Brother PE 770 Embroidery Machine tutorial: Un Boxing the Brother PE 770 embroidery machine


  1. please make more videos! can't find many online that aren't long and drawn out and boring….urs r straight to the point and clear!!! specifically looking for one about tension? my color thread shows on backside and I feel like I am using to much thread I just got my machine. How do I know it's pulling my bobbin or is my tension off? I don't even know how to adjust that

  2. I want to repack my machine to take it on a trip but he embroidery arm does not go all the way to the end to put into the storyform How do I move the arm to the left so that I can pack it

  3. If you are just starting with embroidery, do not get accustomed to using the color numbers on the thread. Look at the picture, or your computer screen if you have an embroidery program (there are free programs available when you are starting out). Pick out the colors from your collection, see if the colors you've chosen look good together, if there is enough contrast between the colors. If yes, start embroidering. If you have threads by multiple manufacturers, the numbers can be confusing. Unless you"re colorblind, of course, as that is a REAL reason to use the numbers.

    You'll be happy you did not become dependent on someone else choosing your colors.

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