CAPTURING THE GAME MASTER! (Exploring Project Zorgo Secret Base)

previously hello is it recording cheek what are we doing joining the game master I’m looking I told you to trust me guys if we join the game master we can figure out who he is we can figure out what he is we can be double agents we can work for the game master but put a stop to at the same time hi yes we’re here to join you guys join the game master you want me to have this what but wait we’ve reached up to the call you guys might want to stand back a little bit this this could be something bad okay well well it goes this plan this will be like a big initiation cake or something like that again hopefully there’s nothing bad in here guys I’m going really careful too because I don’t want to hit anything or break anything let’s go all be evidence for us whoa okay all right there’s some there’s some stuff in here guys there is definitely some stuff in here what is all this stuff this is like a lot to take in right now guys there is a lot of different things in here because I think this might be an initiation boxing it might have worked giving it to us I think this is how you join the game master you must have to start as a creeper and work your way up the ladder we must have like impressed him or something if he wants us to join him but remember we’re doing this to break in and stop them not to join them and looks like oh dude it’s a cake that’s what they wear it’s the real deal my idea to join the game master was a good one I thought but the more real this gets the more freaked out I am I mean I’m literally holding a creepers mask do you love this looks like there’s a lockbox here and here’s the combination I have no idea what the combination could be did they didn’t say anything on the phone today no they didn’t say anything looks like some kind of modded in there um yeah it looks like it’s part of the creepers arsenal like something they’ve been using this must be the full set this is what he wants us to use and every join them why would the game master use a regular nerf guns I mean he’s been capturing youtubers and hacking channels looks like it’s attached to a battery system of some sort there’s a lighter Jake just give me one second I gotta go make a phone call okay I’ll be right back we’re in the middle of this locust give me a second okay okay well we got it we got to figure out what this gun is first guys and yes more importantly we gotta get into this I don’t know what to do next is he gonna call me is he gonna send a letter to my house what there must be something in here there has to be something to do with this there’s no way you would give us this and just have no reason to get inside of it all right what did I miss I’m still figuring out how to get into this still want to figure out this gun is though it’s can’t understand why you guys this what does it do if it’s just a standard Gurkha there’s a battery system at the bottom here look look at dude it shocked me what what do you need to shop to you it was like a Taser slow slow slow yeah get a flow me man whoa what do you mean shocked you it was like an electric shock you just like passed out I think that’s what this is guys I think that’s how the game master is taking out youtubers he’s using nerf guns which are modified as Tasers if this gets in the wrong hands this could be very bad I’m gonna put it right back in the box it’s good to know though this what they’re using I mean if they had that one we were escaping the prison we might not be back here like there’s cash in here looking look at that whoa Jake it’s another hidden bottom Logan I think the game master gave us some cash give us cash he’ll know that there’s a lot of it here to a couple hundred dollars looks like it’s cryptic meet me here on Oh nine oh five 18 the date you seek is the day we meet when the Sun is at its peak so eight the game master wants us to meet him at a location on this day when the Sun is at its peak what what’s its peak probably midday like at 12 o’clock right but but where do we need them it there’s nothing at all good something else in here wait guys if we’re meeting with the game master that’s our chance we should literally take this and take him out we could stop the game master we gotta find this location we gotta figure out where we’re meeting at me this could be our perfect opportunity to take him down we can stop him once and for all for real this time okay the date you seek is the day we need when the Sun is at its peak meet me here we have the date though so why is it nice famous Oh 905 eighteen wait these might be the numbers to this alright hold on oh nine oh nine oh five eighteen but there’s only there’s only five options here I can’t put in eighteen wait G there’s symbols but you’re right star son so when the sun’s at its peak maybe it’s the Sun you’re right you’re right all right let me try the Sun Sun whoa Logan it opens guys check this out there’s a secret compartment in here with another note hey let me open it bingo we have it that’s the address for Tina Albertson Drive look we did it we figured it out we figured out where he wants us to meet this this must all be part of his test we know how cryptic he is Amy on other videos he’s all about riddles and and games we’re playing his game and we’re winning now all we need to do is go to this location tomorrow dress up as creepers and when we get there we take out the game master for real all right guys it’s a brand new day and it is the day that we are finally ready to capture and take down the game master we’ve been preparing for this for so long now and we have finally found out a way that we can capture him we know where he’s gonna be and we have our disguise to get in as you guys know the game master thinks that we’re gonna be joining him but that’s exactly what we’re gonna go and capture him I’ve got all of our gear lined up here all right Jake so what’s the plan plan simple we’re gonna infiltrate the base once we’ve located them using the binoculars I’m gonna head in under the disguise that I’m joining them what’s inside I’m gonna be using the blaster against them now guys last night I had some time to actually look into this thing and see how it works as you know Logan got well tased by it and it looks like it uses a special version of nerf ammunition problem is there’s no way for me to replicate this which means we only got three shots in this once I get to the game master I’m gonna tie them up with these chains once we have them we’ll bring them back here and interrogate them to find out exactly who he is and stop them from taking down youtubers you’re gonna have to operate the getaway vehicle which means I’m not gonna have you as backup wait I’m not going in with you it’s the only way we can assure that we can get out of there I need you in the getaway vehicle in this case something goes wrong but Logan if I don’t reply to you over the radio in under 10 minutes you have to promise me you’ll leave Jake I don’t like the sound of that I’m not gonna leave you behind well if everything goes as planned you won’t have hey get my cloak on we’re almost late to the meeting we’ve only got one shot at this to capture the game master I don’t know guys this plan could go sideways really fast and guys remember to subscribe and hit that Bell button so you don’t miss another video yeah guys if something does happen to me I’m gonna need you guys more than ever so hit the bell button and hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss the next video might not be for me if I get captured I’ve got my cloak on hand I’ve got my protective vest underneath it’s time to head to the car and capture our game master alright guys looks like this is the place dude this is freaky where are we going I have no idea this is like off-road guys whoa careful man this road does not look like it’s been kept alright maybe looking looking over stopping yourself here I can get out here are you sure yeah I’ll make my way down to wherever the meeting is all right this is it let’s head down first creeper I see I gotta wait for a moment and take him out you wait here with the getaway vehicle if anything happens though you need to get out of here okay I’ll wait ten minutes okay I think it’s about time I pull a masked ball I don’t know where the first creeper is gonna meet me or what they’re gonna be doing but I got to be ready man this place does look super creepy guys I don’t know where the first peoples gonna be also got my weapon here I’ve got my binoculars for surveillance let’s not find a first creeper I haven’t seen anything yet quick look-see visit truck coming hold on hold on hold on guys that must be going to where the gamemaster is I must be on the right track whatever the game masters doing in these woods cannot be good he’s up to something that is a massive vehicle and I don’t know if you guys can hear it on the camera but I’m hearing like heavy machinery coming from deep in the woods this must be where their hideout is I look they’re building it or doing something but I’m definitely getting close wait wait someone’s coming so this guy they’re just people in the woods right there all right I’m gonna try and film as much as I can guys but don’t want to give away what I’m doing hello hi yeah I’m here Oh where are you taking me three-two-one told him he’s down the bottom let’s look at the first creeper I think it’s time we take out all these creepers and take out this Game Master Papa Jake’s done hiding from these guys hide only a few shots left and it looks like wherever this trail leads his were there hiding know how many creepers I’m gonna be up against but if I can get close enough to the game master then I can chain them up and bring them home in the getaway vehicle all right checking my watch here looks like it about six minutes before Logan gets alerted and even less time before I’m supposed to meet the game master well seeing is how I’m taking them out I don’t think I need this anymore they the costs wait Cooper’s coming done perfect it’s down look I keep moving fast come on come on oh no we got oh you see I still looking for me you guys check this out I think I found the compound I’ve got to go this creeper before he can alarm the rest gone another one down but that’s all my ammo I’m completely spent all right well we found the compound let’s move up there and do some reconnaissance we’ve got a capture the gamemaster and fast no much time I see any more coming for us I don’t know if there’s a large set off or what I feel it we can stop him today’s the day whoa guys this might be bigger than I thought oh no penny my binoculars okay let’s take a look whoa guys look at this place this is a massive compound there’s multiple buildings there’s a huge amount of concrete we’ve seen some of the other places that he has but nothing this big there’s a huge mansion there doesn’t look like I’m seeing any creepers there’s so much space though wait look look see there’s a trail down there okay well I don’t have any ammo left my stun gun which means I’m just gonna have to use the chains and well my brute strength all right let’s head down there okay guys I started making my way to the entrance found this trail here shouldn’t be too far I’ve only literally got two minutes before Logan heads down here this compound is massive though guys I’m gonna try and document everything I can you need to let me know in the comments what you think this could be guys what do you think the game masters building here and why do you think he has it here of all places wait I think I see him there he is the game master he’s right there hey Game Master it’s over you’re done and you’re coming with me oh the Poppa Jake if you think I’m the game master then you are very mistaken this games just getting started we know


  1. If you joined them you could capture a creeper and unmask them.So you might wondering why I would want you to do that,well what I think is he captures you tubers and brainwashes them and they are his minions.

  2. I feel like Logan is because he said I have to make a phone call Mabie he is reporting everyting everywhere every plan everything

  3. The first time i heard the news of the game master i will now however to stop him when i get a channel Sean

  4. It Logan he probably was calling the game master when you were playing with the modified nerf gun

  5. Do not join people will hunt jake 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🇹🇴🇹🇴🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🤟

  6. All the creepers are wearing the same shoes if you can find a store that sells them maybe you can find one

  7. Logan acts suspicious look suspicious cuz when you can get the know about him is what he's been doing in his room when he goes in the videos

  8. You are suspicious I mean wearing the same clothes on one video and then yes why does Jake want to join the game master but you already are part of the game master but he's trying to Captain you and the game master

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