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you’ve seen so many diys on this channel but today we gonna to start a series Fashion TADKA wait… did you mean you gonna do cooking?? no not cooking:-)) No doubt you’ve seen so many kind of fashion but we gonna to put our DIYs & Styling Tadka in it… BTW from where did you looted all these stuffs?? Do you know Saima ?? You mean Shy Styles she visited here some days earlier I’ve stolen all the stuffs from her Not stolen :-)) she has sent the stuffs by herself and thats too with respect so lets get started now are you enjoying?? Sure you’ve liked this video also SHARE this video with your friends These ear rings are so light weighted, shiny… and cost Rs. 99/- only what you buy at this cheaper price?? These ear rings have different textures like its plain from upside and rough below These ear rings replicates to that one from zara and H&M and Price is so reasonable Aren’t we clever enough?? Buy stuffs at cheaper price These ear rings I am wearing right now its not too heavy and I feel these will go well with suits rather than Lehenga and these ear rings are looking so beautiful but its slight heavy for me I am wearing here these big square shaped ear rings its to big even I couldn’t be able to move even my long neck isn’t help me I mean I ain’t be able to carry these I like these ear rings so much even you’ll see me in these ear rings in more videos later as those things which I like I keep it with me forever Oh ho… that’s why you’re still single have you done with your shooting let’s go as we’ve to do Anaysa’s shooting we’re waiting for you there come fast I ain’t like the packaging of these ear rings much but I found they are really beautiful on wearing them which reminds me about the olden era they are so light weighted the best part in it has hanging stoppers so I found these best why are you holding the ear rings like these as these are of hanging type and its wire is so thick so can’t get fitted well in my short holes so avoid these if you’ve same problem otherwise its all nice you carried them wrong sorry.. I don’t know how to wear them the wings of this butterflies are in different directions if you got it how to wear it than do tell in the comment section I like these ear rings so much this is a statement piece so can’t carry them again and again so I would like to suggest you the most common colour you’ve in your dresses so purchase the matching statement ear rings so that you can wear it more times and these ear rings gives me the feeling of star emojis these are appropriate for the college girls here we’ve shy styles lipsticks these shades are my favourite the mixture of both I am wearing right now and my top favourite is this which I too wearing right now this rosy pink shade is too good these ear rings are so light weighted


  1. We want some outfits and accessories for 14 year old girl
    Hit like if u agree
    And most importantly from where shall we order them


  2. The Chinese jewelleries which are very shiny and cheap they are made out of cadmium bars. The Chinese businessman make jewelleries from cadmium bus for greater profit as it is very cheap but cadmium can cause cancer in human if it stays in contact of our body for so long or if its chewed or swallowed.

  3. Butterfly earing ko jis side
    Se butterfly ki do wing h usko outside m rakhna h.
    Agr aap dono earing ko ek sath rakhoge to complete butterfly banegi

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