– Oh! (laughing) (alarm) I’m in trouble. – (gasp) What did you do? – I’m sorry! (upbeat music) (urban hip beat) – [Both] Hey guys! – It’s Kayla. – And Mom, Connie. – And today we’re going to be picking a few outfits blindfolded. So, actually I am. – It’s really crowded in here though because we are in an H&M
that’s in New York City. – Yeah. – So, there’s people crawling everywhere. We’re gonna do our best
to work around that. I have to guide Kayla. – Yeah. – But, I’m not gonna like purposely push her toward anything specific. I’m just gonna make sure
she’s out of the way of other people. – Yes. And, you’re gonna help me with sizes. So, whatever I pick,
she’s gonna pick a size that thinks will fit me so
that I’m not picking like — – Yeah, otherwise this isn’t
gonna be very fun for her to try on if the outfit’s
like ten times too big. We’re gonna make this fun. So, I’m gonna give her
her blindfold and then — – Oh, a lot of people just walked in. – This place is crawling with people. (ding) Okay, Kayla’s blindfolded. We’ve got her hand. And there are a lot of
people, so I’m gonna help her. – Oh, what’s this? – [Connie] Pull it out, let’s see what you’re thinking you’re feeling. – Okay. Oh, this is a jacket. I don’t want a jacket. Here we go. – [Connie] Okay, Kayla’s
not ready for a coat. – Oh, what’s this? This feels like a sweatshirt. Oh, it’s very long. Oh, is this the front? Wait, hang on, what’s the front? – [Connie] I don’t know.
– Oh, this is the front. Okay. – Oh, I feel embroidery? No, that’s the tag. It’s just a plain. Okay. I’ll keep this just in case. It feels safe. Oh, what’s this? – [Connie] Mirror. – Okay, another sweatshirt. (laughing) I can’t reach it. Okay, this definitely has
something on the front. I feel like this might be
more fun than this one. I’m gonna keep this one
and put this one back. Okay, okay, all right. Oh, hello! (laughing) Wait, what is this? – [Connie] I don’t know, it looks soft. – I like this! This is soft. Oh, there’s a pocket. I like this. I’m getting, white. This feels white. – [Connie] Okay, So the
color is white for you? – Yes. – [Connie] All right.
– This is white. Here, let’s match these up, see if I can wear this white
hoodie with this sweatshirt. The sweatshirt kind of feels long. Hmm. – [Connie] Okay. – I’m gonna keep this. – [Connie] Okay. – But, I’m not sure about
this sweatshirt anymore. Oh my gosh! Where am I? Oh, hello. Oh, what’s this? (laughing) I like that. Oh! (laughing) What is that? Another mannequin? – [Connie] Yeah. Oh, there’s another mannequin. (laughing) You’re not helping! There’s lots of empty space. Okay. Just making sure. Okay, there’s something here. This feels like pants. This definitely feels like pants, I think. What about this? Is this pants? Yes, these are pants. Okay, I like these. – [Connie] I don’t know if
we’re gonna find that in your – Size? all right. I’ll go on the bottom. I’ll go with this one. Is this two pairs? No, this is one. I want this one. – [Connie] Yeah, I think all those pants are gonna be too big for Kayla. So, maybe we gotta go upstairs. – She’s gonna lead me into another area and we’re gonna find pants, ’cause these pants are too big. Onwards! – [Connie] Okay. We have to go all the way around. – We’re going really fast. – Are we? – Can we slow down? (laughing) – I feel like you’re
gonna lead me into a wall. – No, I’m just trying to
get us to the escalator. – I mean, you didn’t tell me there was a mannequin in front of me, so, you never know. Wait, an escalator? Tell me when to step. – Okay. – Wait, we’re not there yet. – Okay. – One, two, three, step! – Okay. – We did it! She’s on the escalator. – Oh, we’re going up? – Yes, we’re going up. – Oh my gosh. – Okay, so now it looks like
we’re in little kids clothes. – Oh my gosh, that would be perfect. (laughing) – I feel like I’m looking at
little kid clothes everywhere. (alarm) – Uh oh. I’m in trouble. – (Gasp) What did you do? – I’m sorry! – It went away, you’re better. (playful music) – Was that a person? Where are you? – [Connie] I’m right in front of you. – Okay. Pants. These feel stretchy. What is this? Oh, this is a shirt. Is this pants? I don’t know what this is. Hang on, oh my gosh, this is very tall. These are yoga pants. They’re stretchy. I’m too short. Hang on. These might work. Okay. I’m hoping they’re black because black will work with anything. – [Connie] Yeah, this is the right size. – Oh, jeans! Okay. Is that you? Is this hanging again? Okay, these feel like jeans. Oh, jeans, yes! Do they have anything on the side? Oh, they definitely have
something on the side. No they don’t. They don’t have anything on the side. How are these folded? Is this the butt? This is the butt. Do these have rips in them? No, they’re just plain jeans. Okay. Size. – [Connie] Okay, so
Kayla’s picking out jeans. – Okay, we have stuff. Oh, this one’s soft. This one is soft, so I think I want to go with one of these. – [Connie] What is that? – Uh, I don’t know, but it’s soft. Let’s see. There we go. Oh my gosh. This is a jacket. Does it have a hood? Yes. It’s so soft! I really like this. I got this jacket. It feels pretty long, so it might be able to go with my sweatshirt. – [Connie] Yeah. – So, I’m gonna go with
this for my second outfit. – [Connie] You want shoes? – Yes. – [Connie] Okay, so, we’re gonna try and get Kayla to the shoe section. – I’m gonna run into someone. Oh my gosh. – Does it go all the way down? It does, okay. Are these hanging? – [Connie] Yes, they’re hanging. – This feels like a tennis shoe. It just feels like a plain tennis shoe. So, maybe this will work. This is the first pair
that I picked though, so I gotta see my options. Is this more over here? Oh, okay. These feel like canvas. I don’t know what you call these, but they’re definitely different. They both feel like they don’t
have any pattern on them. Or any embroidery or anything. I think I’m gonna go with these. – [Connie] Did you want
two pairs for two outfits? – Oh yeah! I don’t know about these though, so I’m gonna put these back. You can go back over
here where you belong. Oh no! He doesn’t want to leave. These feel the same. They all feel the same. I don’t know. How far does this go? – [Connie] It goes all the way around. – All the way around? Oh, hello. These feel weird. These feel like they don’t have laces. Hmmm, what is this? Are these heels? – [Connie] Yeah. – I could wear some Stilettos. Hmm, those won’t work
with any of my outfits. Oh, these feel like heels again. I kind of like this. Yeah. Something more fancy. I like that. Maybe I should keep looking. I have to see all of my options. Or, not see. Feel, all of my options. (laughing) Where did they go? Here. Okay, I want these. (laughing) – [Connie] Okay, what size are you? – I don’t know. (ding) – [Connie] You ready to
see what you picked out? – Sure. – [Connie] Okay, the first
item are some skinny jeans. – They’re not too bad. They look very large. – [Connie] And, you picked
out this green jacket. – Okay. – [Connie] Which I know
you wanted this year. So, I’m very impressed
that you picked that color and everything. – Yeah, because I used
to have one like this. It’s too small now. – [Connie] That one might
be too big, but we’ll see. And, then you picked out these
really cute stretch pants. – Very cute. – [Connie] They might make
good jammies, I don’t know. It’s sort of Christmas-y. – Okay. – [Connie] And then,
you got this sweatshirt. – Okay, this isn’t too bad. Yeah, this is kind of nice. I like this. – [Connie] That looks like a Kayla shirt. – I can roll with this. It’s oversized. It’s cool. – [Connie] And then you found
this really soft hoodie. – Oh, the one that I thought was white. – [Connie] The one that
you thought was white, but it’s black. – Okay, I like the pocket. I think I can work with this stuff. – [Connie] And we did pick out shoes, they’re around the corner right now. So we’ll show you in just a second. (ding) (upbeat music) – [Connie] Okay, so here
are your shoe choices. – Okay, wow! Quite high heels. Okay. These did have a pattern. I’m not mad at them. They’re kind of cute. I don’t know. I feel like these would go better with the other outfit that I have, too. I’m gonna go with these ones. They won’t match, but they’ll
be better with this outfit than the other outfit. (laughing) – [Connie] Okay. I think they’re cute. She did really well. I think all that looks cute. – [Kayla] I would never wear these jeans. The jeans are a little
big, as you can tell. – [Connie] The jeans are big? – Yeah, they need to be
a little bit slimmer. But, I didn’t do half bad. – [Connie] So, let’s see what
the other outfit looks like. – Okay. (ding) (upbeat music) I like the hoodie. I don’t like the pants. – [Connie] I think they’re cute. They look really comfy, too. – I’m not gonna get them. I don’t like them. – [Connie] You think you
should go with these shoes? (laughing) – [Kayla] Okay, let’s see. This was definitely a
mistake, saving these shoes. (laughing) These are so tall. Okay, this is my next look. (laughing) It’s like pajamas on top and then– – [Connie] Fashionista! (laughing) – I’m Vogue. – [Connie] But, do you like the shirt? – Yeah, I like this. The shoes are scary. (laughing) I feel like I’m walking on skyscrapers. (laughing) – [Connie] Okay, so, shoes are out. – Yes, but, I like my top. – [Connie] The pants are totally cute. – No! (laughing) (ding) – Okay, so, these are all
the items that I found. Some of them were all right and some of them were not so all right. (laughing) My favorite? I liked this the best. The black, soft blanket
hoodie was so amazing and so soft, I could sleep in it. So, that was me shopping
for outfits blindfolded. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Don’t forget to subscribe down below. I’m thinking about getting this. I wasn’t expecting to find anything here. I did find something. Don’t forget to comment down below if you liked any of the
items that I tried on today. And, until next time, bye! (upbeat music)

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