British Retro Dress Review

Hello So today, I am obviously like a pink powder puff, I guess Crossed with some kind of black belted ninja But, far more importantly Is my new dress Oh yes! It arrived today From British retro and I am so excited That was quite good I feel a bit proud of myself Oooh! An extra dress Ah, here it is. Here is my baby. Aww I’m really excited about this dress because I really, really wanted some kind of amazingly good Christmas dress Now particularly for our little trip to London, which is going to be amazing And I ordered this dress, but I ordered it in a size ten, which I thought was my size and it was just too big Okay, cut, while I actually try this on Oh my gosh I love it. What a beautiful cut this has on the top And very well supported, I must say. They’re held in there, there’s no bra Of course, if you do have larger breasts than mine, then you might want a little bit of extr support, I don’t know There’s boning in it, which, as we’ve previously discussed, with my Scoliosis doesn’t always work well Boning is very straight, my body is not. Nice curve, oh, what’s this lumpy weird lumpy bit? I really like the kind of Bardot top, get your little shoulders out Largely because my shoulders are particularly small, compared to the rest of me So this gives them a nice wider, open look But, Bardot top sleeves can kind of hurt I have on from Chi Chi clothing that is beautiful, it looks gorgeous but I wore it to a wedding and then by the end of the evening I took it off and I had these massive red scrape lines on my arm because it had been grabbing on so tightly to them I don’t always realise when something is quite tight, I kind of have to look at it afterwards I don’t have a lot of feeling. Or my feet, like I stood on a drawing pin once, and I just walked around and there was blood everywhere And my mother was like ‘What are you doing, take that out of your leg’ And I was like.. Oh I didn’t realise, it’s been a few hours But mainly, I don’t really care because it looks a bit like Grace Kelly I would go through any pain for Grace Kelly looks Now the skirt, I’m wearing with two petticoats Now, we’ve got a kind of stffer one underneath, a bit of crinoline and more of a flop on top So, you’re going to get a lot of range of movement in there, which is always lovely And it means that when you sit down, you can do the, ahhhh Erm, I feel like maybe I could accessorise this dress quite a few ways. Nice necklaces Put a little broach here Different belt I might put on a red belt I’ve only started wearing things that show my back since Claud came along Because she quite likes my back Whereas I’ve always thought, oh no Scoliosis, oh, it’s so ugly It’s not actually, it’s just my back Just my back. Even my weird little lumpy bit here Which I think makes me look like a dinosaur Specifically the one called Matilda in Robot Wars So far, the dress is looking pretty great But, I’m going to wear it all day tomorrow And then we will see what it is actually like Because you can’t tell if a dress is good or not until you’ve actually worn it All day long But so far absolute thumbs up Oh My God, I love it.


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could wear this kind of dress but I catch a cold every time I walk around with bare shoulders. Sooooo I'm just going to enjoy looking at those dresses and see how much fun you have with them and be happy with just that 🙂

  2. Great video as always xxx ,You look so stunning agree with Claudia; your back is cool never be worried your back is part of you celebrate X Lindsey

  3. I laughed embarrassingly loud when you compared your spine to dinosaurs. My spine used to protrude quite a bit and as a child it reminded me of a dinosaur too. Luckily, I absolutely loved dinosaurs. My spine is probably the reason my favorite dinosaur is a stegosaurus.

  4. Ooh, I found British Retro recently and my beloved bought me a dress for Christmas that is the same colour and patterning as your one here, only the buttoned-up version with elbow-length sleeves (I have very broad shoulders and no chest so can't pull off the Bardot look, plus it's chilly in winter!). I looooove it and when I can earn money again I'll surely be going back there. It moves beautifully. I look forward to hearing about more places you shop!

  5. That dress is the same plaid as my high school uniform skirt! (I really lucked out in the uniform department. There are some very ugly Catholic school plaid skirts out there.)

  6. When you find a dress which gives this kind of support to your chest without a bra then it is a keeper. Gorgeous dress and love the print.

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