Berghaus Women’s VapourLight Fast Hike Pant

I am wearing the Women’s Berghaus VapourLight
Fast Hike Pants. These are a very durable and very stretchy soft shell pant that is
going to be perfect for dynamic activities like climbing, back packing, hiking, even
traveling when you want a pant that is going to stretch and move with you that is also
going to provide some wind resistance and some warmth in cold temperatures. Stand out feature of these pants is the material.
And, like I said, it is very stretchy. You have got different materials in different
spots so here around the knee you have got really stretchy material. You have got that
stretchy material along the back as well. So as you are moving, climbing, hiking, these
pants are going to stretch and move with you. But on areas of the pants where they don’t
stretch as much, like lower in the leg and up here higher on the leg, you don’t have
that stretchy material. It is more of a durable, very wind resistant material. And we will
take a closer look. You get all that movement and stretch with
the double weave stretch AF Softshell mate-rial. So very durable, very good quality material
there. These pants are very lightweight, but they
also have a lot of features. So starting right here at the top these pant do come up a little
bit higher and that is great for climbing when you are wearing a climbing harness or
back packing when you are wearing a back pack strap. So just to show you how high these
come up, my hip bones are right down here. My belly button is right here. So they do
come up pretty high. You have a really nice belt that is included in these pants and you
can adjust that to, you know, your perfect fit. In the back there is one zippered pocket that
is a very stretchy pocket, easy to use there. And the zipper is nice and small so if you
are not using it and while you are sitting you won’t notice the zipper is there. Working my way down, you have two always open
pockets here on the top. And they are really comfortable pockets. They are pretty deep
so you can definitely store some maybe granola bars or things like that in those pockets. Here on the front you have another zippered
pocket. And, again, that is that very stretchy material. And on the sides you actually have
a vent. So if I open that vent up, that is really nice for dynamic activities, when you
are hiking, back packing and you start perspiring or you start working up a sweat. You can just
vent these pants and that provides a lot of ventilation so you don’t overheat. Moving down to the knee you have got articulation
in the knee, so freedom of movement there, but it is very, very stretchy material. There
is also a gusseted crotch in these pants. So that provides a lot of durability for a
part of the pant that might wear out quickly. So really durable, really good seams there. Moving down the leg you do have adjustability
in the bottom hem. So the pants are pretty tight fitting down to the bottom of the leg,
but you can adjust that down to be close to your boot. If you are wearing a gator over
top of it, the pant isn’t bunchy down at the bottom. But you have got a lot of adjustability
there. The fit of these pants is spot on to what
I would expect from Berghaus. Right now I am wearing a European size 12. And I normally
wear US size four or six depending on the cut or if you are talking about, you know,
small to large, I would normally wear a women’s small. So these pants fit really well. Again,
I have a lot of movement and a lot of stretch in these pants. So if I wanted to wear a base
layer under them it wouldn’t feel too bulky. You have a lot of generous room in through
the leg there. And with that … and integrated belt, you definitely have a lot of adjustability. Overall, they are a really durable, really
good quality pant by Berghaus. If they were to be come wet they would dry out really quickly.
So great for travel, great for back packing, hiking, climbing where you need a pant that
is going to do well in dynamic activities. They are the Berghaus Women’s VapourLight
Fast Hike Pants.

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