H: Hi guys, I’m Heidi Kim & this is why I brought you here. B: Hi This is Brittany & um, she also has a mommy channel. I will link it down below. It is “Naturally Thrifty Mom” & this is her beautiful daughter. Can you believe they’re both 7 months? B: Their BFFs in the making. H: & we are coming to you guys from Vlogger Fair & we want to talk a little bit about breastfeeding because sometimes it can be a bit challenging. H: I think it helps to hear stories of people who have kind of overcome their early challenges. H: So why don’t you tell us a little bit of your breastfeeding story. & specifically with her because she has 4 daughters. H: or no 4 kids B: 4 kids. My 1st 3 our boys. H: Yes so 3 boys & 1 girl. B: So I guess I’ll kind of start out with my 1st. Um, I had him in the hospital, whereas my others I had at home. So, with that experience, I honestly don’t even know if I saw a lactation consultant. H: With your 1st? B: Like, I think maybe they came in & said “Oh looks like you got this.” But I never had any problems. H: That’s good. B: He was pretty collicky so it was difficult but I was like, my channel is all about green living & green parenting so I was like, “We’re going to make this work.” H: Determined B: So we did. 2nd, 3rd let’s fast forward to my 4th which is Miss Kaylee Capri over here. No she had a tongue tie. H: Hmm, I did not know that when we started this video. But, uh, she had a tongue tie too. We’ve had a lot of tongue tie challenges actually. My older daughter, who is 3 & a half just had her tongue tie released. B: Oh, wow. H: Yes because of speech issues. So tell us a little bit about what the tongue tie experience was like for you. B: So my midwife at one of our visits, I’m not sure when it was, I’d have to look at my baby updates but I don’t remember exactly when I just remember it was at the 2nd visit that we had after I had her. 2nd one at my midwife’s place um, she was like, “You know Brittany I think we might want to look at tongue tie.” Because I was talking about the, like, smacking sound when she was nursing. That kind of thing. H: Mmm, did you get the lipstick looking nipple too when she came off? B: Mmm, I didn’t have any like weird, I couldn’t tell on me. I mean I could tell I was a little bit more tender but I also thought “well, it’s a new baby. I haven’t breastfed in so long you know. & I kind of was just like… I didn’t know anything about tongue tie to be honest. H: Oh yeah? Well good on your midwife then! B: Yeah, she was like “you might to consider, that might be a thing. There’s a really good specialist in the area.” & he can assess better than she could. But he did an assessment & looked. She had such a very shallow latch & she would get a lot of air. I would have to burp her multiple times in a feeding. H: did she spit up a ton too? B: She was spitting up some. I’d have to look back. H: it’s been 7 months. B: Definitely the tongue tie after that was fixed it was like a good 2 months probably & then it was night & day difference from before to after we had it done. It was like, she has an amazing latch now. H: that’s awesome. B: We’re going strong with breastfeeding & she’s going strong with breastfeeding too. H: I’m literally nursing right now. B: This mama’s multi-tasking. H: I’m going to need for you to latch though. That’d be great. B: She’s like, “they’re talking about me” H: So when you had the tongue tie released did you go to an ENT? B: We went to an ENT H: & did they do the scissors? B: He had a laser. H: Laser! Yes. I had to do it twice with her because the 1st one they did the scissors and it didn’t fully release so we had to go to a specialist that did it with a laser. B: So you had to go through it twice. H: So what were the recovery, what were the exercises like afterwards? B: There was a lot H: Yeah, did she do okay with them? B: She did but they were a lot. It was like, every so many hours, we had to do all the different ones & then stick your fingers in. I was very proactive on it because I was afraid. Like, I didn’t want it to reattach. & then we had like a 1 week or 2 week follow up with the ENT & I’m like, “does this look right? Is this good?” I was just very…my husband was like, “Honey, you need to relax about it.” H: Did she nurse right after too? B: She did. H: Yeah, I think it’s harder on parents than it is on babies. & what I will say is my 3 & a half yr old just had hers done & she’s old enough to tell me how it feels & she wasn’t traumatized by it like at all. B: that makes me feel really good. H: yeah, on the way home… & she did the laser too. On the way home she was like “hey, my tongue hurts.” & that’s exactly how she said it. B: yup, because they numb them first. H: Our dr did. A lot of them don’t. Especially the ones with scissors don’t. But the ones that do it with laser will use a numbing. & she was like, “my tongue hurts” & I was like, “ok, well we’re going to stop at the store & then we’re going to go home & you can have medicine.” & she goes “OK!” & like, that’s the extent of… B: She’s like “my tongue kind of hurts” H: Did she have a lip tie too? B: Yeah. So we did the upper & the lower. H: did you have the lip tie released? B: Mmm hmm H: So what would say to parent who has just found out that they have gotten a tongue tie diagnosis? B: uh, I would say, as long as you’ve gotten a diagnosis from someone that’s very familiar & reputable. I would say get it taken care of as soon as you can. B: there was also like the waiting period of like well maybe it’s not that severe & as soon as I went into the ENT he was like, “no this is something we can fix right away. You’ve got to be really on top of it after you’ve had it done with the exercises. I mean night & day breastfeeding journey. H: well if you would like to see more of her babies & actually probably you can see updates over on her channel. You can see the updates from when she was a little little one. I will have it linked down below. Again it’s naturally Thrifty Mom & thanks for collabing with me. This is one of the cool things about Vlogger Fair. I don’t know when I’m going to be in the same building as you again. B: yeah Seattle’s been a lot of fun. H: & check out her channel because we’re going to do a collab all about cloth diapering over there.

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