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hey guys I'm back I'm on a roll today first of all back up how are you guys doing today so I did it I was basic today I got the unicorn drink from Starbucks it's the mango Frappuccino it's really all this I thought was gonna be cotton candy or like cake flavored like I would never get this for children they would be hyped up forever and the day but you know it's not that bad so this is another Black Friday it's been a while since I did these but as I told you guys before we were going through some real family problems so I had to put this on pause but I'm coming back with actually a brand that I have loved since the first moment I saw it this company is called HDC apparel for hot hot H a youth look girl Greek couture apparel and it's a black owned business I've been like I said before I've been so height about their entire like business they have t-shirts hats all types of different stuff for men women kids they are definitely made across the board they sell jackets hoodies they have this crop top one that I want is so many things they have that are so great I try to email them so I like to email them and I'd like to email the companies and kind of ask them what they would like me to tell you but considering Friday it's tomorrow just look in the description box for all the questions and answers that I asked them that they you know will say I think what you guys who know but anyway it's HDC apparel you can find them at HDC apparel calm like I said they sell shirts they sell everything so the founder and CEO her name is Marcia the goal of this brand was to kind of bring back the fashion of the nineties like the black colors the bright colors the bagginess things like that this one it's a and you can definitely see it throughout their line it's just very reminiscent of like that 90s era other things are like yellow and blue black and it's just really bold and it's colorful and if they do really kind of stick to their claim of wanting to bring back you know that time back into today's fashion and I don't know if you guys have really seen their stuff flying around but well what event was it – I want to say the women's March maybe not but zendaya wore one of their shirts and I have my eye on this one for a while and it was on sale it's such a pretty color it's that Queen and crown on it everything is definitely geared towards african-american black whatever you are it's definitely geared toward as mother needed individuals their stuff cells aren't really fast because they make really good quality stuff I was afraid to wear this hoodie today it's 80 degrees outside and I was a little nervous to wear because I was like it's like it's not hoodie it's a crewneck sweater but I was like oh it's going to be hot that's actually like definitely something she could wear all year round um like layer in the wintertime wear it on its own in the spring and summer months it's a great like spring fall type of situation it's a medium the one I'm wearing now is the medium and it feels very true to size because I'm telling me right now your girls are large but I like it it it definitely it's it's thin but it it feels durable like it's not gonna fall apart in you know the washing machine so where can you find them like I said you can find them at hcc apparel calm on Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram and snapchat your Twitter link doesn't work though I don't know if it's being revamped if they changed it to something else but you can definitely find them on all little as different platforms I'll put that information and there scription box below so you guys can see them and find them and purchase from them you know if you spend money as you know Victoria's Secret do you spend money at forever 21 urban outfitters all those places look up your local black business go to them if but a lot of them are online they offer shipping worldwide shipping I know this one has International shipping be a patron of black businesses you know they definitely have a lot to offer us HCC apparel it's a very good grant I love them I've been trying to either like I said I've had my eye on their products for a long while and they are a great brand and they offer so many great oh that was a bird yes they offer so many great different things for you for children for men women whoever's in your life but I think really find a piece in there they release what like and appreciate so that's it you guys thanks for joining me again today I hope that you all are subscribe to my video so that you can know when I'm posting thank you guys so much for tuning in please stay tuned for more upcoming videos I try to get these out more in the regular things at home have finally calmed down so we're definitely you definitely can't expect a video from me every week and I will try to stay on top of these black Fridays to get them out to you every other Friday because they are important I've been talking to a lot of businesses who you know have been talking to send me things if you guys have one of your favorite but businesses that you want to see featured here to comment down below what's your favorite black business have you tried HGC apparel let me know go to their website and let me know which one thing you will want to buy but that's it yeah alright I'll see you guys in the next video as you guys so much bye guys see this


  1. Great merchandise horrible customer service! Don't order if you have somewhere to go within a month! Love supporting my own but we always have shitty customer service! Smh hopefully they see this and work on it.

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