Bulky Fall Scarf DIY: Arm Knitting Tutorial

hi everyone and welcome back to my channel today's video is going to be a very very fun fall of DIY and you might be able to tell what it is by something I'm wearing yes it's going to be making one of these amazing scarves and I cannot wait to show you guys how to do it because it is absolutely phenomenal some of you may have heard of this technique I know I had it before I had seen this but after getting into everything on YouTube I realized there are a ton of tutorials for this but it's called arm knitting so what it is in my eyes is it's kind of like a little simpler version of a knitting with those tiny little needles but it's on both of your arms so really I think you're using your arms as like you want the needles that you know typical knitting is done with so I obviously love this DIY for multiple reasons that I'm sure you will too because you only need a couple things from the store sorry Lily is getting into my CVS bag if you hear something in the background but I do love the fact that this only requires a couple things to make and it really comes out quickly with something that I'm going to wear all through fall in winter so it's just a no-brainer so let's go ahead and let me stop rambling and let's go ahead and get into what you need so what you will be needing are two balls of yarn now I quickly wanted to say that you can experiment with anything you'd like the ones I typically use are the super bulky number six and you'll be able to see that on the back of the label so if you're in the store just turn them around and look quickly on the label and I'm sure you'll be able to find it but I did want to say to experiment with all different kinds of bulkiness or even different colors I've always thought it'd be really neat to get one ball of yarn in one color and then the other second ball in a different color because I think that turnout really cool in the scarf but other than the yarn all you are going to need are a pair of scissors all right so now going into the actual tutorial and how I made this scarf that you'll be seeing in a second now what I went ahead and did is I filmed myself making this particular one this maroon colored one last night and I'm going to quickly just talk and walk you through all of the steps so since you're going to be seeing a different color I wanted to hold this up because this is the finished one that I made for you guys during this video and I love that color by the way so what you're going to do is you're going to first start out by taking the labels off of your yarn balls and just getting out some string now what I do is I just hold up both of them and just pull them together so you have the same length on each string so you're going to have a one string from one a ball of yarn and then the other and you're going to put them together and line them up then you're going to start making your tail and what I do is I just kind of go I don't know is that like a yacht not a yard like a foot maybe I don't know I'm horrible but I just kind of take it in front of me and do this just a couple of times I would say about threes good but whatever you're comfortable once you have your tail made which is all of this string on this side I'm going to go ahead and pull up and create a slipknot so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to pull up twist it around once and then I'm going to grab that string that's on the bottom pull it up just like that once you actually do that you're going to go ahead and slip it on your dominant hand and you are going to tighten it up just by pulling the string at the bottom now you don't want to have this too tight you want to be able to fit a few fingers in there but what you're going to have and then is if I'm actually looking at it myself you're going to have the tail of your string on your right hand side and then your working yarn which is what you call the iron that still attached to the balls of yarn on the left so what you're going to do is you're going to go ahead and create your first twelve stitches so the first twelve stitches are going to be how wide your scarf is and the more you do obviously the wider it's going to be but like I said I think I've used twelve stitches across on my arm for these bulky scarves I've never experimenting with anything else but feel free to do so right so what we're going to do now is create your second stitch so this slip knot is going to count as your first you're going to be sitting wherever you are whether it's in a chair or something I'm kind of holding it up like this but when you're actually this the tail should be towards your body and then the working yarn should be out away from your body that makes sense so right here we have your tail and the working string or yarn so then we're going to take my L with my fingers what I'm going to do is I'm going to take my thumb and put it under that tail take my index finger put it under that working yarn put my three fingers over and then just grab the rest of the yarn with my hand so this part from me was the hardest part of all of this whole scarf to get the hang up I could not get this hold right at all but what I've just noticed for me is I take the L put both these fingers under and just grab the string with my hand that's what works best for me but obviously you're going to find what works perfect for you your hands ready in your yarn and you're going to take the hand that has the Slipknot attached to it and you're going to take it under this front part on your thumb and then you're going to go over and under that piece that kind of makes that little triangle in there so you'll be able to see that once you tighten it up a little bit you will now have two loops on your arm so I'll go ahead and do it again for you guys get your hole too right and then go under the one by your thumb over and this one right here and through that little hole and then I just like to tighten it up a little bit so that is all you're going to do for the first twelve stitches and once you have that dead let's come back and continue what we're doing so now it's time to start the actual knitting now it's going to be hard from right here where I am sitting up I insert some clips now of me actually doing it from your point of view because I actually filmed it over my shoulder so hopefully that's a little more helpful but what you are going to do is you're going to take your tail that's going to be closest to your body and your working yarn is going to be away from your body so what you're going to do to make your first knitting move aren't you guys excited is you're going to take your working yarn up in your hand that has all of the loops on it so that's the first step the next step is to use your left hand or your non-dominant hand and to take the first loop off of your hand and you're going to bring it over your hand just like this and you're going to pull that yarn that you're holding in your hand up to make a loop so from this point you can drop that loop that you just took off your hand and you're going to turn this is kind of going to be a little strange but you're going to turn your working yarn towards your body and just slip that right on your hand just like that then you're going to take your working yarn up in that hand that you just put the loop on and just tighten it up just a little bit you're just going to repeat that process until you get all of your twelve stitches onto your left hand so I'm going to keep going to show you I'm just holding my working yarn in the hand that has all of the stitches on it taking my left hand taking off that first stitch turning my yarn so that my working yarn tails that are attached to the yarn or toward my body putting it on my left hand and tightening it up just slightly I'm going to keep going just like so take that loop off pull that hand that's holding the working yarn twist it so that the tails are toward your body and just keep on going so you're going to do this for all twelve of your stitches and then I'll be back to show you what to do alright so now that you have them all on your non-dominant hand or in my case my left hand you can see that our scarf is slightly growing and it's so exciting so then you're going to do the exact same thing that you did when you took all of the loops off of your right hand and put them on to your left and that's just in the fact that you're going to hold this working yarn with your left hand pull the loop off with your right twist it so that the tails of the working yarn are facing you and putting it back on your hand so this is the only technique that you got to get the hang of and as soon as you get the hang of this you are good to go and you're going to be making scarves like crazy so you're just going to keep going back and forth from arm to arm until you have a long enough stuff to go around your neck however many times you want the ones I like to do are around my neck twice and I think at the end I actually measured it for you guys and it was about 60 to 65 inches when it was just in a one long panel so when this gets longer it's going to get longer just like this and then that piece was about so see the 65 inches to wrap around twice but another thing I like about this DIY is that you can make them as long or as short as you like all based on your personal preference and for me this is exactly how I like my scarves so if you're looking for something like this keep 60 to 65 inches in mind so yay congratulations when you have your scarf completely as long as you want it and now I have to show you how to finish your scarf before and turning it into an infinity 1 and so finishing your scarf is really easy it's about as easy as starting it was so what you're going to do is right now I have my whole scarf my little baby sample scarf which I probably give to my cat because every time I make one of these she's all up in this pulling up the loops and I'm like you know what you're gonna get your own yeah I'm a pretty crazy cat lady and that one better appreciate that I'm making her a scarf I'm not gonna put it around her neck so nori oh right so we have all of our loops now on my right hand or your dominant hand and you're going to kind of start as you were knitting so I'm going to take my working yarn up in this hand I'm going to make two stitches on my left hand that is the trick you're going to stop at two oh right so now that you have your two on this hand it's pretty darn simple all you are going to do is not even hold on to this working yarn anymore so you're gonna have your hands-free and all you're going to do is pull the one that's closest to your elbow of the two over that first one and off your hand now don't freak out because nothing bad happened and then just take your working yarn and kind of pull up that last loop because it'll get a little bit loose so then you're going to do the same thing you're going to take one off your dominant hand make another stitch so there's two on your non-dominant hand then you're going to let go of everything take your back loop pull it over your first loop and off and then tighten things up you're going to do that for every a single loop make sure it's not get carried away and knitting I always do that and I want to take the second one but I'm in no waste you're finishing your scarf so pull that back one and you'll be able to tell that it's kind of finishing it off at the end so with the last one I'm just going to pull it on over take this back one off and now you are stuck with just one loop on your non-dominant hand so what you do from here is you're just going to take that loop off make sure you kind of hold on to you're working on because things will might get like a little loose if you don't so what you're going to do from here this is the last loop that was on my left hand and this is the working yarn so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to pull this working yarn through and I'm going to kind of create a slipknot again just like that so what you're going to do is you're going to take the loop take this one through but not pull it all the way through so you're going to do this about two or three times and then you are going to cut you're working on to cut it pretty long not as long as your tail but long enough to have something to work with and then on the last one I'm just going to take my working yarn that I just cut put all the way through that loop and tighten things up so now to turn your scarf into an infinity one which just means a big loop instead of having two ends what you're going to do is you're going to take your scarf and find the top side now the top side looks a little bit smoother than the bottom side you'll be able to tell this when you're actually holding it in your hands but another way to tell is that when you're holding it like this this is the front side and it actually kind of curls back a little bit to the back side so that's kind of a way to tell so what you're going to do is you're going to take your right side of your scarf and you're going to fold that together leaving the back side of your scarf on either side so what I'm going to do now is take the longer tail of the two this is the one that we started with and remember I told you to make it kind of long this is where that's going to come in handy so what you're going to do is you're just going to pick up both strings on that longest tail and you're going to start pretty much just sewing them together I did want to say that it's completely possible to use a sewing machine for this but for me I don't want to have the hassle of getting that out so I just would rather do this and it comes out just as fine I'm just going around in a and really there's no rhyme or reason to how you do this you're really just eyeballing it and kind of just taking your time and making sure to make a lot of stitches but once you actually got it in your lap and are starting to do this you'll find it really easy to just pick up loops and do exactly what you got to do to sew this thing together alright so now that I'm at the end of my scarf and I finished doing everything as far as sewing is concerned I'm going to stop on the opposite side of my other tail so just make sure that you have one on each side because you're going to tie those together but what I like to do is go ahead and pull across that stitch you just did because I find that when I'm stitching it across they'll do it too tight where it bunches up so you just want to make sure that it looks just like the scarf as much as possible and then all you're going to do is simply take both of your tails at the ends and tie them in a knot and I tied them in multiple knots about you know two or three just to make sure they're tight and aren't gonna go in here the finished one that I made during this video for you guys I really hope you like it yes just make sure to tie those knots at the end very very tightly and then cut them close and flip it back to the right side out if that makes sense of your scarf because we had the right sides together and then you need to flip it back out to make it the right way so now before I let you guys go I wanted to give you just a few tips and tricks that I've found helpful along the way ones that I hadn't heard of in any other video and I know in some of the videos that I watch that I'll have link down below they say you know just set aside an hour because you really can't do anything when you've got these going on both your arms but I have some tips and tricks to kind of help you avoid that in a way and I mean it might be common sense but one thing I've noticed is that if I need to get on my computer quickly to like bring up another YouTube video or something like that just make sure that you stop at a point where all of the loops are on one arm then you just have to hold your working yarn in that same arm and then you have a whole free arm to like you know do stuff with that makes it a lot easier than being bound between you know you're knitting in both of your arms with all the loops on them so that's my first tip my second tip is going to be that you can actually completely put down this project and I didn't realize that until I actually had to one day how to take a shower and for some reason I had to like right then but the one thing I used and the one thing I found that worked the best was a coat hanger so to set everything down at one point what I did was I just gently took all of the loops off of my hand you might kinda have to go one by one because around this part of your hand it might get really tight so I just kind of slipped them off held them all in one hand just like this and then put them all on this hook so they were all kind of looped around like that then I just took my working yarn and wrap it around this bar and like this little hook just to keep that little bit tight because you don't want that to get too too loose and then I just laid it down and made sure that it was somewhere where you know something wasn't going to get into it okay Lily and then I wouldn't got my shower and when I was finished and ready to start it up again all I did were take the loops off put them back on my arm the exact way they were and just kept going so that was a big tip and trick that I found very very helpful when doing this tip number three would just be to make sure that you leave all of the loops on your arm not really really loose but just comfortably loose to where you can kind of move them freely and not worry about them getting stuck I know the first time I did this I thought you know what I'm gonna keep them really close to my arm to have smaller loops if that makes sense in my scarf and that just became a hassle and I found myself like really trying to tug out on my arms were a little bit red even and so I've just kind of learned to leave them just a little bit loose because it doesn't make that big of a difference and it makes it a lot easier on you and then tip number four I think we're on is to just leave a pretty long tail at the beginning and I was like you know that's a waste of yarn and I'm just going to do like a little tail about this long but then once I got to the end I realized that I need that to sew it together for my infinity scarf so with all of those out of the way and really everything out of the way that is all I have for you guys in this video I just get so excited to bring you guys these fun DIY is because when I get something in my head that I've been loving I just want to share it with you guys that's the first thing I want to do so I really hope you guys benefit from this as much as I did and I hope you all are extremely excited like I was to make all of these scars for your friends and family for gifts for yourself you know you name it they're going to be perfect for absolutely everything I didn't clearly want to throw in that as far as price goes I feel like this DIY is amazing because with having coupons and them being on sale I've made three scarves the first set of yarn that I got was probably the cheapest at around 1050 for both balls of yarn so that means what they're like five dollars in the corner for each one but I've also paid probably as much as like fourteen dollars so between ten to fourteen dollars you're getting an awesome awesome scarf and I really really think that if you bought this in the store it would be way more than $14 which is absolutely amazing so I really hope you guys are having a wonderful day I don't know if you've noticed but I've kind of been uploading videos on a weekly basis on Thursday so please let me know how you guys are liking that it really seems to be working out for me so if you guys are fine with it this is probably something we're going to stick with so please let me know about all of those things down below make sure to leave me a picture on my Facebook Twitter Instagram anything like that if you do one of these scarves and I guess that's all so I'll see you next Thursday and I hope you are having a wonderful day bye guys and happy fall


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