Blue Button Shop in Toronto might be the cities favourite Japanese clothing shop

I am totally obsessed with clothing so today I am going to check out Blue Button Shop. They’re a Japanese clothing store. I’m sure I’m going to find multiple new and different looks here. Around 90 percent of the products that they have here come straight from Japan so they carry both men’s and women’s clothing. And a really interesting thing about this shop is that it’s pretty exclusive. It might be the only spot in Canada that carries particular Japanese brands. For example Kapital is a really popular brand among men and women. In terms of the different clothing that they have for women, it ranges from dresses to pants to tops to jackets. And it’s pretty much the exact same thing for men as well. They have tops, pants, jackets and they also have a unisex section here. The denim section is a must amongst the unisex clothing and it comes from a region called Okayama in Japan which is a really popular for the production of denim. They items here cost between $255 up to $1000 and that’s because every single jean here is hand crafted. It’s not manufactured at all so every individual piece has its own character.

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