Brexit process: ‘a waste of time and energy’ says Jean-Claude Juncker

It was an emotional moment for
me last week when I attended my last European council together
with my friend Donald. We are today debating the 147th
European council of my political career – 147th or 148th, I don’t know exactly
and it is today, the 105th time that I speak to you in this gallery,
the beating heart of European democracy. In many of these 105 debates,
I had to discuss the UK’s departure from the European Union with you. In truth, it has pained me to spend
so much of this mandate dealing with Brexit, when I thought of nothing less
than how this union could do better for its citizens; a waste of time
and a waste of energy. I will always regret the United Kingdom’s
decision to leave the union but at least we can look ourselves
in the eye and say that we have done all in our power to make sure that
this departure is orderly. We need now to watch events in
Westminster very closely, but it’s not possible, not imaginable,
that this parliament would ratify the agreement before Westminster will have ratified. It will be first London, then Brussels
and Strasbourg. [applause]


  1. Will Juncker be taking his personal (taxpayer-funded) stock of Remy Martin Louis XIII cognac with him when he staggers off into the sunset?!

  2. If the EU had introduced a standardised minimum wage across all member states then Brexit may never have been offered in a referendum…

  3. Did he just call that parliament "The beating heart of European democracy" with a straight face? 😂😂 I must've missed when we got the chance to vote for him on the ballot, oh wait, there wasn't even a ballot.

  4. Let's be honest. UK parliamentarians and Boris Johnson are saying to get done with the brexit "So the people of UK can focus on more important every day issues". Let's not forget that EU has its own citizens. Jean Claude-Juncker is totally correct. UK can't drag themselves out of EU with basically a gift of the deal with backstop and they still don't know what to do…

  5. The Brexit advisory vote has upped racism and xenophobia by almost 500% and shrunk our economy with unemployment numbers (that have been skewed) also rising. The pro leave MEPs in the rest of the EU have taken note, and have changed their stance from leaving to now reforming the EU. Brexit has made the EU more united than ever – Juncker must appreciate that beyond the headache it's caused.

  6. Jean-Claude Juncker has always been a waste, nothing special about the EU…. Why would anyone want to join the EU in the first place?

  7. Brexit: Johnson launches final bid to get UK to leave EU on 31 October – live news ►

  8. He blocked everything bar the sell out may deal.
    I though he was describing himself ,3 years of his drunken b.s attempt of conning the U.K

  9. The EU didn't have to deal, we voted to leave not deal. The EU should have stepped aside and let us leave, not bake a new treaty that would keep us in but keep us out of any negotiations, while keeping our money and removing MEP's. While we get, erm, erm …..

  10. Any country trying to leave the EU mafia is according to godfather junker”wasting its time”. But any new country joining the EU mafia is “making a great decision “.

  11. True
    Scotland labour party and liberal democrat are all to answer for this
    First said no deal would be a no no
    Then a deal was made again no no with a speaker who is anti brexit
    Makes it alot more difficult
    Get out now or revoke article 50 and stay in the eu
    Clearly british parliament has no guts to face the eu as an opponent.
    They still want to be spoonfed with more deals and favours their way.
    It's uk leaving the eu and no eu leaving the uk
    Get that in mind.
    Jeremy corbyn is useless and a coward

  12. If Brexit is a waste time and energy, hopefully Brussels won't give us an extension beyond 31st October.  At least then we won't waste £39 billion to line their pockets and we get out of the EU as voted.

  13. If the EU had addressed the issue of free movement when Cameron raised it, we would not have Brexit. The EU must take some responsibility for their lack of flexibility with regards to this matter. This is the elephant in the room.

  14. Brexit or no F***in Brexit there are problems in this country to do with government and it's no use dumping all the UK's very serious problems at the EU's door. People refer to EU corruption, fair enough but first look on your own doorstep, corruption's staring you right back in the face, you only have to look at the slimy lying mobsters running this country spouting their lies as their only concern is with helping themselves, not you.

  15. Junker can stop wasting his time and more importantly ours, by refusing an extension and thus having the UK leave with No Deal.

  16. We must leave on 31st October no matter how poorer it makes most of us. If your sat navigation system took you over a cliff, it is because this is the right thing to do as it’s the will of your driver.

  17. Bonkers is a waste of time and energy, unlike Unimog the Eurobabe, so very charming and full of zest,—poor Hillary!

  18. The "United" Kingdom has split over Brexit: Scotland voted 62% to remain in the EU and Northern Ireland voted 56% to remain in the EU. It's the Anglos who are being stubborn, largely because they don't really know what they want outside maintaining the false perception that they 'rule the seas.'

  19. Just before ww2 some of our politicians wanted to debate with Hitler. The Chancellor himself would have called that a waste of time, as he had his goal set. In a similar way the EU have their goal. And they did want us to have a share in it. But we decided to leave. And remain politicians have wasted the peoples time and now patience. We are patient to a point. History shows what happens when Britain’s act. And when we are backed up against the wall. Rage ensues. And the arrogant parliament can’t stand the thought that people are waking up and seeing this impotent parliament of anti democracy.

  20. Brexit is like taking out a mortgage with no terms and conditions, until after you've signed the paperwork. Beyond stupid.

  21. The year is 2192, the British PM travels to Brussels to ask for an extension.

    No one remembers the origin of this tradition but it has become a major tourist attraction.

    …..(I saw a similar post on Facebook, thought I would share😁)

  22. If only you'd taken the British prime minister seriously, the EU would be on a totally different course. Now its frozen and crumbling. Listen to the people, understand their needs and respond in a way that will help everyone. Failure to reform, will result in the end of the EU.

  23. Well it looks like the EU as made plenty of money from it.. Will you be returning the billions of taxpayer's money from the past 3 years… Question…. how much did it cost the EU to Negotiate….??

  24. can the E.U please just create a law that they can now just kick us out of the UK, it would be the best thing to do….obviously

  25. Junker and The Guardianista mean that the working class vote and the woman’s vote is a waste of time. It’s all about the “Narrative “ and your freedoms are in its way!?

  26. Oh this is the organisation that would discuss nothing till article 50 was posted then would not dicuss trade until a withdrawal agreement was agreed, if trade relations were discussed concurrently with the WA there would be no backstop in Ireland. The EU plan was always prevarication til remainers got a second referendum with a vote to stay, showing how little they appreciate democracy.

  27. Isnt most politics a waste of time , energy AND OUR MONEY? The difference here is that more people are actually watching and seeing these crooks. On every side.

  28. I wondered why the ERG supported this May deal version two – it means we crash out with no deal in December next year if no free trade agreement by June!! My three year old could have negotiated a better deal for pity's sake!

  29. the europeans are getting a dose of the absurd way of british eton politics.
    of course it doesnt make sense. its a sham.

  30. Absolutely correct. It's as meaningless, pointless and damaging now as it was at its inception. Incredulous that it's momentum was maintained against all the failed votes in the HoC and economic damage done and forecast. A negligent waste of taxpayers money for the brexit Tory inhouse fighting. Lest not forget the tabloid media fail the UK too.

  31. And this is just the start! we are heading to a 15 year waste of time and energy and instead of putting our efforts on tackling climate change and modernising our country we are engaging in useless new FTDA that won't match the current ones. Insanity.




  33. If aliens from outer space landed in Brussels or London and they listened to all this Brexit nonsense they'd say "screw this, were going back home!"

    We must restore our DEMOCRACY in the UK.
    We must implement the REFERENDUM RESULT.

  35. Brexit is not a waste of time! We voted out, the majority doesn't want to be in this illegal EU. The UK joined a trade deal with a few European countries, not for it to develop into an empire and take control of our laws and armed forces!

  36. Jean-Claude Juncker is a:

    con artist


















    false witness

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