Buying Childrens Clothing : Childrens Clothes & Base Layers

Hi. Welcome to Expert Village. I’m Gretchen
Soares and today we’re going to be discussing how to shop for children’s clothing. In this
segment we’re going to talk about how to choose a base piece for building a wardrobe for a
child whose changing sizes. I like to start with lowers. It’s always harder to get pants
and etc. Shirts are much simpler to come by. So I like to start with lowers. So since we’re
in a recycled clothing store, we simply need to look at what they have in the size range
we want. I want to start with a pair of pants. So these are some cute ones that are in the
right size range for me. And in a base piece or a base category, we want to keep it pretty
broad. So great would be the black because black goes with a lot of items. We can build
onto that and come up with a number of wardrobes. Also really good for this age range, are going
to be jeans. These ones are kind of cute because you can turn the cuffs down and they’re just
plain jeans or turn them up and they have a little bit of detail. It’s pretty basic.
There’s not a lot of it has to go with a certain color so that would be really good too. Now
I want to go through, we’re going to find baby a pair of Capri?s or shorts or maybe
a little jumper that could be worn as lowers. And we want to sort of stay in the same color
range if we can with maybe a little bit of variance; maybe just a little pink for fun.
That will go well with some shirts we can pick for this one too and maybe if we could
get a jumper or two in here. So now we’ve got a pair of shorts, a jumper, two pairs
of pants and two Capri?s. This should keep you pretty well stocked for a week’s time.
Now when we’re going between girls and boys, building a girls base piece is going to be
a little simpler because there’s so many variety of items that girls can wear -pants, Capri?s,
skirts, dresses. Boys are a little more functional. Boys usually wear pants on their bottoms or
shorts in the springtime. So when you’re looking for a boy?s piece, you’re going to look for
something a little more functional and a little heartier. In little boys, overalls are a great
choice. They’re cute; keeps the belly from hanging out. You can also go with a pair of
pants, but you’re going to want to make sure that they’re pretty sturdy and high quality
so that they go with a lot of different things and they can be worn and used well. So we
can pick up a pair of shorts, a pair of khakis would be good. Add a little color in there.
If we take these three pieces and add the two pieces that we already picked, we have
a nice selection of lowers for this young man.

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