Best & WORST Homecoming Dresses of 2018

You have the AUDACITY to wear Birkenstocks? Ohhh you must really hate your school What’s good whats poppin its ya boy Denzel Dion and welcome back to my channel Are you poppin? because I know I am OKAY I am back with another video. Yes, and as you guys can see by this title This is going to be another Best and Worst Dressed but what? Homecoming edition. Oh my god I can’t imagine a Best and Worst back to back has that ever been done before no bitch but it’s the start of something new no high school musical And to be honest, I wanted to review homecoming dresses from the start then I was like, you know what homecoming She just doesn’t give me what I need. I can’t really give two shits about homecoming but y’all wanted it so here y’all go I will say for homecoming sometimes y’all know how to dress for homecoming like people are wearing capes. Like are you a superhero? Are you a villain? What are you pick one? Okay, people are just dressing in types of rompers and jeans and i’m like oh my god is this homecoming? is this how you come home? bitch is this how you welcome yourself to the school? This is it? this is it? well okay and I will say for this video. I will take it easy. I’ll take it a little easy because you know what? It’s Homecoming so I’ll let some stuff slide. Perhaps stuff will not fly or slide with I. Ooh! Bars! Someone sign me please! Hey darling if this is your first time seeing my face or knowing of my existence, please click that subscribe button and subscribe subscribe subscribe that helps me a lot. if you’re watching this video right now yes you if you’re watching this video right now stop this video and give this video a big fat THIQ thumbs up. without further ado. Let’s get right on into this video Shall we darling! Let me say homecoming. I’ve never had homecoming. I don’t know why prolly cuz I’m a ghetto ass school. or i just i never knew what homecoming was I always heard like I seen in the movies, but people actually got homecoming. That’s weird That’s crazy to me. I wish I had a homecoming for my school they probably didn’t have the budget for that. You know, they maybe had a budget for prom. Let’s be honest. Look if we’re speaking back if you’re speaking factual I always wanted to be in that Friday night light type of school. like the school you see movies. I never got that bitch I just got a building and some teachers, and some annoying ass students and classmates. That’s all I got. I didn’t get the big football stadium the big football fields and all this fun tivities and all this like my school tried to do like spirit day but people in my school had no spirit and i was one of those people you think im about to come here dressing up in flying colors bitch fashion okay. Okay. Now with this first homecoming dress this is what homecoming gives me I would have hated this for prom cuz y’all know I’m not too fond. I’m not too fond of two pieces for prom like Are you going to the pool? are you going to the beach? Why the hell your ass got a two piece on? What? but for homecoming, I love this. I love the embedding I love this. This is not too much not too little this is just right there for me for homecoming No, but this is cute this screams homecoming and I will say in this video You can give me a short dress for homecoming. Okay? Cause a short dress is like the start okay for prom, a long dress is like the ending bitch you’re coming in short and you leaving in long you know what i mean? so its a transformation But like I said, I don’t like short dresses for prom that is a no-no bitch, above your knee? The fuck? No, no, no no not even. ew We don’t do that. Now y’all know I’m not too fond of floral, but this doesn’t give me very floral like there’s flowers But when i mean floral I mean like the color patterns and daffodils and dandelions and tulips and you know roses, you know, what’s another flower? Did I say tulip? You know what I mean. Those type of flowers. Leaves and stuff now I get wearing it in the fall but sweetie let’s leave the flowers outside on the floor in the ground okay? I don’t know why, I’ve never been to homecoming but correct me if I’m wrong I think this is what homecoming is, it’s cute! You know what I mean? It’s simp. I love I love this girl. Look at her. Wh- Oh girl you got a bouquet of flowers like you are getting married. Oh damn. You see this is nice. Come on girl. Look back at it. I love this I love this. This is so cute Now next we have this black short dress with this gold thing under and to be honest for prom I would have hated it but this is not prom this is homecoming. This is cute. I like this. She slayed yes I love a good two strap heel. Y’all know I love me a good two strap. Okay, I love it I love. keep the toes out. this is so nice the nails are done and her body fits perfectly. I love the neck. I love everything. This is bedazzled. I love this for homecoming This is so cute. If it was just plain black shimmer, we would have never loved however the gold adds something to the dress but for some reason this looks like a Versace Collection I live for it cause I know for a fact it’s it’s not versace, but she gives me Versace you know you better go big or go home, but she came home. Home meaning the coming home coming You get what I did there? Cute right? I know, i know. I know. Homecoming is cute for short dresses. I live oh my god Short dresses are actually cute but for homecoming, like I said, I said what I said I meant what I said I said what i meant! If you don’t like it toodaloo! Click off. see you later. Thank you. And now this next homecoming attire, this outfit. I can’t really call it a dress. Now it is a two-piece long suit blazer? With matching pants I will say when I started this I was like eh, But it is homecoming you could do whatever you want for homecoming if she would have wore this to prom I would have been like girl. she looks like She’s about to Wed two people together. This is giving me very royal this is giving me very church at the same time. like hallelujah. This is what an imaginative wears it gives me first lady of the church and we live for gospel, bitch. We love gospel hallelujah! We love praising the lord, we do. However, This would have been good for a cute cute Sunday at church This is like an Easter outfit, you know, you know what I mean but apart from that, with the pink car I love this She’s giving me Royal she’s giving me Opulence she’s giving me a branch tonight. She’s giving me I am that I’m the queen of y’all Okay, you guys are coming to my homecoming. This is nice I love this for some reason. I like the gold and stuff she does oh my god, but it’s like she’s in a marching band too you know, she’s giving me all types of jobs And I’m really here for it. However, I would’ve done with different shoes I would’ve done a two strap, cute, a two strap gold heel or a two strap white heel. with some french manicures Ooh girl You would’ve popped out. I’m not really too fond of the shoes the shoes look Actually the shoes are a type of a look but not for this outfit. It’s giving me very protozoa I live for this shoe this is a cute shoe, but I don’t like – you can’t match, for me you can’t match a silver with gold. Sometimes it doesn’t look right Like I’ve tried it before it’s just I don’t like it. But overall this outfit is so elegant. so classy I love it. It’s very white it’s just it’s giving me holy. I feel like i’m about to get anointed Bitch is about to bless me when she sees me. Okay now for this homecoming dress *sighs* The dress is not the issue it’s the black thing that’s under the dress. I have no problem with the dress to me its just It’s homecoming it can look like, not that expensive. I don’t care if it’s expensive or not Sometimes you’ll make it look too too cheap you know what i mean but homecoming i feel like you could come cheap But make it look cute. You know what I mean? I like the dress. The dress is cute And you know, I just don’t like that that black thing I don’t know if there’s a bra or something or is this a part of the dress? But she should’ve cut it out. It just made the dress wrong that black thing should have been red. to, you know, camouflage. That’s about it And then I was like girl I zoomed in, sis. you have the audacity to wear Birkenstocks to homecoming bih- you have the AUDACITY to WEAR BIRKENSTOCKS? Ohh You must really hate your school, you know what Even if you really don’t care but however I care and I will say if you gonna have this black thing at least make it up with a black heel. Or a silver heel. No, a silver heel would’ve done it. A silver heel would’ve been very cute with this. Birkenstocks girl? Oh my god. Birkenstocks? really? You might as well would’ve worn crocs. Oh yeah the Birkenstocks really threw me off and that black thing. Overall it’s homecoming You see that’s why Imma let it slide because this is what you can do at homecoming this like you can f*** up Homecoming and go crazy at prom you know what I mean so homecoming is like I’m just testing the waters, you feel me? But yeah, the Birkenstocks gotta go. The black under thing, whatever that is? gotta go. and that’s it. If the black is out, the silver heel, girl, you would’ve done it. you know what it’s homecoming So this time and there’s room for mistakes. This next homecoming outfit, BITCH I wasn’t here for it but I’m here for it. I’m like girl you don’t dress like that but it’s homecoming She said the summer’s not ending. Okay. I want to party I wanna club and I love this. I’m sorry This may look trashy to some people, it doesn’t look trashy to me. I really love it. I don’t care. It’s homecoming. Imma show up and imma show out, imma have fun. i dont know if this is a college one coming affair or a high school one, whatever it is I am here for I love this show body, show skin. Live- I have no problem with this, I don’t. I clearly don’t. Like this girl is coming to have fun. I love this I don’t know why but I really do. Like come on the titties is up and high she’s ready to go. She’s ready to explore the world I’m down for this the heels? Sexy. The bag? Sexy. The dress? Sexy. The top? Sexy. She went to homecoming like it was a party like it was a club. Honestly, something I would’ve done You’re not gonna see me with a full-blown dress to homecoming Excuse me? That’s the prom is for. Homecoming Imma dress Like I want to like how I want to. Like I’m going to the club because I’m thinking of this, as a club as a party as a good time. Okay school just started and I don’t want it to start so Imma dress like I’m going to the club Okay. Now this is too much. I’ll talk about people doing too much for homecoming like that Like this is absolutely the most. This is what you do for prom. Like this It’s just too much for me I like if you do this much at homecoming what can you do for prom? You have to go simple at homecoming like okay she’s not gonna f*** it up at prom and then that’s when you get them at prom. You show up looking good, but this, I’m not a fan of it. Okay now we have this for homecoming this is very interesting I’ve never seen something like this I don’t really like it. Uhm If someone showed up to homecoming like this, I’m gonna start thinking this is the principal trying to look sexy Principal tryna look cute, like hey principal Marge. Hey girl. Um Okay, now I see where she was going with this I feel like the belt just doesn’t look right the fabric, okay. The whole thing just doesn’t look right for me its now the type of material is just looks too flimsy It gives me very bathrobe material like its very flimsy its not stiff, It’s not stern You know, it’s not there and yeah, that’s about it but like I said You can wear stuff like this to homecoming because you know why, it’s homecoming. Like you can pop up like this. at homecoming but at prom That’s where it’s time for you to redeem yourself. You feel me? Okay, now this is too casual for homecoming. I’m so sorry this This is something you wear in the summertime if even that. I would especially to homecoming. It’s too sunny it’s too – like girl we are in october let’s get into the fall. I mean there’s like fall leaves in here. I just don’t like this, at all. It’s just not gonna do it for me Like you cannot wear this to homecoming I would rather you wear a t-shirt and jeans than to wear this to homecoming. You always have prom you show up – and that’s why Homecoming is regular you can show up like this but prom is right around the corner. So like Girl, you can dress up like this for homecoming But prom I know you gonna kill it because people who dress like this at homecoming they just do this just to mess with y’all minds. You think they – well, if they serious See this is another case of doing too much. Girl where are you going to looking like this? This is so beautiful. But this is for prom. This is not for homecoming. How do you show out like this homecoming? I love this So simple like the belt and everything is so nice, but not for homecoming Damn girl you should’ve put this in the closet let her collect dust until the next year for prom. She’s like no sweetie. This dress needs to get on now on my body now. I needed to wear it now Girl oh, I like how it just sits on the floor. So nice. I feel like this is too much. Like you actually doing too much girl at this point. Okay now last but not least. Now we have this dress. Reminds me of like regular silk sheets. It’s cute. Okay, it looks very DIY, but a cute DIY like, this would’ve been cute with some lace up heels as well The dress is cute. The girl’s makeup is bomb af. I’m not gonna show her face because I’m about to talk about her sandals. You have your face beat your hair You’re beautiful everything you’re glowing. I love this color this periwinkle type color. I live. everything is good but the shoes girl you really could have you could have done this with some popping heels. Not with some sandals. I thought the Birkenstocks was bad, but her dress wasn’t good. So I really didn’t feel that bad but girl your dress – everything is beautiful She has these Jesus sandals like girl where you walking to? Jerusalem? Where you walking to? Where are you going that you have these sandals on? You should have put on a nice cute heel. Apart from that this is this is nice to me this is very homecoming very simple very cute And its just shows that you want to have fun, you know? Well, yeah that was it for my homecoming video. You know what I mean? Like you can’t do too much for homecoming. You can’t if you didn’t have any homecoming yet Don’t do too much. you need to go regular at homecoming and POP OFF at prom and don’t wear flats. Flats is never okay. I don’t care in what situation girl You better bring an extra pair of flats but for a picture, you have to put the heels on for a picture like you know, if I was a girl and I was going to party, Oh, the heels will be on for a picture. But the party, she will be wearing flats. end of story point-blank, period. That’s it. That was it for this video guys. Give this video a big thumbs up If you liked it like, comment, subscribe subscribe subscribe, like I said you see me I’m doing it you watch I post you don’t watch I don’t post, so watch! And until then see you later my darlings. Bye! Toodaloo!


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