cabi Clothing Fall Trends | Sweaters & Jackets

Trend alert! This season, the must-have is a great topper— the topper phenomenon— lots of detail, lots of color, prints, patterns. You just want them to complete your look. We just happen to have these
fantastic toppers in the Fall 2019 Collection. If you’re more casual, you can still polish off a simple look with a pinch of a washed-down, soft and snuggly velvet jacket. Another runway uniform for fall was the longer sweater or jacket, whether your sweater or jacket is solid or patterned. We saw Fair Isle patterns, we saw chunky knits, and both will work to achieve a smooth look. Try a jacket, perhaps, that’s embellish with belts, zippers, or faux leather touches. Expand your closet with a cool, patterned jacket. You can take it classic, old-school
tailored with a glen plaid, or go a little crazy with a skin print. An over-the-top leopard, faux fur jacket will live in your closet for years, making the cost per wear add up to pennies. This is the kind of thing that really adds an elegance to any look. Whatever the case, this fall, just know that we’ve got you covered. So don’t forget to top it off!

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