Building a Capsule Wardrobe for Women : Fashion Scarves for Women’s Clothing

So now the fun really starts to begin with
the accessories. And that’s where you can add your prints in. Because remember, we started
our capsule we were all solids. So now you want to add the prints to give that little
bit of pizzazz to your wardrobe. I love to do that with scarves. Especially, like a Chanel
scarf. It’s classic. It goes on forever. You never will be outdated in a Chanel scarf.
Or any actually designer scarves. I love the prints of scarves and they really can bring
out your fashion personality. So if you like something a little bit more flamboyant or
you’re more classic. I always tell my clients, if they are a scarf wearer, to pick up a scarf
when they’re traveling. European women wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything but a beautiful
scarf when they go out and anytime of really any time of the day or night. So, when you’re
traveling in Europe, or any of your travels, picking up a scarf is always a wonderful conversation
piece to. You go to a party or a networking event and not know anybody. Wear a fabulous
scarf or a piece of jewelry that’s very interesting and – let me tell you – people start coming
up to you and start talking to you. And all your fears about being the only one there
that you know – yourself – they all go away. Because you will have something to talk about.

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