Brushy One String | My Inspiration & Artists

Yeah, talking about my inspiration and artists… early as a youth I used to listen to like Nat King Cole Ben E. King Barry White. Elvis Presley. Michael Jackson was a kid but we used to listen to him too. Louis Armstrong. There’s so much artists, you know? And all of those artists I tried to pack into myself and get ONE, which is Brushy One String. My favorite songs… songs like… Songs like… Barry White. Teddy Pendergrass. There’s so much, you know? Music on a whole, I love good music. I love vintage music I like clean music. And I like music that I can feel happy, music that can make you throw away your sadness and feel the joy. That’s me and music.


  1. Eagerly awaiting our colab Brushy!!!! Much love from the high desert of California!!! Hope to see you in one of my livestreams soon!!! Cheers Babe!!! 🙂

  2. Great inspiration list, Brushy. I hope you’re doing well and thanks for sharing with us. Much love and keep “rising up the ladder, straight to the top” my friend and inspiration!!

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