Cashmere Baby Clothing – luxury by nature

[Music] the moment I met this wise old camel nomads the owner of 1500 camels in the south Mongolian desert was indescribable he told me the story about his whole life which he would never want to trade and that he’s one of the last living Nomad generations with hope my vision spiked I wanted to work in harmony with people animals and nature the way of living of the nomads who roam the hilly landscape with their herds has captivated me that led to my idea to produce all-natural Kashmir yak and camel wool from independent Mongolia from animals humanely tended by nomads who get paid fair wages I’m a fashion designer but what really matters is sustainability security for animals to live freely and our support of the environment I want to create an exceptional production which sustainable animal rights appropriate and resource efficient this is particularly important when you are talking about Balian children’s clothing parents should have a clear conscience when their children wear my designs all steps and the production process of the wool products are performed in a wholly sustainable manner and under proper ethical conditions other absolute musts include using pure and treated wool allergy free wool dyes as well as rejecting plastic packaging and of course social standards must be applied to the Nomad families and manufacturers the herd owners are paid directly in their cooperatives I also stay in close contact with the manufacturing companies as well as the Mongolian eating and the Nepali weaving Mills I want to ensure that all products are made according to the methods of traditional craftsmanship I only use wool completely made of pure animal hair 100% goats camels and yaks are kept under humane conditions they can move around freely and find sufficient food in the hilly countryside without over grazing the land the animals in these herds are marked as a result customers always know the source of the wool the animals fur is comped out by hand once in the springtime when the animals fleas is naturally be replaced after the combing the bull is transported in our sealed containers to the washing mill then to the spinning mill and finally to the knitting and weaving Mills my big dream is to organize one or two occurs for two Nomad families and to support a water supply project in Mongolia I also want to buy a spinning machine to produce tin ions this machine should also be used for schooling purposes to other small family based I want to protect the traditional manufacturing companies in Mongolia and Nepal and I want to preserve the age-old knowledge of the Nomad culture and its living environment let us help together to offer enough work to the people in Nepal and a stable livelihood to the nomads and they are animals in Mongolia to me sustainability is balance thank you so much for supporting my dream [Music]

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  1. Superb video clip! Here at Y&S FOOD! we love to find such type of contents. We create Travel & Food video as well, world wide, and we are continually looking for inspirations and also vision. Thank You.

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