Can I Learn To Love My Cellulite?

– I’m deeply regretting this entire thing already and it’s only
day one and I’m about to cry because I’m so nervous. (gentle music) My relationship with my
body’s deeply complicated. I want so deeply to
love myself the way I am but it is so hard. I do everything I can to
try to hide my cellulite. You know, growing up, you’re
sitting next to your friends and someone walks by
and they have cellulite and someone makes a comment
about, how it’s disgusting and ewe, she should cover that up. And then I hear that and I
internalize that cause I’m like, “Oh my god, I have tons of
cellulite all over my body.” I think that now that I
am a part of the media, I can change the narrative finally. So this week I have
three major challenges. The first one is that I’m
gonna be walking around in a very public place
wearing short shorts. Number two is going running in public and then the third challenge
is to go buy a bikini and then wear that bikini
in public and try to be a boss-ass bitch when I’m
probably dying inside. I’m about to leave to go to
work wearing my first outfit and I am physically
shaking, I’m so nervous. Alright, so this is what I’ll be looking at all day, my cellulite thighs. So I wear basically the
same thing every day. I wear mostly black, dresses never go above the knee, always long sleeves. If he doesn’t care,
then why should I care? What do you think about my outfit today? – You look hot.
– I think you look amazing. – Yeah, I don’t know why you
don’t wear stuff like this more often and show off those legs. – I’ve never seen you wear
a dress like that before and I love it. How do you feel? – Exposed. So for the first main
event I walked through a really public mall. I’m gonna flop these bad boys around. (laughs) I’m not excited about it, I’m not. I’m pretending like
it’s funny but it’s not. The moment I stepped out of my car and realized what I was
going to do I was like, “oh fuck, what have I done?” (laughs) As I was walking through the mall it was just tons of the worst things you could ever think about yourself. About an hour in, I was
in the middle of H&M and I had a really insane anxiety attack. I don’t feel comfortable
yet showing my cellulite to the public and I felt like
everybody was just staring at me and I know it’s not true. And I just didn’t feel as
good as I thought I would. What made it so bad was
that every time I felt good about myself I would walk
past a mirror and I would see my reflection and I think
it kept bringing me back to reality which was like,
“oh yeah, you have cellulite.” So, my parents are in town. What do you guys think
about cellulite in general? – It’s a curse. My mother had it. She was very petite. Even though I feel badly about it, I don’t think anybody should
be judged for having cellulite. And we just have to learn to live with it. And women should be kinder
to one another about it. – Today I am running in
public in front of everyone. It’s already hard enough
to work out in gyms. Everyone there is totally in shape and then here you are on a treadmill and you feel like everything’s
jiggling and out there, and everyone’s staring at
you ’cause you don’t know what you’re doing. But running in public,
for me, is even worse. When I finished jogging, I
went home and I was just so mad that I let people dictate
how I felt about my body for this long. Honestly, looking back on
the footage of me running, I’m like more embarrassed
about my bad form, that I’m a terrible athlete,
more than my cellulite. (laughs) I just had this weird
sense of a calm release. When I was walking in a bikini
next to all these people in fully clothed outfits,
it felt weird for sure. There’s nothing not weird about that. But it was a weird way of
walking around being like, (shows middle fingers). ‘Cause it was almost like,
if anyone did stare at me and hated me for whatever
reason, it’s on them. No one said anything mean. If anything, people were totally normal and didn’t probably think
twice and even if they did, fuck ’em because I am so
over people body shaming and I’m so over people telling
me how to feel about myself. I’m just so over everyone
telling me how my body should be instead of me. It’s so funny how your mind
can trick you into thinking things are real when they’re not. And I don’t know what really happened, I can’t read other peoples minds, but the more honest we are
about who we actually are and what we actually look
like and how we actually feel about things, the more that
we can actually change things. When I started this
challenge I was on the verge of tears almost every day that
I had to show my cellulite to the world and then by
the end, I was so free from all the worry and all
the thoughts that society had on me and all the expectations. And that felt fucking awesome.


  1. Omg, your mother is so sweet, she looks like she’s about to cry at every minute tho, but she’s so sweeeettt aw

  2. When she looked at the dog and said “if he doesn’t care, then I shouldn’t care” that is my motivation

  3. Before anyone says "I don't care what people say about me, I dint care about people's opinions" they should be saying I don't care what I'm saying about my body… Because in reality, you are your worse critic. Start with "I love myself"

  4. For those who REALLY REALLY hate their cellulite they can workout! They are a lot of exercises for this!!😊 And… Your body is amazing no matter what 😘😘

  5. I have cellulite but I honestly don't care bc it's not unhealthy and I never even realized I had it until these comments said what it was but I still don't care 😂😂

  6. She's chubby…

    I love it!!😊😊 her body shape is sexy and her cellulite is not noticeable tho….i love her outfits tooo…

  7. You Are Beautiful Just the Way You Are cellulite and all I have scars on my arm from bug bites I'm allergic to them and I can't help but scratch them he leave scars on my arms I can really insecure about them and I'm singing or what who cares about my arms someone needs to care about my heart not just my not just my arms I say it's in my Warriors cars I said damn I cheetah prints

  8. I hate my cellulite I have it on my stomach and I got it when I was 11 even though I was really skinny and I always wanted to wear crop tops but I feel like people will judge

  9. Wow my body looks so similar to hers. I might be a little thinner/petite but this is the same I'll have to go through next summer. I hope my legs don't get too damaged after the cryolipolisis treatment I'm having in a few days 😟 does anybody have experienced that?

  10. Omg! You look sooo beautiful in that jogging outfit❤️ you’re so cute and sexy – just being yourself! In love😍

  11. I feel the same way I would not go to the beach or water park because of this cellulite that took over my legs and buttocks..😭😭😭 I wish I had her courage to not give a flying f*ck about what anyone thinks but it's hard when you live in a society that constantly judges your every being. Humans can make other people feel worthless.🤦🏽‍♀️

  12. Thank you, girl! You are so brave to get out of your comfort zone! This inspired me, and you are doing it right👍🍑

  13. I don't have cellulite. Probaly because I'm somewhat active and I do track and cross-country but I still don't like to wear a bathing suit like a bikini cause I think i have body dismorfia all I see is fat. Like I know I'm not, im 112 pounds and I'm 5"4 but I want to be thinner
    And I know a lot of active people have cellulite. There is a girl that is very active and can run and jump and has the record at my school for hurdles and she has a little cellulite. It's normal

  14. As soon as I saw the thumbnail I literally said out loud "oh shut up you're so fuckin gorgeous"

  15. Tbh i think cellulite is hot asf, it shows natural beauty, being buff is cool too, but cellulite shows that you are curvy but not fake.

  16. I’m 15 years old and i have a lot of cellulite and am okay with them.
    Honestly i was sooo shooked when I knew it was hated by a lot of people like what’s the matter with them they’re part if u if u have them so… EXPECT them! 🙂 ❤️💯

  17. I don't want to diminish the emotional turmoil that she's going through and how valid it is, because it is super valid, and I have eczema on my the backs of my knees (large spots of red, flaky skin – it's a severe dry skin condition that I got passed down to me from my grandma – way to go genetics), and have since I was born – so I get the pain of not wanting to show your legs. But I'm 15 and I can honestly say that before this I hadn't even heard of cellulite, and her legs look completely normal and gorgeous to me. So if you are reading this and you have cellulite, flaunt those legs girl. Also, if you have eczema and are reading this, don't let that stop you. I once had someone at school come up to me and say that they envied me for my legs (I did ballet at the time so I guess they looked thin and muscly, I didn't see it though), and ever since I just imagined her and it's helped me. Someone somewhere doesn't notice, or doesn't care, and thinks that the part of you that you hate is gorgeous. Just let that sink in, and love yourself.

  18. The best 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤️💕💕❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️💕😘👍🏻❤️😘👍🏻❤️💕😘👍🏻❤️💕😘😍

  19. Squats, lunges, and weight lifting makes those jiggly legs look WAY better and tighter. So the only area left is just around some areas of my butt.

  20. ok but can we talk about h&ms dressing rooms?? Like idk why but i look like i have cellulite to the middle of my thighs when i try clothes there which is nowhere near true. Am i the only one who notices that

  21. Her cellulite isnt even that bad…. I saw SO many girls in greece with rlly short shorts on and it was real bad and they werent embarresd of girls van rock shorts with way more cellulite that you that you can to!!

  22. I didn't realize what cellulite was until I looked it up. My point is through half of the video I was confused because I only notice how beautiful you are 😉

  23. Please help me I’m a young girl who loves shorts and dresses but am so scared to show my legs because they skinny and have a lot of marks on them

    I have been so afraid for so long now what can do ???😪

  24. I have cellulite and I’m a size 2 and am 5’’6! I’m an athlete too ( I run xc and track) cellulite is normal and I’m so sad that people are shamed for it.

  25. I'm slim, but my thighs are chubby and they do have cellulite. I totally salute her, for giving women confidence. I totally relate to her.

  26. I’m a petite girl at 5’2 and I’m not very big quite a flat stomach small-ish boobs and a regular bum but I’ve got stretch marks on my bum and cellulite on my upper thighs below my bum and all I can do is wish I was perfect and pretty I guess anyone can get it you can be the size 20 and have cellulite or size 0 and have it

  27. Literally no one cared lol

    The world doesnt revolve around you

    It seems this was all in her head and society was in her head and she just still doesnt love her body

  28. Yes, absolutely you can, in the meanwhile I already love it, if you don't mind? 🤩
    (I can't help but enjoy cellulite on women thighs and butts. 😍 It makes them "dirtier" and makes me "hungry" 🤤 except when it's really too much to handle. 😅)

  29. Oh god! I I feel the same way! Im not as big as her but im so insecure about my body that the though of putting on leggings and going out in public makes me have a crying panic attack. I think she did the right thing and she is beautiful, but sadly right now i think i could never do that.

  30. It's not just me but your body is hot. Cellulite is NATURAL. It's caused by how things women's skin is. Beyonce, Kim K, and literally everyone has it even thin girls. Be happy with your body instead of hating it, as long as you're happy and healthy then don't care about everyone else

  31. I have hairy arms and I’m a girl and I find it so hard to go to school without wearing long sleeves or a sweater because I know I’ll get teased for it and it’s summer now and I can’t put up the courage to go to school without hiding my arms

  32. Shes def got a point. Pple body shame everywhere & it can change how u see urself to the point u dont even wna go somewhere n a swim suite

  33. I’ve not had bare legs in public for 6 years due to being so self conscious about my cellulite. Even in the summer I’m always in leggings or jeans cause I don’t want people staring or judging me. Wish I had the confidence to wear cute lil shorts or dresses 😭

  34. Girl. Come on you have an actual amazing body and them thighs are sexy asf. Your body is amazing and you should never think your not so keep wearing things to show off that sexy body and love yourself and show yourself off

  35. You are so beautiful I swear it isn’t just words . I like your body you have proportions and it’s soooo important. I have cellulite also but I have really beautiful body and I really don’t care . Sooooo you are amazing you have pretty body and beautiful face wish you all the best ❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️

  36. I simply visit CelluliteFact. Com . After only a fast time I already see a visible transformation on my cellulite areas. It’s incredible and I`m really awed. I didn`t assume it to work very well.

  37. accept your cellulite. but there is nothing to love about it, it’s not normal. sure, it’s common in the west because of our awful lifestyles, but it’s not normal. it’s a condition that lots of women in the west happen to have and we pass it off. it’s not just “something that happens”, it’s a sign of how you treat yourself. so please stop saying it’s normal

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