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hello everyone its Nicole welcome back to my channel hi guys I was shopping so I went to brandy and got a few things so I thought I would film a little haul for you guys oh and this is a try on haul I'm gonna be showing you the clothes here and if in my curtain let's get into this video make sure to subscribe and turn on my specifications first we'll start off with tank tops I got three of them oh by the way all the tags are still on them I should probably take them off huh yeah I guess so okay I took off all the tags now I will show you guys the two tank tops that I got this first one is this blue and white striped one I'm gonna try it not just a cute for every item that that's probably not gonna happen anyways there is this cute pink top has like three buttons in the front I thought it was really cute really simple and just like easy to wear to like school just like anywhere the next one that I got is this one right here it's white and then it has purple straps it is a little cropped but I plan on wearing it with like high-waisted tights or high-waisted jeans and all that so I don't expose too much and then the last tank top I got is like another striped one it has like very muted colors I feel like there was this other one very similar to this it was like rainbow colors I felt like I just wanted this one more for some reason but yeah it's like blue green white yellow red like a topi color and so summer is coming up which I'm very excited for its spring right now and it's so gloomy outside like I like I just want the Sun to come out okay anyways now moving on to t-shirts I have two of them right here I think they're the same style I'm not sure like what what their name is but they like fit the same so this first one is white and it has blue flowers on it I thought this is really cute oh it's very nice to wear and then this other one again it's like the same fit but it's just purple and white striped I really like purple like the lavender color feel like it's really pretty but yeah I'll just wear this with like leggings tights wait that's the same thing I went to say leggings and jeans the next two items are like sweater types but I paired them with some sweatpants so I guess I'll just like go through outfit but like they were sold separately of course so this first one is this long sleeve it says California and it's this dark blue one and I think it's very cozy and the sweats that I match with them are these white ones with a red and blue stripe on the side these oh my god I tried them on in the store they're so comfy like the texture inside but I paired these together and I feel like it would really look to you either to dance or like a traveling outfit you know and then the other like sweats outfit I guess I'm kind of similar to another one but this is more of like a sweatshirt feel instead of like a long sleeve so this one again it's dark blue but then this one says Malibu and I love their sweaters I have two of them I think of my closet already but yeah I'm just adding this on to my collection oh and then the sweats that I paired with them are these grey ones right here again very soft inside they're grey and then on the side they have a white and black strap strap they have a white and black stripe that's what I meant to say but yeah I like pair these together so that is all for the clothes section of this part that was really fast you're like hauls go really fast let me just like move anyways I also got some accessories so let me show you that first I got some jewelry so these first ones are the star earrings that I wear every single day yes if you watch my videos you've definitely seen them before but guess what guys I lost my old ones so I was really sad when I lost them because I literally wore them every single day and like they just go with every outfit I had to buy some new ones yeah I'm very happy and then I got a new pair because I'm definitely going to get use out of them and then the next one I got a choker it's like the star necklace one I've seen this like everywhere and I thought it was really cute so I had to buy it next I got this chain I'm jumping on the bandwagon everyone for this you like put it on your jeans and it's supposed to be like like a stylish chain on your pants and then I also got some barrettes I actually have some barrettes I don't think I've worn on my youtube-channel but yeah I don't know why I'm mentioning this but anyways I thought were really cute there's three pairs this first one is white with black polka dot this one's black with white polka dots and then these are cheetah oh there's some cute I don't really wear clips honestly like I don't wear them to school maybe I'll start okay oh I really like these last two things first this one is a clear bag I go to like a pretty good amount of concerts I would say and like every time we would have to bring a clear bag but I don't have any clear bag so I just saw this in the store I was like oh we should probably get this just like future concerts and stuff and it has gold handles and then like the body chain so I'm you know wear it like across the body like this thing gonna be like I don't know what I'm pulling it and the last thing in this haul is a hat I'm going to be traveling in like a month or two and I'm very excited for those trips I will probably be plucking them I thought this hat was really cute for like where I'm going and then also just like for the airport but yeah I don't have hats like this and I'm still like figuring out on like how I want to style this but I just thought it was cute and I can like hide myself that is everything that I got from brandy I have to go try on all this so yeah anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video and make sure to subscribe I will see you guys in my next video I love you guys so much bye it's okay

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