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What’s up guys, we’re Dude Perfect. I’m Jason Belmonte. Still the #1 bowler in the world Welcome to Bowling Trick Shots 2! This is the twin trust shot. No way! So anytime you do something cool when
you’re over here in the states. YEWWWW YEWWWW Yeah, do that all the time. We got some catching up to do. You still
saying things funny? Yeah, I still get into trouble over here with some of the words that I’m saying. Alright, you tell me what this one means.
Fairy Floss. Fairy floss, it’s fishing line, 100%. It’s cotton candy. Haha what?! You are driving on the road and you see an orange traffic cone… I see a witches hat. Do they call tires pancakes? Just whatever it looks like you just throw out some other term? A tire is a tire. How do you spell it though? T-Y-R-E No Time for a little mini battle, Giant
Connect 4 Shots bowling style Us versus them. First team to Connect 4 is the winner. Here we go! You’ve seen the Flying Eagle. This is the Double Flying Eagle. The Double Flying Eagle! We’re the go kart bowling bros! Yeehaw! Yeah! Bang! What a bowl! What a bowl! He’s the best in the world! That is why he’s #1! You should have your own bowling ball. You know it’s funny you say that I think you should have your own basketball Whoa! Look at that! Whoa! Hey give them the wink! As you can see we have a lot of bowling pins. This is the 120-pin perfect game bowl. This is the Long Ball. YEEEEE I didn’t see you do the Yee! YEEEEE This is the 10-Point Field Goal. Field Goal! At 250 yards, this is the World’s Longest Strike. What’s up guys, thanks for watching. If
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click down here. Signing off for now. Pound it. Noggin. See ya!


  1. Im glad Jason Belmonte is having some fun. But also as a bowler it makes me cringe when they bowl on anything other than a lane lol.

  2. 0:29 how did he miss the two pins where like halfway down the ally “best bowler” yea you missed
    Same with 1:08 lol sericly I could have hit at least one of those like 20 pins lol

  3. (Radio scratches) whoa, whoa, whoa! Did you guys saw that?! Take a closer look at Garriet! He didn't hit all bowling pins! Well, he did though, but the last pin was still lying down and did not fell down! I'm a real detective!

  4. 0:54

    Remote control bowling ball?
    If you look to the right you can see someone with a controller
    And when it hits the pins it appears to have a small green light
    It’s also the same bowling ball that they use in another pool trick shot
    And the ball makes some weird abnormal turns and changes of pace

  5. I don't know if you guys noticed, but the first trick and the replay are to different clips, look at how the pins falling down, and the one twins reaction 😉

  6. America: makes fun of Australia
    Also America: Has more issues than I can count, calls Sausages Weiners, and pronounces so much stuff weirdly

  7. Dude Perfect – The guys who never really grew up instead made a career out of it and some great content along the way.

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