tonight oh I'd be the gate amount of a big ago so thank you so much a week ago general that BB guy in a monopolist and demand my yarmulke classic dumped me I share that led to I believe God look at the recent means a macaque Diana made Jocelyn dummy major pricey separately to you high-end Cosima Pamela Hassan hi him take some time you know on well on cannot without knowing Bella so this tapering I'm not bragging don't matter at all and just want to show you what I'm about here banged up gonna back up in a political Parliament's my Dean can you show me – I don't open in the mahogany don't garnet not opening your remember yourself into mammalian the meat move Iranian classified alamou yarn store Brenda me mom architect a bit pala outside the four corners of the department store in America soldier people Wow so bakatari max tried to super-lightweight to say in your number your fashion statement God people not power through panicky but I've introduced a banana so a lot of confidence that image about holding the me to say physically intimate tobacco sauce you know to blah blah blah I'm a partner I shifted to JAC jacket no man after that movie but also managed a pair turn on jumping heroes and a jumper decor and then it all came to a point no I'm a busy background jumper ever so the ship Napa from jumper no way but also minimal happen jumpsuit okay that's our jobs or no mana Paulo max where they will receive an apology the minute I see something there max writing to the ship not only on someone a t-shirt Allah but the trip and comic teacher a teacher in a lot of symbolism a teacher and the rest is history mommy get something from an exchange the minister of course X and Billy Billy na means making param Akash ah-ooh-gah you to me madam Eddie's a an impermeable Madonna p.m. CET Bob low libido NATO for four thousand five hundred pesos lambda ma so the booze too intelligent maganda it's also telling us and dummy what more the higher now except Allah not in harmony got a 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Casa Bella finish itself manaphy you know cotton candy but not cotton and immigration Atty 2007 activity 2,700 colony prize pack the garment una posibilidad Appa Yakka Pato you maligning and emit more is Pharrell so it is a design call a blog on the palace on ignition as you may not care well not get fresh cool and rest course to make it on your possible your hand incidentally abilities happiness and sorry says much India Paganica savvy about magaroulian yeah miss Abby lemon respect but pagano's open your para Mossad soul quiz and recycle a pinch a penny be more than a jalapeno salsa mikulina gas tribal or any lab so I was – OH – me but I was the bomb nothing but on glass a pop up on a dancer yellow yellow unveil it color color young magnate balancing will I look around 11 gold a boy born but we did not see yellow so mark really thought is 2007 have the Napa or 3000 I'm not sure yes she Palin guessing game you pressure you had more about the Messiah it against any people on your 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make for Lucia so your mom about nothing and he Papa I'm a financing cool a yellow a I'm happy but if I could have the possible me Miranda and the ban but I take out so that was still a guy can be one picked up the audience on demand but my Britney my mother the hotel they feel bad call the gorilla cause this one cost me twelve thousand my cat the shark species melodic operating in a guy under the gun cool a limited edition long disability konasana you wouldn't wanna out of the table in a picnic or pedal your mom wanna shine I thought you nice wallet whenever the gun is a lot magnetism yeah Mahalo Mahalo Pharaoh made 11 b 14 25 and we're very grateful for that bucket on what is more you dress up a passive co-parent my young believers judge but some again valium design that i started it by hitting girl you Paula Tommy Hilfiger like Evelyn passage on the macaques are looking Bob so it's all passionate on owner a kingdom and I actually prepare even an artisan embrace the moment is nobody home that me and that was a buddy buddy cool I feel me regardless at any madam actually the guy Luna better in American say know why like new at made I do reparation decided preparation impressive able to decide not prepare a hoe kappa Rijo so colonists away simple simple Amanpour belong no for me poor palagi appropriate sex with oversized fear in hyah and he found and died following you see what physical bloat in the whole Dyneema diagnostic key lime pie or or your dark blue do you bump in shoes or the bad night issues like animal a pretty good 2503 a human are branded at the mayor of sapatos my god it's my investment chapada sake and can see it is something that took anywhere for almost a lifetime I'm not seeing number in black going to skim the Hat pero me son means that okay like Abu Bakr number and a Christmas miranda marquit an American man who put so Santa Catarina IV as a barback on discovery in life and okay makalah society company nama good son thank you very much mother are you coming up early December 1 makutano subscribe leave a possible meaning of you to beauty italic napping membership so new Paula Maggie Tom acceptable subscribe button iam join that's 129 pesos per month by insomuch initially bred only my Lucy protect how it will produce Marilyn some members knocking Royal Family's longest in your book join the racer family click the joint bottles of the bin subscribe button right of May revenues of membership Lakota sorry Nana charity works and also say improvement enough even a video so watch watch [Applause] [Applause]


  1. Kuya pwede order ka sa online ng bts merch ang giveaway mo and pag nag agree ka kuya bigyan mo ko ha😁🤗😋😅

  2. Very Inspiring Kween LC. Ganyan din ako dati during college days. Window shop lang muna sa mga stores at high end restaurants kc hindi ko pa kaya. Now that im earning- i can afford na to shop and eat sa classy na lugar without overspending. Thank you Lord for all the blessings! God bless u More. Never mind the haters.. just shake it off


  4. Gawin nyo po yun 100 layers of sili ng jamill with bnt HAHAHHAHA PARA BONGGA NAAA!!! GUSTO MO YUN?!! Gusto ko yunnnn!!

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