Bullied boy in Memphis gets help from classmates

3 A HEART-WARMING STORY OUT OF MEMPHIS, WHERE TWO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS STEPPED UP TO HELP A FRESHMAN WHO WAS BEING BULLIED OVER HIS CLOTHES. ALEXA LORENZO REPORTS. 3 Michael Todd/ Received Clothes from Students: 3 “Awesome. The best day of my entire life basically.” FRESHMAN MICHAEL TODD WAS TAKEN OUT OF THIRD PERIOD AT MLK PREP MONDAY MORNING. Michael Todd/ Received Clothes from Students:”I was very happy. Shocked completely.”HE FROZE WHEN FOOTBALL PLAYERS KRISTOPHER GRAHAM AND ANTWAN GARRETT HANDED HIM A GIFT. Michael Todd/ Received Clothes from Students:”You guys are awesome”A GIFT THAT CHANGES MICHAEL’S SCHOOL YEAR- BAGS FULL OF SHIRTS, SHORTS, SHOES AND MORE. Kristopher Graham/ Gave Clothes to Schoolmate:”He wasn’t smiling or anything and I was like I think this is going to make you smile. I told him we’re in the same third period and I apologize for laughing at you and I want to give something to you to make it up.”MICHAEL WAS GETTING MADE FUN OF FOR THREE STRAIGHT WEEKS AT HIS NEW SCHOOL.Michael Todd/ Received Clothes from Students:”I’ve been bullied my entire life.” HE WOULD WEAR THE SAME CLOTHES EVERYDAY AND STUDENTS AT MLK PREP WOULD MOCK HIM FOR IT. Michael Todd/ Received Clothes from Students:”I really don’t have clothes at home. My mom can’t buy clothes for me because I’m growing too fast.” Kristopher Graham/ Gave Clothes to Schoolmate:”When I saw people laugh and bully him, I felt like I needed to do something.”SO, GRAHAM WENT THROUGH HIS CLOSET GRABBED A BUNCH OF CLOTHES AND TEXTED HIS FRIEND ANTWAN FOR HELP. Antwan Garrett / Gave Clothes to Schoolmate: “I got some brand-new shoes I can give him and a couple of items I could give him too.”THEY PACKED ALL THAT UP AND GAVE IT TO MICHAEL. THE SHORTS, THE PANTS, THE SHOES MADE A DIFFERENCEMichael Todd/ Received Clothes from Students: “This is like the second shoes I have on right now. Basically, that’s all.”TODAY MICHAEL WAS ALREADY WEARING THOSE NEW ARMY GREEN SNEAKERS THEY GAVE HIMAntwan Garrett / Student: “It was a weak moment for me. I almost cried.” Kristopher Graham/ Gave Clothes to Schoolmate:”And the I cried at lunch when he saw you two are the only ones to give me a gift.”THE HELP ISN’T STOPPING IN THE HALLS OF MLK PREP. PEOPLE FROM STATES AWAY HAVE SEEN THE VIDEO AND WANT TO SEND MICHAEL CLOTHES. ALL THIS IS THANKS TO TWO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WHO WANT TO PUT A STOP TO BULLYING. Michael Todd/ Received Clothes from Students:”You guys are the best guys of my entire life.” 3 A TOP 25 BATTLE IN THE F-C-S RANKS TAKES PLACE THIS


  1. Whats the difference like people with School Uniforms And Work Gears have to wear the same shit to school daumnn plus that boy sound high asf 💯 but big ups to the tokos wwho got him clothes

  2. I guarantee he will remember them for the rest of his life they made a difference in his life good job guys we need more people like you

  3. Good but why have someone record it? Doing it for clout if you real real do it without the camera

  4. This is the problem with the bullies. They don't know the shit their victim is going through. Thank you for helping the kid out.

  5. Some of y’all in the comments trippin..Bullying gets worse by the generation.Bullying back then in the 90s and early 2000s was different and nothing compared to it now

  6. i’ve been called ugly, whale, slut everyday since the 5th grade. i’m now 13 and it still happens 🤷‍♀️ we don’t do anything to deserve this. i’m underweight, and get called fat 🤷‍♀️. bullies pour their insecurities on others and don’t live themselves we should try being nice to them even if it’s hard to be nice when they’re mean. i’ve been trying to spread that since 6th grade but people don’t listen, bullies are bullies and WE are strong.

  7. After the guys go ellen and be famous every high school kids want to give their freinds clothes and act like their freinds is retarded

  8. This is never going to end.. It doesn't matter if school intervene. Kids tend to make fun of others no matter what, it's their nature. Empathy it's something that you develop when you are growing up.

  9. It fills me with joy to know that those thoughtful guys are out there. Helping a poor kid in desperate need of support.

  10. Kid prolly lives in a box. Where tha fuk is his shitty parents.. never heard of a goodwill?? Come on! Also, kudos to the kids who helped

  11. Awesome. I don't want to look at the comments because I know some dumb azz will say something out of pocket but props to those young men.

  12. I was bullied for wearing like 3 outfits a week in my school time too… Kids are crazy and they will always find a reason to bully you to make them feel better.

  13. I got bullied for 8 years straight. Left a mark on me and i hope hes doing well. Good people still exist…

  14. This is why people want reporters to be sent to the gulags.

    they like to frame stories and make them seem genuine.

  15. Love the action …. It's real and it's one step forward into equality … well done to the 2 students with a heart

  16. Very nice of them. I'm sorry though, does the kid in the white have a belt in that closet of his? Come on man, pull those shorts up. Still a very nice thing for them to do for their classmate though.

  17. I mean its good and everything but… i cant help but see that backpack wearing kid's pants going down every time he bends over.

  18. Now that's how it should be love them guys. I hate bullys so much i will always help someone if they are getting bullied. Respect to them boys 🙏

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