Bright Eyes, Chubby Thighs, Mom Life and So Much More | 2 Week Vlog

mommy’s walking around the office in a
bra what else is new okay so let’s turn around
why the park is there oh I’m an independent woman who can zip her own
dresses I’m gonna go get some modeling jobs max yeah we’re very busy family
here what do you think we’re doing they’re buying jewelry at 10:30 a.m. I
think I want to go upstairs this is where the very expensive stuff that if
you spill coffee on them bad news you know that happens to me all day
what is this man out I know they closed just for us that’s
the beauty of coming so early okay lots of colors which makes me super
excited this is very like out of my comfort zone yellow usually not a yellow
type and I’m doing my little like change room video this is my setup as you can
see I did not bring the shoes from home this was here so thank you holds let me
show you how this magic is done very sophisticated stuff going on here
hello this is me I’m gonna be twirling huh a little bit some pretty outfits
cute right put on your shoes watch you I think your brown ones would work I mean
that Theo giggle yeah oh my god I feel so like contact
oh my god you know what I noticed that people that have long nails use their
nail salon isn’t talk and I just wonder if it’s going to affect my children in
any way you don’t have long nails not talking no if I guess I don’t get the
whole punished don’t think you’re like a magician you swear this is when people get
married so they’ll have someone to help them zip their dresses I did it I’m an
independent woman who can zip her own dresses okay on my way to get my hair
done because I’ve been putting so much dry shampoo I don’t think I have the
manpower to clean all of whatever’s going on in there also I’m sick of
walking around with the slick bun so I’m about knowing when to lesson I learned
in life feel ready to run for president today we are doing an experiment
experiment experiment we’re experimenting taking you to a public mom
you like only one mole I know I made a certain area of that mom I just don’t
like public places don’t make me out to be a prima donna we need to buy some
clothes for maxi as I grew up every day how do I do a search on this thing to the right to the right no one’s
looking at us it gets weird to hold the camera in front of your face 2019 people
okay go now go towards our child ages I’m testing you I’m testing you it’s
like for you babe you’re strong I know jakie white would you want that house
what’s so special about it there’s a room there there’s room in every house
no that’s someone’s driveway go home okay let’s go back to 7:00 p.m. today I
like the water okay let’s go but we need to go first home because I need to
change my shoes it’s not comfortable I can’t walk far in these these are just
for walking a little bit of them sitting down
okay so let’s turn around yeah the park is there okay so we also need to take a
blanket for him just in case I don’t want him to get cold
you guys are such good brothers really come let’s go much heads I don’t want to
watch a man get cake Dada Dada oh that’s nice man you want a jacket nice what do you want to be nice okay
interesting yes yes I am hello you know I gave birth
to three children right ready want to know you can’t put that high go Gina go
Gina Gina can you do 20 you have to go like this
Oh squat yes Vinny you carry this Benny this is like how much you weigh you’re
supposed to push okay mmm good job and Benny is rooting for
you oh good boy mark careful too too deep with the side this is Sookie knee
yeah cuz he’s a health-conscious guy he knows what’s up he knows what’s good for
me it looks like cucumbers but it’s not
cucumbers oh oh this is a good explanation to have my Wednesday’s going
I decided to take a little break from filming to come outside and enjoy the
weather it’s getting nice but like it’s taking way too long to get nice there’s
some other days this week it’s gonna get colder anyways no one wants to hear
about the weather in Canada what the most depressing subject to talk about
this rental house doesn’t have any pillows so I’m shooting a water eat in a
day which is a video I haven’t shot in a long time I’m just eating my little
snack for today I have my matcha tea latte and this yummy how do you call
this thing date I’m eating a date with almond
butter and just like trying to get comfortable well this thing’s stuck in
my blood wanted to come out and read but I want
to give my eyes a little break from everything so this isn’t be taking a
break you guys take two of Valyria relaxing outside the
bird will come again my date will be so upset I’m gonna go get my book we need a card
because we have lots of things to take this you can sit here if you want like
this no your legs need to go here oh now you like this store Thank You
sweet idea okay so first things first wait first is walnuts because we’re but
we already hear the walnuts are here that’s what I do don’t worry
I was yummy bear no baby that’s not what you want that’s not it what is it why
you don’t need DZ guys I’ve never seen someone this excited about supplements
we can only buy one what is okay and you can share both of you okay put it back
please so you either share or we can buy it what are you prefer to do wonderful
decision we did it I did mom it’s a beautiful ending to this shopping
experience oh hi Pam let’s go we’re going to put it
in the car come Jake and this is the end it’s
almost 7:00 raining outside just a night I feel like all my vlog start like this
whatever I didn’t save no one cares today we have a shoot day we are doing
some piece of content it took so long to put the get down I can’t wait to move to
the new house when Jake and Ben has them in separate bedrooms
because they are just they keep like annoying each other and then no one can
sleep anyways beside that everything is great I’m just gonna have a good
breakfast do coffee and go it’s me pumping myself up there’s a subway
thought their day and I like wanted to throw up it was so strong people eat hot
dogs inside it’s like a social experiment guys I love the subway pad
mmm I love the subway in the summer I always use the subway when I come down
here this serious it’s not serious I know when I was pregnant I took the
subway yeah you did actually true like twice as I was sweating a lot it was
very hard for me anyways I’m really proud of my capability video for the
subway day is the redhead who shot two videos I know it’s funny I like the
drugstore side one better really yeah
very like I can’t even tell I can forget it we shot two videos today and I’m
super excited for them I’m so very very tired I couldn’t sleep last night
because I don’t know why I don’t sleep anymore it’s really taking a toll on my
life right now this guy’s chilling here Hey Oh max are you ready tomorrow we
have music class and we have a casting I’m gonna go get some modeling jobs max
yeah we’re very busy family here what do you think we’re doing
I have a book club IG live book club in an hour I’m so excited for our first
book I’m so upset about my book club thing tried to go live today and it
didn’t work at all then I crashed and fell asleep by
accident and I mixed my own book club edgy life you’re dealing with
professionals over here you guys I have to figure out how to sleep-train max I
am so exhausted between waking up with him and one of the boys always gets up
at night for some reason there really is a lot so you need to figure that out
I ran so fast after my workout took a quick shower got dressed we are starting
our music class today with max I just started wanted to do some activity where
it’s like only me and him so that’ll be fun I haven’t done one in a long time
like I only did baby class with Jake because that was a new mom and I wanted
to meet other new moms which is kind of the reason why this is a thing like I
don’t think kids are really I mean there’s so little they don’t understand
the hell’s going on yeah I just wanted to find like activity that only max and
I can do so that’s what we’re doing now we have a really like busy day today
with max after that we have a casting for a modeling job for max and myself
which is really cute so I’m really excited for that it’s just me and him
today Maxie it’s only you and I babe hi are you ready ok we are done our music class now we
have our cash game max Bob asleep how nice for him I’m just gonna do a little
quick touch-up have a raging pimple that is ready to come out and shine hello hi
you have a nice nap you ready to get a model face on they like cheekbones what
about them cheekbones kick no chicken no honey if he’s drooling it
means isn’t a good man mommy’s walking around the office in a bra what else is
new so we finished the fitting maxi was a great wingman he was like smiling
winking he was winning them over we actually shot with this company when I
was pregnant with Max I think it was like the last shoot I did with him
before he was born yeah I’m so excited I forget to do the
shoot again with Maxie I love taking you to places you’re such
a cool dude you’re just chilling just encouraging mama I was like trying on
the bra and showing them to the client and he’s like okay good me like get it
mama okay so we’re done here now we get to go
home and have a lunch and just relax we’re done for today okay my love we
need to go to school good job baby that was very cool all
right all right the boys know I have time to get ready
you have the busy day today I did have time to wash my hair this morning
because I look up extra early so I feel like I’m her super come first for this
week so yay it’s still raining it’s still cold it’s still winter you know a show which announcer


  1. Hi Valeria, I usually don't watch Vlogs until the end but yours was pretty entertaining. I love seeing you as a power mom. And I love how you handle stuff as if it's nothing. You're awesome ❤️

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  3. Hi Valeria! I really love your videos! I just wanted to say that there are really nice reusable bags you could use when you buy nuts in bulk instead of the plastic bags! Also, it would be so cool if you did a zero waste day or week challenge on your channel! 🌏🌿 Lots of love ❤

  4. I hope this doesn’t too creepy but I recognize my own street in the background of your house! Haha were neighbours 🙂 maybe it would be a good idea to blur out any identifying background things just to be safe for the future?

  5. Valeria you are such a wonderful person , beautiful influencer and on top of that an AMAZING MOM
    I love u and you inspire me in so many sides of my life
    and i wish u have a long beautiful happy life with your family

  6. I’m so happy for you!
    You are such an inspiration and you deserve the world for keeping up your life and inspiring so many other people in the world♥️

  7. Ben: I did it myyyyy way

    Me: Giggle hahahah such a cuteee !!!

  8. Gary: “It’s 2019 people.” I know right. I went out with a friend and I saw a couple filming everything and talking to their camera, I went “oh 😮, first time seeing bloggers filming. In my mind I was thinking 🤔, I hope I look decent on the background.”

  9. I don't how how you can manage holding a camera while shopping with two kids! Hahaha you are great at multitasking valeria !

  10. I love your videos so much BUT please Valeria close your bag when you go outside it gives me anxiety to see you shop with the bag open to the world x) 🙏🙏

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  12. I love seeing Jakey grow to be suchhh a loving brother and how much character Benny has and of course bright eyed, chubby thighs Maxy. heehhe

    Weather in Switzerland pretty much sucks too. I think it's a thing this spring. haha

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