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– Hello, everyone, and welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I am sharing some amazing Amazon clothes. And this video, it’s not sponsored by Amazon. They have no idea I’m filming this video, I just shop on Amazon
pretty much on the daily. All of these pieces have kind of accumulated through the last few months. I’ll try everything on for you guys. I’ll link it all below if
you happen to be interested, but it’s so good. It’s versatile, but also affordable. Really high quality,
top rated, bestselling. I feel like those are the kind of items that I gravitate towards
when I’m shopping online just because I feel like there’s a better chance that I’ll actually like them, and this stuff is just really good. Oh my gosh, if you’re new, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, I am inching my way closer to the millionth subscriber mark. So if you’re new, consider subscribing. I would love to have you back. We have lots of fun on this channel, fashion, style, how to look better, dress better. Really, I’m just kinda weird. So the very first thing
that I wanna show you, surprise, surprise, is what I’m wearing. This blouse. It’s so much better than
I was expecting actually. It’s only, it’s just over 20 bucks, so I think it is priced
really, really well, but the quality is great. It’s just one of those tops or blouses that you can do so much with. So I actually have it
tucked in to these paper bag pants that I wore to the office yesterday. I’ll get to them in a minute, but they’re great. So you can dress up this blouse, you can dress it down with just jeans, maybe sneakers, maybe a pair of high heels, you can pretty much
wear it with everything, and this does come in a lot of patterns and solid colors as well. So there’s just something for everyone, and again, it’s priced
really, really well. So the pants, we gotta
talk about the pants. These are high waisted paper bag pants, number one best seller, don’t exactly know what that means, but there are thousands and thousands of really,
really good reviews, and when I say they
come in a lot of colors, I’m talking they come in a lot of colors. So I went with this burned orange color. And I just love it. It’s kind of like stretchy right here. It’s really flattering. It comes up just to the perfect spot. You can tuck in shirts. It’s just a really, really
flattering pair of pants. And they show off shoes really well. It’s not too long, not too short, and there’s just really
pretty detail up here. So love these pants, and I’m definitely ordering more colors. And then we have this top, which I pretty much ordered on a whim, but I’ve been loving it
because as you guys might know, I love leopard. (upbeat music) I told you I’m weird. Anyway, this leopard top, it’s kinda like a sweatshirt. See, I have it tucked in, you don’t need to tuck it in, really. It can just be like a cool sweatshirt. Or you could throw on maybe
a full leather jacket, a denim jacket. There’s just, again, a lot you can do with this top and it keeps you warm, it’s kind of thick, it’s super, super soft, and again, I feel like I’m
repeating myself already a lot, there are many patterns. So there’s camo, I actually have a camo one, I didn’t bring it down just ’cause I don’t wear it as much
as this leopard version, but lots of patterns, but like cool, trendy patterns like this. Next we’re gonna talk about underwear ’cause they have really great underwear. And when I was filming some of the B roll, like the footage that goes
over top of me talking, my husband was like, why did you order granny panties? And to that I say, because they’re comfortable, okay? There are other options, you can get the thongs, you can get, you can get just sexier ones. I like these for comfort. There’s nudes, there’s
blacks, there’s grays. I personally just love
kind of the neutral colors so that you can kind of have
one just everyday outfits and pick this one if
this is your skin tone and it blends in or whatever. But yeah, these are
really, really comfortable. Next I’m gonna talk about this coat because it is just trending like crazy all over social media. So I decided to go on Amazon’s site and I looked at it. Again, lots of reviews, lots of colors, but I ended up picking, I like it, okay? Compared to some of the other
items I’m showing today, it’s definitely more on the pricey side, but for a really, really warm winter coat that is pretty stylish, actually, I think it’s priced really great. So I have been wearing this probably for the last three weeks. It’s definitely really, really cold here. Today it’s like 24 degrees, actually just checked. So anyway, I really love this and I feel like when I wear it, I look, I don’t know, I don’t know how to explain it. I just feel really good in it even thought it’s kind of a puffer jacket so it’s not as flattering as a peacoat. I don’t even wear peacoats anymore, but I think you know
what I’m trying to say. This has been a great, great coat, super warm, it’s kind of longer, so it keeps all the cold air out, and the color is really nice too, but like I said, you could get it in other colors. But army green, gotta love army green. So next, I wanna talk
about this lacy cami, which I know in my channel I
talk about camis all the time, also lacy camis all the time. But this one is different just because the lace is actually up
here along the shoulder. Usually it’s down here, but this detail is just so nice. It’s only 17.99, which I think is such a good price, and I just ended up getting it in black. So yeah, you’ll see me try it on in a second with a cardigan, but even just by itself I love it. And this is the cardigan. And I think I just really like it because it’s an oversized cardigan. I don’t love cardigans that are kind of, well I used to, but the cardigans that
are really skin tight, I feel like that was kind of a phase and now they’re evolving
into just an oversized, kind of almost like a grandma cardigan. See, I was right with the underwear. Back to this, I also love wearing it
kind of off the shoulders and it’s perfect with
this lace detail up here. It’s just super, super cute. Maybe I have an army green
thing going on as well, but I don’t know, I’ve just been enjoying this. I’ve also been enjoying
filming this video. I feel, I feel fun, I feel fun today. Oh my gosh, we have to talk about these
jelly flip flop sandals that are clearly Valentino dupes, but I don’t care. I really, really like them. I know this isn’t necessarily the sandal season for many of you, but some of you, it is, so you’re welcome. But even if you can’t wear these for another couple months, I really, highly recommend them. They’re really comfortable, and again, they’re like 19 bucks. I like the black and the nude the best. I also really like the light pink. I might order those, but they’re really comfortable too, and they catch the light beautifully. This next one is for all
of you athletes out there. The ones that like to exercise
and get your blood pumping unlike me, I need to be better about that. But anyway, I actually ended up ordering this just because I like lounge wear. I like to just wear lounge
things around the house. I really should exercise more, but this has a fun surprise in the back. It’s like flappy, which I’m sure is not only for style, but it also keeps you cool, let’s the air flow in. But anyway, I really do like this, I wear it pretty often. Again, should be for exercising purposes, but if you do like to exercise, this is a very, very
affordable workout shirt. Oh, and since I am wearing
jeans with this shirt, which I totally should not be, in some of the other footage that you see me wearing these jeans, they are the classic
Levy wedgie fit jeans, which sound bad, they’re not bad. I’ve raved about them. I’ll link them below. Just FYI, you can also get
them on Amazon, so heh! So when I first placed this
sweater in my Amazon cart, I honestly was torn on if
I even really liked it. It just looked so good on the model, and again, I get really sucked
in by very good reviews, so I ended up ordering it, and I actually chose this
black sweater with the brown, the brown button details, which I think is really unique. I personally love mixing
blacks and browns together, which is why I think I
like leopard so much. But yeah, I’ve been wearing
this a lot more than I expected. It’s just really, really unique just the way that it’s cut. Okay, I know I’m blending
in to the background here, and this is actually the second time that this fleece has
been featured in a video, but the last time I think it
was for a different purpose. But it’s from Amazon, and I just wear it all the time. I feel like, I think I just like the color combination. It’s so bright, it’s so fresh, and it’s just different than most fleeces I see that are usually
like that gray color, but this is like just, it’s great. Now I’m really blending in, but I wanted to mention this top just for something kind of different because I really do like the top, but sometimes the pieces I
show are more form fitting, not always, but this one definitely is
very loose and free flowing, so I just think that
this is a great option for people that want to still kind of, still have some definition, but also, it’s just flattering because it doesn’t hug anything. You can tuck it in or you can leave it out, but it’s just really free flowing and just a great option
for so many body types. All right, so now we’re working our way up into dressier pieces, slowly. Well actually, I only
have three things left, but this dress, it’s a long maxi dress. It’s very easy to wear. This actually, I put this on and this was my husband
immediately was like, this is my favorite thing, you look so good in this, which was really nice of him. It’s just like an easy thing to throw on. Obviously, I’ll probably be wearing it more in the warmer months, but it does have some coverage up here, so if I wanted to maybe
throw in a black cardigan, I totally could and just wear it now, but it’s yeah, I could
also wear it in the summer. I imagine it on the beach, maybe not, I don’t know, maybe to church. Versatility, that’s what I like. Just for filming purposes, I kept the jeans on underneath, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Okay, so if you want something that is really, really unique, but also dressy, I really recommend, like you guys need to
buy this cape jumpsuit. It is so nice, it’s so sophisticated, it’s so classy, it’s just so unique. I really have never seen
anything like this before. The price under, it’s like 20 something. It’s like really, really good. It’s all one piece. I went with black, and I feel like it’s just a great go to thing to have in my closet. I could wear it to so many functions, and it’s easy, it’s not a dress, but I definitely am dressed up. I just can’t say enough
good things about this, so yeah, give it a go. And now we’re getting extra dressy. So this is just such a beautiful, beautiful dress to kind of have in your arsenal, in your closet. I actually haven’t worn this
out to an actual function yet, but I think it’s perfect
for maybe a dressy evening, maybe a wedding or something like that. It’s so flattering. It really just hugs everything perfectly. You can get this bodice
thing in different colors, it comes in red, in blue, I just went with the neutral
like everything else. I just feel like that’s my favorite, but it does give coverage on the arms, so some people, if you don’t like your arms, this makes it just, it hides it, but it’s still kind of shear and just so pretty. That does it for this video. Thank you so much for watching. And if you’re new, consider subscribing. I’ll have everything linked down below. Yay, Amazon. I’ll also include my Amazon storefront where I link all of the things, like household, cleaning, kitchen, all kinds of stuff that
I love from Amazon. So thank you so much for watching, and I will link some of my
other Amazon videos as well because why not? But I will see you very
soon in my next one. Bye!

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