Buying Childrens Clothing : Buying Skirts & Childrens Clothes

Hi, welcome to Expert Village. I’m Gretchen
Soares and today we are going to be discussing how to shop for children’s clothing. In this
segment, we’re going to be looking at picking some skirts or dresses to go with our wardrobe
that we’ve already built for our little girl. So this, on girls is the area we get to have
a little bit of fun and just see what looks fun. Fortunately for dresses, we don’t have
to worry too much about them blending with the pants that we’ve picked. The only thing
we’re going to be a little concerned about is our jacket. But, like that’s a really cute
one. And this is great because other than a jacket, it really doesn’t need anything
with it. We don’t have to worry about do we have a shirt that’s going to match, do we
have anything like that. Again this would be good for the same reason. It’s pretty self-sufficient.
It goes with the pinks that we’ve already chosen. You know, I’m looking for everyday
dresses right now, so I don’t want anything…while this is just totally adorable, it’s not practical
for every day dresses. That would take special laundering, that would take special care.
I don’t want to fuss with that on every day. I’m looking for cottons and polyesters; easy
wash, no fuss, no ironing. Simple wash and wear garments. I want one long-sleeved one
and that’s pretty cute. So I think we’ve got, a long-sleeve, a jumper, and 2 short sleeves.
That’s a pretty good selection of dresses for a little girl.

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