hello everyone its Victoria Kay welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel I have a very special video for you today and it's going to be about Black Friday fashion deals so I am here at Issa apparel and I will show you my top like Friday picks and the deals that we have going on and also our doorbuster right here you definitely don't want to miss out on this deal this is a black vegan leather jacket this is a very hot popular item so I do want to show this to you if you have any questions on these deals you can definitely shoot me an email or drop a comment I will do my best to answer everyone's question so that being said I cannot wait to put on these amazing clothes I'm gonna head over to the dressing room and start putting on the first outfit and explain to you why you should get this for Black Friday so this video is going to show you some recommendations right here ease up arrow the entire store will be 50% off and with this video I just want to give you some suggestions in case you need some guidance on what to get whether you want to get some deals for yourself or actually get some presents for someone that you know so here's my first outfit suggestion to get for Black Friday as you notice I'm wearing a knitted sweater and plum color and it has nice lace-up v-neck and I paired it with destroyed skinny jeans as you notice and they are light blue and they're not your traditional jeans they do not have a button to close they have a strength so they are very elastic and they also feature threaded bottoms this will outfit goes great with heels boots sneakers whatever you want so this is a very good option for you to get on Black Friday if you want something casual but you can dress it up I also want to show you the doorbuster for Black Friday that eats a halves which is this very beautiful vegan leather jacket it's a black commander jacket this is a must-have for all ladies to have in their closet and the deal is ridiculous you will be able to get it for $65 it actually retails for a hundred and sixty one dollars I also wanted to include a dress option for you so since it is winter I wanted to show you a long-sleeve bodycon dress it has a very nice crisscross design in the back it is very fitted but very very stretchy so I even recommend getting a size smaller than you normally would in dresses and I can also tell you it's very very comfortable so this is an excellent choice for Black Friday if you are looking for a dress and to get a deal on it if you are looking for a deal on a dress for Black Friday I recommend this one items especially its rest so as you can see complements the dress very well so you can wear this jacket with pants a dresses skirts you know pretty much anything so this this jacket definitely is a great great deal I highly recommend you get it in my last outfit suggestion to get on Black Friday is this very beautiful sweat suit I love sweat suits but they have to be made a certain way it looks athletic but it also looks put together which is what I love so this type of wear is actually called athleisure wear so I highly recommend getting this sweat suit as well and what I love about it is the crop top and also the three-quarter pants and you can wear this with white sneakers as well as black sneakers and you know the burgundy color is very nice but we also have a great color as well so now you have seen all three of my outfit suggestions for Black Friday however as I mentioned the entire store will be 50% off and the doorbuster deals that you don't want to miss is the black vegan leather jacket that I showed you as mentioned you will not be able to see this deal anywhere so if you really need to get a leather jacket this would be the deal for you so do not miss out on that day this video is to simply give you some ideas and also give you a heads up on what's going to be going on at Mesa apparel so I hope this helps you and if you have any questions please feel free to email or drop a comment I will do my best to answer so that concludes my Black Friday fashion deal video for you I hope that you appreciate it and I hope that this will give you some great gift ideas for the holidays coming up you definitely don't want to miss out on these great deals because whoever is going to end up with these gifts they're gonna get some great quality please refer to my description box I have the link right there where you can get the deals and also use my code to get an additional discount and if you have any questions you can always drop a comment I will do my best to answer and please don't forget to like my video and also subscribe to my channel and I will definitely be back with another try on haul for you next time


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