you know yeah we don't know where we yeah hey guys it's not and as you can tell I'm lost in Shinjuku and in the midst of me getting lost I completely forgot to film an intro so sorry about that but anyways I came to Shinjuku because my friend jasmine and I decided that we wanted to go check out big confession College we are both very interested in studying fashion and we've both been looking into this school for a little while now we can't seem to decide which program we wanted to study and I was blessed enough that my dear friend who goes to finger fashion college her name is Agnes there she was super sweet she decided to give us a little tour of her department which is the fashion textile department she's been studying for three years now so she knows blanket fashion called you pretty well so yeah that's so long and check out the school together good and this is the book shop where you can buy magazines and not textbooks this magazine that is over have you been there dear times no I care for you here first okay this is the life mmm it has it's really good the library because it's dated like books like sense like 1980s they still have the books here Wow and they always update their magazines or the fashion magazines like WWE so I didn't do a very good job of explaining this in video but basically this is an exhibit of previous work done by some students they wouldn't really sell this kind of stuff in stores and it's so cool to see what Japanese students kind of experiment with and what they make my class so yeah we are not a big class compared to the apparel design this is what we make our listen for Jenny's just it that's good my friends this is let me check it so just a coating right now yeah get the bodies sure then Agnes shoulders risk is booked and some of the projects and the sketches are so detailed and really impressive when we learn how to make we draw fabrics I tell her I don't know what I've made but it look like you should make it like a check good so you learn how to draw textures and then this is actually this hmm so I first draw this which is a repeated pattern and then as you said if you make a repeated pattern can you imagine like what floats will you put it and I want I put like a casual shape hmm and another one is 40 this matches the color yes and then this was for like a retro the theme was mutual whisper conclution have you made it but whatever and then we don't have to draw our lingerie and then this was for another competition and the theme was you can just whatever so some people choose like eggs or anything and then I choose Cathedral I really like the mosaic yourself mmm and then this I tried by hand and I scan it and I print it out this one this is the result mmm it kind of what I call it like kind of degrade the colors right to that like so I'm thinking of embroidering it over it hmm and then put it on a jacket jacket just now and then Oh perfect we have it great and then this is another repeated pattern but this is a mirror image so this is imagine this has the top left and then you mirror here in mirror here and we raid their homes and then I make sure the only person in France or food that this so hybrid identity is the name of the concept she was going for for this portfolio she actually did like a fusion of Indian Asian and Japanese art and she truly blew me away with this portfolio I was honestly really impressed so the first one is in chequered mmm because this is the material that I used and I tell you there's more which is the fur and the cords and everything yeah this is the one that you said so you can touch the fabrics here hmm so the real one is this one mmm and I change you to pastel colors this is another one which is this is a tube top which could be a top and a skirt mmm and this is all those fabrics are the same and this is the real one you can touch it's actually acrylic and you see that the flower print mm-hmm so it's white base jacquard we call this yogurt and when you just print it so that's why you can see a little bit of Ramudu pretty good you have different textures and this is actually the same fabric and I favorite print as the sleeve but you can really see it because I change the color and we don't have that much different fabrics attached to it this is also the same condition materials here I use the organza and wall together you make a flower dress really yeah this is the origin so it all started from sketch and then arranged it in illustrator and Photoshop and then I put work or whatever and some of them are hand sewed and so we write all of this by yourself with anything around this is another material which is the the one that you saw the pencil one I change the color but this is the original one and yes that's me lying down with you just to show off like how big the fabric is you can really see how big the fabric is I love the color just so gorgeous tropical colors so just let you're talking about really yeah and they're all hand-drawn all these leads echo everything all started with hand gun and an eye scanner and digital payment paper first which is like this this is actually my friend wonderful food so you put it out and then you put it on fabric okay let's say this is the fabric and then you put it together like that so winning how so the color is sticks on the fabric I have a hip cut like that at my house but I just use it for making t-shirt it's really cool so it depends like on how like create if you want to get so I think like the real material is like this mmm so some is really silver some is white base so when you put it out the white base might not get as much color as the silver part right so that's why it gives you this defect this is all the different students like yeah microliters in Macomb people this is like from from students from before them yeah see there's pleats which is really cool boomhauer's yeah so yeah if you don't print it like as far as I I did just now when it's folded nicely you look like a leaf suddenly mine looks like man long yeah this is the digital printing area she wants to you sponge to make one my teacher she are introduced so obviously I didn't film while we were talking to her teacher but I did get a chance to check out the lab it was pretty awesome honestly we got to see a bunch of different cool things you got to see how she makes this really interesting fabric that's kind of like a mesh like fabric I'm not exactly sure what it is but she showed us how she kind of altered the shape of it by using some marbles and buttons actually and so I thought that was really fascinating to see and she even showed us how she makes it because it was a project that she was working on in class so she showed us how she kind of cut it up and this time it came up with a really interesting color pattern and had a little bit of like a white ring on it but I thought it was just so cool to see her kind of like doing her thing and you can tell she's doing passionate about it so yeah next she showed us how to make this cool cotton print as well oh this is three boards three boards print mm-hmm that's registry colors and you can just walk there to the quarry so this is a kind of word that would be used to make what you just saw couple seconds ago and normally that you use that method or they use hand-painted images like the ones that you're looking at right now these ones are actually done by adding as a teacher he actually hand-painted all of these and use them for different I guess like textile projects so really cool to see that in person and to kind of see what kind of work goes into making these fabrics and as you can see Japanese students that are studying Excel design if you take this really seriously so so cool to check up in lab and kind of simple working hard and honestly I have to say that I've the entire tour my favorite part was definitely the lot you got to see how things work we also got to see a couple students passing by on the school is so cool to see how passionate over up we all are they are just so amazing and yeah the questioner this is how we ended the tour we wanted to check out this cool shop right here breathe but unfortunately it was closed so you had to say goodbye it's very end of the tour I've been in Indonesia you uh bye alright so we just had a goodbye to Agnes I'm here with jasmine and we're gonna go eat ramen now because we're hungry and we haven't eaten anything since Navy M how are we still alive I don't know anyways umm yeah oh wow you almost die by that anyways yeah this is like the first part I guess the second part will be the day of the open campus show but I hope that was helpful and I guess if you have if you have questions you can like leave them below in the comments and I'll try my best to answer them or I'll probably ask Agnes and ask her to answer them but yeah really my psyche I read books because there is no pilot it's literally no pilot I don't understand how that's a thing I honestly don't know okay everyone's ready to go away


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  4. Can you make a video about tuition, applying and financing? I haven't found video talking about that at all yet

  5. Wow, I want to do fashion courses in Japan. I want to go to Tokyo Designer Gakuen College but idk if it would be right for me? How do you like Bunka?

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  7. So I end up here watching your videos again 🙂 Still remember me?
    This video is such awesome! Since there arent many videos of insight into Bunka available on Youtube (esp. one in English :))) So, hope you a great time staying in Tokyo, Hazina!

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