Bespoke suits and overcoats, fine hand stitching and real button holes


  1. The twist technique that you use is very familiar to japanese embroiderers, this is how we make up the varying thicknesses of our threads! I have been studying Japanese Embroidery for some years and this is one of the first techniqes we learn.

  2. master rudolf can i be your student because im very impressed by your techniques hope u will be on top of world one day..

  3. My daughter and I now refer to the best of one of a kind, hand made clothing, as "true" bespoke. Keep sharing the love baby!

  4. Absolutely beautiful garment. The lining inside that coat is gorgeous. I'm envious of whoever gets to wear that. Lucky.

  5. You should be justifiably proud of yourself to have made this beautiful garment. The fabric deserves the respect you have shown it. I am a home sewer, but have made garments and employed similar methods, the hand rolling of the edges and corded hand sewn buttonholes. I just love the act of making and the techniques involved. Absolutely beautiful

  6. I love watching bespoke videos- very fascinating; however, this has only Russian subtitles…. please enable English for us deafies thank you.

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