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close up Jen hi sorry I fight hello thank you I'm super excited for these three video today what's it going to be about so we're going to be showing you the best shapers to look slimmer oh I like that and I'm to look slimmer I think we all do yes I need we all need it and I know that you actually like the video we did last time yeah we got a lot of positive feedback on that so today we're going to just give you another one with better chambers better shapers the new collection which is so much better than the old look you guys like the old collection you're going to love this new line awesome and I know and but honestly like I recommend you guys when you guys go during checkout when you guys are getting these pieces in then you take advantage yes my code pepper code yes so make sure you enter a checkout Victoria Kay and then you get to save extras so yeah holidays are coming up we want to make sure we look nice and smooth and tight and you know lifted in certain areas but a little bit tight and we have min titled slim we're going to show you three different shapers today right well this is a waist trainer but it still counts as a shaper you know so I'm excited to wear these so I'm gonna be showing you every single shaper on me Jenny will explain so before we get started you know we've gotten some questions from our audience you know Jenny I know the number one question that we get is oh my god so but honestly I think on the video yeah like it looks so like drastic yeah I mean because I don't feel like you don't know I get stressed you know are you but then they look at the bill and I'm like whoa like you're going you know so should we reveal all right yes so how tall are you Jimmy so I'm 40 Levin okay and I'm 5/8 okay yeah but I feel like it like you know within an L on video like and also keep in mind sometimes I wear heels and do it anywhere that were like because with heels on like six 100 that's dramatic yeah six one two for a day right but I need hey I don't mean for okay so now you got your answer if you have any more questions for us we'll be healthy visit moment cover the answers yeah we should do a go Q&A yes do you guys want a Q&A because we will be happy to share yeah definitely yeah so if you're curious let us know if we have enough material if we get enough questions from you we will create another video so so ask away man Escalade but nothing crazy okay anyway so we aren't about to get started with the shapers which shape or should I try first genius we should do the high-waist boy shorts come on Victoria theme so she's marrying the high-waisted bully shorts and this is one of our popular ones and for this new collection they made it even better because it's thinner than the old collection so it's going to move with her you're not going to be able to see it because with the other one because it is thicker I felt that you could see just a little bit not too much where I think you were ever easily a little bit I mean with this mine's a lot thinner though oh but it has the dual fusion technology I mean it's going to flatten your stomach are going to eat all of that right let's wipe this part is thicker this sticker so it's gonna like sister ways it's gonna make you like just tuck everything in and the other cool part is yes that they added straps okay so you can attach these straps if you want to pull it up and pull it up it's just great over on and I love it because it has too short so for those women that don't like to wear thongs they can always do it for short yes and still doesn't give you any patty lines no lying lips and you could go yes so I like this because I can wear this with the dress and pants yeah and I feel like I haven't really seen yeah smoothes you out completely yeah so this is a good one like it I love it oh and it also has it gives you good support so it pushing your glutes out okay so you know until you get there with weights you can just have the shape the shape and make your booty any booty we're gonna show them the next month yes and at the end of the video we're going to show you the before and after so keep on watching the entire video so what's next so we are going to do my favorite ona which is a open bus slip-on dress open bus tour the zombies so it's open grassy so it's open from your bust area oh so you're so you're a boob you hang out yeah they hang out oh okay well I'm going to show you that very chill you in rabaa them yes I'll be wearing same ones but the trick with that is that is going to push all you're gonna get get amazing everybody you're gonna look slim you're gonna get cleavage I'm excited so let's go it on alright here's the next shape printer my favorite just slip on dress yeah yes I feel super slim I know because it really just sucks you in the dual technology I feel like I'm wearing a dress but I would never go outside like this no remember I like this so I love it because you know it's thin but it still gives you a compression mm and you know and yeah I just love it and it's like super like it moves with you flexible yet so I can just okay so now we're going to show you our third option so for our last demonstration we're going to show you the popular waist cincher in a vest design okay great so how does this work Jenny so this but I'm the best so as as we mentioned this is a waist trainer so yeah different a best way stranger okay so it's a cool thing about this waist trainer is that what represent that means and it's hanmi yeah and it is hundred percent natural latex so the lakers we're gonna elevate your body temperature this is the extra small okay so you're gonna help me cool okay there we go so this is straight out of breath yeah this is a struggle but I mean it's normal it's better to cinch you know your waist on that first row just because you know aims to not only that but you have the rest of the hooks to work with but I have to say it is required that you get measured properly it's required yes because you don't want to go into something that's very small yeah you know what's gonna happen you're gonna hurt it was you're going to hurt yourself you're gonna have problems and we don't want any of that soul disappear and you get measured and get fit so with the best ways trainer the whole purpose of the best is that it covers your entire back it gives you a great back support it covers this area which a lot of love in our very self-conscious about because there's like the fact that droops down with a regular waist trainer yeah so this gives you a back support cuts your whole back it's things this one has to be layers so you get your cotton lining from the latex that elevates your body temperature and then the outer caught in lining and the steel bars that help you really shape you figure so you can wear it all day know how long are you supposed to wear for hours max especially when we have heat waves two hours but I always say you have to listen to your body because variety days to wear it if you're uncomfortable takeout right okay so it has to feel it has to feel bearable yeah you have to be comfortable and if you are consistent weighing these weight traders in a week you'll notice a difference and unless you go down a size and I also like oh yeah man he gives you support and then pushes out your your breasts up and it also curbs your at back yeah I will look it's great back support yeah you know great I love it make sure your waist okay so this is our last shaper for today so the last part of this video is going is going to be you showing them how the shapers will honor are wearing a dress and pants and a shirt the ice and see how it just goes seamless yes and you can even touch your educator and how great it makes me look choreography of the voice or looks on wearing clothes it looks great I know I mean I think it does what do you guys think I think it's good right it is amazingly little you're wearing it that's the point yep that's what we're trying to convey in this video my email you actually look good and nobody knows why you're ready Sheila yeah and a quick note guys these pants that she's over you know oh my goodness or we're highly requested so we've brought it back again I've done a video in these before and oh my goodness you were all over these pans yeah and Jenny actually brought back the green ones yeah okay because we had charcoal okay but I wore both I wear the green on the blue but the green ones are highly requests yes so so we've brought the back to them so if you guys miss the first batch make sure to get these and these are great for work so yes CDs so yeah and you look great in the shaper thank you so now I'm going to show you what this one looks like with the dress yes and you're already seen it without it so now we're going to show you what the clothing on yeah yeah so this is Victoria wearing the slip-on dress shaper and it looks freaking amazing and one of my favorites because you're basically to bring a dress in a shaper material I'm gonna suck you in can you top it on you know I love it I feel great I feel very supported I feel like I can wear this dress with confident confidence yep no matter if I sit down bend over or what the whole meal yeah go all out eating at work if you're on your period yeah that's what cycle alright everyone so this was our video for today thank you so much for watching and we hope you guys enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed making this video for you guys yes and please don't forget to the like button and also subscribe to our channels so my channel is Victoria K and mine and ISA apparel there you go and once again if you want to give any of amazing shapers to make sure you click the link right below in the description box and as mentioned use my code Victoria K and you will get a discount a very nice discount ok that's perfect for the holidays coming up so make sure to let us know your thoughts get it out in the comments down below and share this out to your friends and family because we know that they're gonna love this ok we are down to do a Q&A video so if you have any questions for us please feel free to drop them right below yes alright so we'll see you next time bye watching


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