lot harder to lead this race you know that's what I'll say about that as far as what he did yesterday being named Gilliam it's so much harder to lead because you're kind of the person that's pushing the pace and pushing the field you can see Escalante now is trying to get himself up closer to Nick and we've said all year you're Nick's got to get on the podium and just because we know how good of a rider is you got to happen you know and and now it looks like Escalante is just trying to close up on him as they go through as they go through termed what as it turned seven eight nine now Greg yeah the real tight section of New Jersey Motorsports Park and you can see how little movement Hayden gillim has and how he's trying to move it also those little bit of Rights just that little flick-flick flick-flick and that's that's traction he's he's feeling when that rear tire is spinning JD Beach our new national champion Monster Energy Yamaha extended services graves Yamaha rider his future up in the air at the moment on what he's going to be doing next year a lot of conversation about JD Beach moving up into the Superbike class or possibly you know exiting road racing all together and heading off the dirt track racing our let's hope that that doesn't happen you no kidding there's Ritchie Escalante number 54 on the quicksilver Hudson motorcycles entry out of Mexico City Mexico one of what we think Jason we've definitely have Richie Escalante flagged as one of the frontrunners for 2009 trends yes I think that he's just that kind of guy that the more experienced he gets under his belt and you can see the teams put a good bike underneath him again today I really like what I've seen from him the last two days just he's just showing a little bit more patience doesn't look like he's in as much of a hurry and I think that that's showing well from him so far and you can see himself catching Nick the leaders aren't that far in front but you know you look at that first split it's purple again for Hayden gillim just three more tens he's eked out on JD after he came across the line with 0.6 of the leaf but miles Thornton here has moved himself into fifth we saw him yesterday as well at mozzie otto just behind him price prints just behind him so these two guys are kind of tied together as well so miles thornton on the Altis Motorsports entry machine there's those YC RS motorcycle malls motorcycle of Anthony mozzie Otto the third local guy here in New Jersey and then right behind them you have Bryce Prince who really Jason in the dry at Pittsburgh all of a sudden showed us what we know Bryce brain was capable of and we were really hoping for dry weekend to see the maturation of Bryce Prince and to see if the changes that they were able to make to that motorcycle stuck on a much different racetrack you can see how treacherous it is right there and he qualified you know I think he qualified you know on the front row third sir did so so when you look at I definitely think that that confidence that he got from Pittsburgh definitely shone through here 47.2 for the leader Hayden gillim now put that perspective this morning rake 40 he did a minute 44 and he was four seconds quicker than everybody so right now JD and Nick and Escalante are kind of doing the times they did this morning the guy in front is about three seconds off so it shows you with it see the other guys are pushing harder than conditions of you can see he just goes right through those models he's he look at look at the focus concentration look how his head is turning and looking up track even though the conditions aren't great he's still keeping all of the things that he would do with the dry but his mental focus you can just see it through his helmet obviously rain continuing to fall here at New Jersey Motorsports Park as we are 13 laps to go in this shortened up Supersport race I just heard something I knew I heard something out of my ear because my ear I get here can hit my sack and you know and I didn't want to say it but JD he looked up and he could see his friend go down so Hayden kill him with a tremendous mistake he's up and he's back on the bike all weekend long is really not put a wheel wrong but good thing is in these conditions you can see JC Camacho just kind of yeah so that's 9th place but the thing is Greg is you it doesn't look like he's the bikes that bad like his bars don't look bad at all the bike doesn't even look like it's hardly gone down he was almost trying to get up before he did get up before the bike didn't even come to a stop so he must have just easily lost the front on the way in we've seen a lot of guys lose the rear on the exit of that turn but he definitely lost the front now Nick McFadden Escalante are battling for second and JD is just he's up the road isn't he excited these three women are shot there he's not no three-point shot at all JD Beach 3.1 seconds last time they came by the start/finish line by the tower up and just cross he's gonna watch his board now it's a great opportunity for Nick McFadden tremendous for 267 14 he beats on that way by and that's watching his friend cry yep that's right so he he realizes now if he can get that up too he's got 7 seconds on the next guy should these two here Nick McFadden and Richie Escalante and then just behind them Myles Thornton some force six seconds behind these two just taking a look at Nick McFadden and what he's dealing with Escalante blows that gap and I think he's kind of keeping it that distance for now that you know with the amount of laps you have if you know that there's a big gap behind you what's the urgency yeah that's exactly right in you know rich is probably just gonna just sit there and watch a little bit he's probably in that mode where he wants to just see kind of what Nick's gonna be able to do heartbreak for Hayden gillim and the ridiculous team as he went down moments ago leading this race and starting to separate himself from JD Beach who now leads the way so the new national champion with three races left said all JD Beach wants to do is just win out the season which is not an easy task in these conditions certainly we expect to have much different conditions and we get the Barber Motorsports Park in Alabama a lot more heat yep possibly dry humidity probably uh thundershowers here and there a little different yeah sure so Nick McFadden m4 mid-age Suzuki you made a comment insta about Nick let's just looking a little bit tight looks a lot better to me today especially in some of the right-handers so whatever that team you know we always talk about how much experience that this team has he definitely looks more comfortable on the motorcycle to me today than he did yesterday so not only that Jason but he actually has a lot of resources available because he's in that you know Kentucky group yeah I mean you have Roger hate and you have you know Hayden Gillan you'll have other resources of JD other resources available too and Nick isn't afraid to reach out and get some advice as well so between em you know the informative Suzuki team and I'm sure some conversations he was able to have with his friends he does look a lot more comfortable and that looks better it doesn't mean so in the experience I mean we talked about it you know you've talked about it many times how much brain experience we have in the States it's not a whole lot so this is tremendous experience and you know for those people that that do track days or you know even do like Club racing if you have the opportunity to ride in the rain definitely do it yes no you got to do it and riding in this stuff will teach you a lot about yourself and how focused you're staying and all of you little movements on the bike and things everything becomes a little bit more sensitive so it will definitely teach you a lot yeah if you're violent with the transitions of the buttons stabbing the throttle getting on the gas violently it's gonna show up in the rain that's or even your body positions whoa there's Escalante with a little bit of a moment there as Nick McFadden with a look over his shoulder it also shows you your body movements on the bike that's right you know you don't want to be making Lake movements into a corner a lot of people will sit in the middle of the seat and then as they go into the corner they'll just get off as they get to the corner and the rain is really difficult to do that without a moment can you see Escalante just back anything and ever so slightly into seven and that's what we saw a lot of in suggestion our Superbike race with I think Tony Feld and Bobby Fong fell there we saw a couple incidents already this morning in the local ball turn seven just seems like it's one of those a little bit of treacherous turns as well glad to see a I know it's still pouring outside but it doesn't look like it was driving rain as much as it was bad yeah yeah this guy here has got a 10 second leak Greg and he's just continuing to pull away a fastest split his third split for Jamie doing 46 5 I'm just looking back to see what kind of pace Hayden gillim did the last lap 48 1 so he's he's he did pick his bike if there goes Nick Nick starting to get away from Escalante a little bit now 48 eight to a 49 – so Nick runs his personal best as does Escalante Escalante carries a lot of entry speed into these corners even than the rain you can see and just kind of release the lever Hayden gillim is coming back up through the field goes past mozzie Otto is and does the fastest lap of the race by the way 42 5 5 that time through there's a podium is not out of the question if he falls off and finishes on the podium that'll be quite something it's not out of the question if it's not laps to go now he is 21 seconds behind 22 seconds behind JD Beach so he'd have to basically get to point – he's not gonna call the champ yeah and he's got to kind of make you know the problem is is when you start pushing it you make quick work of people like he's doing right now you can just see how much grip and confidence he has as he heads into turn six here also shout out though the ridiculous crew because they had the motorcycle you know the way that the mechanics work on it and set the bike up it was crashed worthy yeah you know nothing fell off I mean of course a lot of ass luck but also some of the things they do I think I saw Hayden bang the clutch lever back up when he got on that motorcycle and there are certain tolerances and torque values that the teams have where they say okay look if you hit the deck with this thing I'd rather have it been down and you can get it back up and snap you know those types of things so well done by that crew that's the motorcycle crash worthy and now look at him he's ripping right now on the gas is gone fastest second sector the reason it wasn't fast the first one is because you had to go by a couple of guys so 23 Ford put in perspective 23 9 for JD that time through that same exact sector but JD just went purple in the third again and runs a 46 for his fastest lap of the race but these are the two guys that you know we're gonna just continue to watch this progression because these are the two that might still be caught and Carson Hayden gillim – JD Beach out front 14.5 seconds over this rider number 18 Nick McFadden done that right he's right behind them they're like Hayden Hayden yeah it's right behind them he's only 5 seconds behind our battle for 2nd Nick and Richie just bolted their personal best 47 and 48 for that 3o seconds 45 2 fastest lap of the race it only took 1.2 on a JD I mean listen it's grain half of this race but anything is possible JD you think he's got it in in hand but if Hayden gillim continues to the torrid pace he's on anything could happen a good look at the combination for the rain tires for the love you can see the deep grooves that are in these rain tires much different from the drive tires they use with your slick tires no grooves at all maximum amount of contact patch where the rubber meets the road look at that thing just cutting through the walls all that water right through it out yeah that's good shot from our camera guys as well Escalante on the 54 again the seesaw battle kind of accordion effect going back and forth you can see where Escalante is a little stronger than McFadden in some spots and Nick's got him covered in others Escalante Gilliam Pat's Gilliam right behind him by the way the other guy who was leading and the guy who fell off who ran over to his bike picked it up young riders another lesson to be learned it's not over till it's over make the effort go clean up your mess to see if you can continue on that's right and what are these two guys going to think when they think he just went back by they're probably gonna think that he went in the pits got a couple things fixed and came back out behind him that's probably what they kind of think yeah really yeah like he's yeah he's done laughing himself right no it's for position we'll see if they can see that on their pit horizontally escalante's gonna have gone from probably a plus six or seven on his board to plus zero so he's gonna be wondering what's actually going on if they can even see the board's I mean that's when you know sometimes there's so much focus so much concentration in the rain they're right on let's go live it just all over the place do I get that motorcycle but you know sometimes so much concentration it focus on the front straightaway that some riders will come in and say on the rain I never saw my clipboard not one yeah and now Hayden Hayden is 44 eight that lasts through time through so you know it's it's he's on the gas he's you can see dude he's just like that's it around the outside around oh it's like he's just kind of basically forced Ricci to slow down that's that's essentially what he did and now he's probably gonna try to slide up underneath Nick here is they going to turn five you're too anxious though don't beat your egos Nick left the door open there's no doubt that's Nick's line next try thinking what just happened yeah Hayden what just happened we we moto and later on this week exactly right where you going Boston now 18 seconds was the gap from first a second but I mean JD beats doing 45s still at the front so he's still pushing the pace for himself he did his fastest lap of the race on his last one as well he's got plus 18 on his board but a couple things to consider lap traffic is gonna be coming up here and so whatever there's if there's clean track between JD and Hayden gillim now we're gonna be able to find out what the difference in speed will be JD is a very smart motorcycle racer though he might have some stuff in the tank I mean Oh Escalante goes down yeah and that's a bummer he's trapped up underneath the bike bike was still running actually – he's in turn 10 bikes gonna be fine though the bikes gonna be okay he's just kind of kicking himself out from underneath and you can see he's trying to kick the bike off him right now there's our corner workers gonna help him get that bike up but honestly Gregg the bike doesn't look any worse for the wear no but I don't know that foot was stuck maybe between the swing arm and the chain hopefully that hopefully is not hurt you're exactly right yeah so now he's just trying to go in he's got to get the bike turned around so he's asking for a little bit of help there corner workers need to kind of get him pointed in right there was just a simple little low side it's got the bike started got it going okay it looks like he's yeah he's just gonna be able to continue as well so what that does to for let's take another look at it k yeah this is just gonna be lose the front look just as well mostly think he lost his footing a little bit they lost the front and it was just simple this is the kind of thing that can happen you can't really sit there and say that he did anything specifically really wrong he was just kind of cruising through as you see JD Beach just goes past Brayton Orton is the head down into turn seven great not having a fun time in these conditions at all well you know tipped over yesterday and then in the race he didn't really get to start so he lost a lot of laps yesterday by not being able to get to go out ride around and this stuff and that definitely as a disadvantage JD still doing 45 flat so still going very very fast is last time through for the Monster Energy Yamaha extended services graves Yamaha rider JD Beach with now a 20-point one-second lead over Hayden gillim who led this thing started to eke away from JD and then threw it down the road picked it up marched his way back through the field and is already up to second spot but JD has responded to anything he's ever seen on his pit board working his way through lap traffic it sounds like the rain is starting to pound again J it is absolutely bucketing down again and we got six to go here and J Dilla's is last night Greg 46:9 so you can usually tell by the conditions of things and Hayden gillim comes into the line 45 3 and he turned the fastest first split the last time by of it the conditions getting worse so and I'm sure that his board is telling him that he's some 18 seconds behind so JD just went his quickest personal best through the first split so he's still charging and this guy just wants to win all he wants to do is win win win you know and it's he'll be kicking himself for that mistake the kind of Center riding the bike he is though and you know he used his body to load those tires and get some crashing yeah I know exactly right all the guys do and when you go to tracked with tremendous grip you can get off the inside of the bike a lot more and you can decrease leans and this and that when you're in a condition where you have no grip and you watch these guys they're not really dragging the anywhere you've just got to stay a little bit more centered to load the thing correctly because the more off the bike up jd8 and a big slide out of turn five looks like he's going by Caroline Olson there but he had a big moment just jumped up out of the seat but he's done that ten zillion times dirt track I'm sure ten zillion yet zillion yeah there's no doubt about that all right so JD Beach your new national champion who wrapped it up yesterday in a very emotional post race interview with our very own Hannah having his way today he leads by 18.5 so with six To Go Hayden gillim was able to take one and a half seconds but it's a really risk reward at this point JD's not gonna care at all what kind of lap time he's doing now there's long as he continues to hold on to that lead so it's still a forty six one even with that so it looked like we let's see if we finally saw just as JD was bending it into turn one a little mistake there for JD just see his bending it into one a little bit yeah a wide now we see Hayden coming onto the front straightaway yep and he's gone through a couple a little bit of traffic on that lap so still in the 44s though 4049 he's only a tenth off his fastest lap of the so and guys in fourth and fifth right now 45 645 three four our guys balanced for fourth and fifth spot that's mozzie ATO and JC Camacho that was a replay from earlier with Gilliam and we had a bit of a lead she started to eke out a little lead and then had that little moment and this is him coming back through the field picked the bike up Mike doesn't even look like it's been tipped over Mike still looks good I can still see the ridiculous sticker on the side so he's done well for his sponsors and things mm-hmm and I made the past some four or five laps later going into that same corner got up underneath Nick and has set sail and Nick McFadden with all the things that have gone on including the exit of of Richie Escalante in that position Escalante in 10th spot McFadden has 8.1 seconds over Anthony mazi ato so you can see during the last lower right hand part of your screen you can see you gritted first lap four he was eight and so on as he's worked his way up in the second spot yep continuing to get through lap traffic so JD Beach seventeen point three with five to go Nick McFadden is eight seconds behind Hayden gillim and that mozzie Otto JC Camacho battle that's going on for fourth and fifth and he goes around Caroline Olson the number 43 and 16 spot so Caroline the honor TSE racing machine look at this just out of the points now these guys are in traffic mozzie Otto goes underneath or and he's got Camacho directly behind him and I think my house Thornton's directly behind both of these guys I have a look here when they come out it was a bunch of rider like see Myles backless over the look like good to John I understand some other guy it was a good lap traffic pass from Asiata because he's broken free of JC Camacho for the moment Oh another rider dad's JC Zack watch oh so 91 Camacho hits the deck trying to make up some time he lost going around lap traffic that'll move Myles Thornton up into fifth spot Camacho getting after it is that bike that's got something hanging in the last corner too so that's gonna be a see that's it that's that's a funky oh what's he got that g-dub I don't know that might be that's clutch cable it would be the throttle cable to come on the other side could be it's got something definitely missing so hope but that's just coming onto that front straightaway could be a grommet crumbed some or grommet of some sort some type of thing but not sure what that is but that's a fast crash fast craft we had a problem with this off patent by the way as Anthony Machado has moved his way up into third side so Nick McFadden now with a problem we don't know if he hit the deck up to the number 18 machine but on our timing and scoring screens as we look at my number 91 Camacho there's Nick so Nick might have had an off-track excursion half because he's got miles Thornton right up behind him now no he had eight seconds to sit that thing on the podium before to go so Nick McFadden losing spots Nick wanted to be on the podium so bad and you know he was a yeah cuz I guess Kalani had already left him alone so what do we got Greg that mozzie Otto up in third and does he he's got 2.4 on these guys so not sure Nick maybe got stuck behind a back marker or just that would know yeah at 8 seconds so you're talking about a 10 point four second Swing yep not you you know that's that's a lot of getting stuck behind the last exactly right so now he's got miles Thornton behind him just having a look out the window here yes these guys are coming down the front straightaway so they'll be three laps to go in this one if Nick McFadden or Myles Thornton have any chance of standing on the podium they've got to go get Anthony mazi ATO go Maserati look at Myles Myles now it goes up underneath Nick McFadden's I'm not sure what happened to Nick something something's happened though all right well he's worried is in this racetrack right now and he's fading at the moment we don't know if he went down and picked it up or ran off the track or just decided as the rain is just poundings come down even harder now you know could be anything really Jason visibility problems I mean there's just so much stuff that could happen to Nick just heartbreak for the Kentucky resident because he was in such a great position to finally get a podium what about this guy though has written doing a great job Thornton doing a tremendous job right now got some guys himself up two up to fourth you can see he's a larger framed rider yep you know he's a bigger guy and a lot of times those larger riders have more confidence in the rain thinking they have more traction you definitely use your size to your advantage and stuff like this right now this Africa Mathews cults and motels super play they tell you the JD Beach goes around Benjamin Smith our champion from last year at the KTM 390 cup and Benjamin's running in the points he's running 14th right now coming back from a big foot injury actually burned his foot really bad and had to sit out the Sonoma round and came back to Pittsburgh she laughs to go yeah two laps ago and right now JD Beach 46 7 Hayden gillim is trimming that lead to 11 point four one time it was 18 seconds but you can see the rain is just pretty brutal out there right now sir JD's managing things at the front although even if you see somebody catching you at this point and you're going as fast as you feel you might think you can go it's not exactly that time to start pushing even harder you know yeah and Hayden is now only eleven point four seconds behind with his lap and three-quarters to go so if JD even makes a little bit of a mistake runs himself off the track he could give up this race win so 11 seconds in the rain is not what it is in the dry by any stretch of the imagination JD Beach Hayden gillim Anthony mazi Otto mazi Otto on the podium is super stood somebody say something about that before the race started you might have mentioned it might have mentioned that let's just let's just let him finish this race it'd be great to see Anthony just hold off where he's at right now he can get his team and although I see RS people that have helped him get to where he's at right now get him up on the podium that'd be a great result for him a lap and a half to go here at New Jersey Motorsports Park Supersport race number two you're looking at the 2018 Super Sport national champion he wrapped it up yesterday and he's leading this race by 11 seconds with JD Beach tryna notch his 11th race win of the season incredible talking about eleven possible race wins for a championship that's had 15 races in all conditions in all conditions conditions so here he comes JD coming across the line right now getting the white flag you'll be happy to just do one more quick little minute 50 lap or or so yeah you can see great you can see that the waters really starting to stand bad now like the track now I get a little worried about Superbike because the of all the standing water I can see out there now so and it is coming down harder than I've seen it come down all day right ii JT I mean heat is still pushing milk or shot no good but they're not in the back he's still pushing look at him I love it it's like win it or Bennett or something for Hayden gillim on his ridiculous racing Yamaha dare is third place on the track at the moment Anthony mozzie Otto the third such a good guy to have gotten to know Anthony a little bit over the last two or three years really matured as a rider as an individual everything spark kid told me some of his things that he wants to look forward to in his future and but tremendous ride here a guy grew up here so for all of his all the New Jersey people that have watched him come along doing a great job today I'm sure his friend of me Brandon posh is egging him on – yeah remember Pasha's in the war adams over at racing today race to the bow to star we saw straight penalty those guys when i was the liqui moly junior cutlass KTM but in Supersport race number two JD Beach just a couple more corners to negotiate around this wet racetrack and you can see just how careful JD is being with those controls making sure that he's not doing anything out of the norm but still twitching as he takes a look around again you talked about it yesterday it's a good thing about this racetrack you can see here competitors if you have a couple seconds final quarter for JD Beach he comes out of the last corner it's all straight up and down now hand pumping in the air race to super sport winner JD Beach will take victory and isn't happy Hayden gillim and Hayden gillim 8.0 seconds adrift after dumping the motorcycle and picking it up you know what I'd be happy with that result but somehow I think he's not going to be we're gonna see bummed out hating and I think possibly but in the air comes the number 61 Anthony mozzie otto at his home track here in new jersey comes out of the final corner full gas he will take the checkered flag and stand on the podium for the first time this year in Super Sport congratulations to mozzie Otto in the top 9 in points by the way it's only mozzie idol and McFadden that hadn't been on the podium so now in the top 9 in points only McFadden yep Oh can't you can't crash the bike yeah that's no good can't do that no he didn't though so I everybody's out there listening he didn't he kept it up so just gonna be a little bit dirtier is all so congratulations to JD Beach water run for him he did it you know there are a lot of moments in this race on this racetrack so congratulations to him excellent job he'll remember this weekend I think now a championship win this crazy rain we've had it on and off over the years at New Jersey Motorsports Park but really great job I mean you know we didn't see as much nutrition as I thought might now but those guys did a good job and you know one of the benefits are riding in the rain is that when you do tip over all the grass and everything is pretty soft doesn't tend to rip things off the bikes as much so these guys can pick it I mean look at this bike it doesn't even look like it's been tipped over we're all like getting real close to the hill Green slightly walk up to a checking it out looks great yep so I mean congratulations to Hayden field you know I mean I'd say it was just inspiring ride really I think it II much does he locked up second now that you have Hayden gillim well yeah right yeah he locked it up so let's see yeah he had 80 points over balancing the bees so there was only 75 available even if balancing yeah and you know that's our fault we wanted to mention and we miss Valentin two bees he's here this weekend he did qualify but from a head injury he sustained in Pittsburgh he didn't feel great if he watched our broadcast yesterday and we are sad that Valentin did not get to race this weekend but we're really happy that he made the maturity decision to sit out and hopefully he heals up in the next week and a half and we'll get to see him race and throw it around Barber Motorsports gallery yeah hopefully balance I'll be ready to go there for sure yeah so we want to wish the m4x star Suzuki rider a quick recovery you


  1. Nice ride to 4th in crappy conditions Miles. Good to see you up there.
    Congrats to all the others, most especially JD on a championship performance.

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