Best Friends Swap Men And Women’s Halloween Costumes


  1. 1:23 "you look.. kinda fabulous"
    the astonishment when you realize that your man looks great in man and womans clothes :'D

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  3. I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean, so Merle reminds me of Elizabeth Swann. The female pirate costume for some reason reminds me of Lucia In AC Black Flag

  4. Okay but Aria is HANDSOME. That guy could wear a paper bag and still make it look good, so I honestly don’t mind seeing him with some skin showing

  5. They keep joking about how the woman looks unattractive in the men's costumes but like… they are all just a shirt and pants?

  6. I wish they would have done the stereotypical “sexy nurse.” Some women’s “sexy” Halloween costumes are just ridiculous. These were pretty tame.

  7. Aria's name is Italian I think. In Italian Aria means Air, but is female. In the Italian language we have female and male words, while in English there are no differences, you use "the" for every word, right?
    For example, "the car" in Italian would be "La macchina" and it's female as a word.
    While "the firefighter" in Italian would be "il pompiere" and it's male as a word.
    I hope it's clear!
    So when I've heard "Aria" I immediately thought of a girl hahaha

  8. I am the only one that feel the sexual tensión between this two ,they make a really cool couple. I feel like each other LOVE each other but dont Accept it

  9. “You uh, do legitimately look like, a firefighter” 😂Aria talkin reeeeeal awkward in that last bit of the video lmao

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